Bad boy girl

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Chapter 12

Kai POV:

We all are already up but tiara is still sleeping. I want to see her I already thought how I am going to make her mine once again. Just you wait Rosie ( rosie is name that kai call her when she was his girlfriend, also rose is her middle name.) We all are sitting in living room with justin and Ryan. After some time suddenly tiara come downstairs and two wolves behind her barking at us. We are so terrified by those wolves but one word from tiara they stop barking at us and sit beside her. From the way she's dressed look like she's going somewhere. Ava and Natalie ask her where she is going she tell them to their old school to surprise her friends. They ask her if we can also come. She said yes but i will only wait for 20 minutes. Suddenly we all got ready. She take Harley Davidson and give us keys of range Rover and BMW m5. We made our way towards her school behind her. She got off her bike remove her helmet and comb her hairs by her fingers while asking if we wanted to come inside with her or wait here. We all said inside she told us to wait in basketball ground and God knows where she go. After 2 minutes we listen her voice in speakers she's telling bitches I am back where are you I am waiting for you in our spot . Suddenly two girls came and start asking us where is she? Before we could answer there she came those two girls hug her tightly before asking many questions, suddenly one boy shouts her name she run towards him and jump on him like koala after few seconds he put her down she hug another boy behind him. Another boy come running towards her but she runs in opposite direction of him she jump on seats like it's normal thing for her and he is still trailing behind her again she jump on the grounds from seats like it's normal for her to jump 8 feet from ground . She's really fast in running we stood there in shock when she run beside us. Suddenly boy said stop it tiara I lost and start singing sweet but pscyo song we all start laughing at him why he is singing this song. We ask her friends what's going on here. They tell us this is their thing for each other whenever they meet after long time. Tiara jump on boy like koala he burries his neck in tiara neck and sit down on the ground with her on his lap. Now I am starting to get angry . She is sitting on his lap with his neck burries his face burries in her neck. All her friends start pinching each other asking each other if they both are crying. Luke ask them what's wrong about them crying they said they are the type of persons who make other cry but in these two years we never saw them cry. They really both misses each other very much. They are both like soulmates they understand each other like one has to say anything before another understand what they want. He called her his angel when nobody beside him she's the only one who help him. Look like I have to befriends with that guy to persuade tiara. Tiara come and introduce him to us his name is leo. He is starting at me like any minutes he going to kill me. After introduction tiara and leo both left us and told us to go home. They are going somewhere else.
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