Bad boy girl

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Chapter 11

Tiara POV:

I woke up at 12:30 pm and see it's only one and half hour left before school closes. I hurriedly take shower dry my hair with dryer and left them down my hair is naturally straight so most of the time I just have to brush the hair. I wear black skinny jeans white crop black leather jacket with my black boots. I went downstairs to see everyone is in living room. I shout xander and xavier name they are my black and white wolves. They ran up to me and start licking my hands. I told them to scare the people in living room. Both of them start shouting at them ava and Natalie is on the verge of crying, and the look on boys faces is priceless I click photo of everyone. I told xander and xavier to stop now. I ask Robert to prepare some food for me. I sit in the living room with everyone and call xander and xavier to come and sit beside me. Everyone start shouting asking me why are they here I told them they are my pets so don't be afraid they don't hurt anyone only hurt people who means harm to me . They ask where I am going to dress up like this I told them to my old school to surprise my friends . They ask me they can also come I said yes but start getting ready now I said I will only wait for 20 minutes . After eating they all came downstairs. I give them the keys of Range Rover and BMW M5 I take my Harley Davidson keys, made my way to garage. They ask me which car I am using I told them I am using my bike Harley Davidson. Kai, luke, ava sit in range Rover while Natalie, max, Blake and Noah in BMW. I made my towards my school, Justin and Ryan are not coming they have some work to do. I reach school in 15 minutes. I ask them are you coming inside with me or want to wait here. They tell they want to come.I tell them to follow me. I take them to basketball ball ground and tell them to wait here. I made my towards the announcement room I turn on the Mike and say hello my bitches! I am back come and meet at our place. I run back to ground to see jasmine and kiara running towards me and hug me while smiling asking me when I came back I see jax running towards me I started to run towards him and jump on him like koala bury my face in his neck. He started smiling brightly. Behind jax is Ashton I put myself down and hug him. I see leo running towards me really fast I run opposite direction of leo towards the seats and jump on them. Suddenly bell rings and crowd started to form. I turn around to see leo is still behind me I made turn and jump of the seats to make my towards the ground. I run past of all of my friends and see shock on their faces except Noah he knows everything. Leo shout I lose now come back he started to sing sweet but psycho by ava max loudly. I run towards him and jump on him like koala he buries his face on my neck I feel something wet on my neck I turn my face towards leo to see he is crying. This is his second time crying, he started to sob loudly I also start crying with him he sits on the ground with me on his lap my face buries in his neck. This is my third time crying. After 5 minutes principal come and crowd started to disappears . Leo said it's enough of crying he cup my face in his both of hands and wipe my tears. Leo said is this guy kai I show leo his picture. He started to clench his jaw. I said it's okay he is here for a project and will stay here for two weeks with us. I introduced all of my old friends to new friends. Jasmine said we are coming to your house tiara in 2 hours after packing our stuffs. We will stay with you. I ask leo what about you ? Are you going your house or mine he said yours my angel. He called me his angel, because I help him in his worst time when nobody hepled him and he is my first friend here . We all made our way towards our cars and bike . Leo ask me to give him keys of my Harley, I give him keys and sit behind him my hands around his waist. I tell my friends that I am going somewhere with Leo you can go home by maps in car. They said bye and we made our way towards mc Donald.

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