Bad boy girl

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Chapter 9

Kai POV :

I woke up at 7:00 am, I hurriedly start getting ready for school. I made my way downstairs give a peck to my mom on her cheeks. She asked me about how is it going with tiara I told her the same she won't talk to me. She told me don't lose your hope I know you will win her heart again. I thank my mom. Dad came and asked me same question like mom I answered him same. Dad told me you know when I was your age my love story start with your mom like yours to tiara. I was popular boy and she was sweet girl who loves everyone. Since the first day I fell in love with her. I won't stop until I make her mine so don't lose your hope son make her happy by giving her gifts and her favorite things. I know she changed but her heart is still the same. I thank my dad , after eating my breakfast I made my way to school. There she is beside her locker , still so beautiful . She is laughing at Noah . Even her laugh is still the same I begged God to please give me a opportunity. Bell rang I made my way towards first period she and her whole group of friends is in the same class as me and my friends. Teacher announced that our school will be closed for 2 weeks in these two weeks we have to go to a city for a project and made presentation on the city each group have at least 10 members. Teachers announced every group leader and group members name I thank God because he made me , my friends member of tiara group and she's the leader. She picked a chit and walked towards us, open the chit written Washington DC on it Justin and Ryan start cheering loudly others asked them what happened they told that they are going to their old city and meet their old friends.
Day went by like this soon school is over me and my friends made our way towards where crowd is form and see tiara and her fighting with seven guys tiara alone fighting with four guys I stood there shocked. I know she know how to fight but not this good . Suddenly one guy attacked her arm and blood started dripping out. I took one step to help her but one guy stopped me saying she can handle this on her own. After sometime All the guys on the ground are unconscious Noah run to her and start crying she said something to him , he stopped crying, she start calling someone , the guy beside me, his phone started to rang he said okay tiara while laughing . I looked shocked how this guy know tiara. This guy made his way toward the seven unconscious guys ,principal came and take tiara and her friends to her office after walking out of her office they stared at each other and then start laughing loudly. Tiara ask Noah something then her face changes and made her way towards the queen bitch. She grabbed her by hair by hand dragged her to middle of the ground. She slaped punch and throw her to ground and say in a deadly voice do that shit again you will never see sun next day. The crowd cheers for her. She and Noah made their way to her car and drove off. Principal announced that tiara and her friends has been suspended from school for a week.
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