Bad boy girl

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Characters :

Leo : He has silver hair with crystal blue eyes, sharp jaw, height 6'3 with abs . He is most closest person to tiara. He called tiara his angel because when tiara came to this city he recently lost his mother in cancer and she helped him through his hardest time . When nobody stand beside him she stands by his side. Their relationship is more than friends like a soulmate. They understand each other like no one can understand. He is most protective person over tiara after her dad. He taught tiara to fight and help her changed into different person.

Jasmine : she is her best friend. They like to prank other people together. She has shoulder length blonde hair with red highlight in them with green eyes. Her height is 5'4.

Kiara : she is her best friend. They like to fight other people. Kiara knows how to fight. She has waist length brunette hair with golden honey eyes. Her height is 5'5 .

Jax : He is her best friend. He is second closest person to tiara. He is protective over her. Treat her best in his friend circle. He likes her. But she doesn't know that. Even if she goes back to her ex he doesn't mind if her ex really love her. Most importantly he cares about her happiness more than anything else and willing to do anything for her. He is calm person in her group of friends unless that matter involves tiara. He is hacker , fighter, and dancer. He has brown hair with blue highlights in them. He has silver eyes with 6'2 height and with abs. He likes to cuddle with tiara. He called her cupcake.

Ashton : He is like a brother to her. He treats her like a little baby in her group . He is captain of football team. He has a girlfriend called jasmine. He has green eyes with black hair . His height is 6'2 . He called tiara baby girl.

Rax : He is uncle of leo and he is leader of a gang called wolves. His gang helped other people who are in need of help. He is very protective over tiara. Not only him but his whole gang. They all treat tiara like a little sister to them. They are willing to do anything for her.

Ryder black : He is father of leo. He owns the company called black industries. He treats tiara like his daughter. His company is second biggest company in whole America. His company lost to knight industries which is own by kai Dad.

Author note :

Guys I am thinking about changing Washington into California. And tiara old home into Arizona.

You can tell me yours suggestion also but must have to take 13 hour most in road drive between two cities.
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