Bad boy girl

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Tiara rose saint Lauren, a 18 year old girl who is badass, sarcastic, funny, loyal to all her friends. Left her old city because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. But still she is strong. Kai ashton knight, 18 year old boy, who is cold towards everyone except his two best friends luke and Blake. But before he is known as playboy of his Kingston high school but what change him that he even won't look towards any girl anymore. Let's find their story guys.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Tiara POV:

It's been 2 years since I left this city . I am back here for my senior year in my old school Kingston high school. I don't know why dad sent me here. I am leaving this city after my Senior year. I just like two persons here my best friends Justin and Ryan who come here last year they know all about me everything here I have been through. I just wanna spend this year peacefully. But I don't think that this is possible. Tomorrow is my high school first day. God knows what going to happen tomorrow. Justin and Ryan is going to live with me in my house which is two big for me ,they will come until the week . It has 10 master bedroom, two swimming pools, two gym, one movie theater, one kitchen, one gaming room, etc. I am putting my clothes in my closet, while thinking about him. I still doesn't forget him. My past, my ex here. I still don't know why he cheat on me. What will be he like , still sleeping around, changing girls every week. Ugh! Why I am still thinking about him. I am gonna surprise Justin and Ryan tomorrow they still doesn't know I am coming school Tomorrow even they don't know if I am in this city or not. I come here one week earlier . Good night now I am gonna sleep.

Next-day :

I woke up at 6:00 am school starts at 8:00 am . After taking shower I wear black denim shorts with white crop top with green jacket which reach until my thighs. My hair is naturally straight with blue highlights in them. I wear my sneakers. I take my dark blue mustang Shelby 500 key and make my way to garage. I take my car and made my way to school. I reach school in 15 min. I look around there are not many people in school right now cause I came early to surprise Justin and Ryan. Ryan is captain of basketball team while Justin is captain of dance team. First I made my way to basketball ground I search around for Ryan , I spot him running laps in ground with his team mates. I made my way to him I shout his name. He turn around, he spot me then shakes his head and rub his eyes. I again shout his name this time he run towards me in full speed, and pick me up from the ground and bear me in a bone crushing hug , kiss me on my forehead . Asking me how I am here I told him to surprise him. There stood all his friends with surprise look on their faces. They all came towards me and Ryan asking him who I am. He told them that I am his best friend. I see two familiar faces standing from far watching me with surprise look in their eyes. I ignore them them. I told Ryan let's go surprise Justin he came with me. We made our way towards dance room. I open the room spot Justin I shout his name , Justin turn around he sees me he runs towards me bear me in hug like Ryan all the people behind him watching him and me with curious eyes but I ignore them. I already got my schedule I have first three periods with both of them , that are maths, physics, and chemistry then lunch, after lunch psychology with Justin , History alone, and last one gym with both of them. We made our way to first period
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