Bad boy girl

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Chapter 2

Kai POV:

I wake up from my phone ringing. I take phone to see who is calling me early in the morning. I see Blake name I answer and asked him why he is calling me now, he answer that she's back. I ask him are you sure he said he is hundred percent sure even he see her hugging Ryan in front of whole soccer and basketball team. I felt Jealously inside me. I make my towards bathroom to take shower. I wear my blue jeans with cut in knee and black sweat shirt with my black shoes. I take my ferari keys and make my way to school I reach school in 20 minutes. I hear everyone is talking about that tiara back and she's more beautiful. Luke and Blake came to me. We made our way towards our locker, we heard her laugh she's laughing while hugging Justin. I thought to myself how does she know them and why are they laughing with her. They don't even look at our school any girls way . They don't even smile and now they are laughing. We made our to first period.

Tiara POV:

After introducing myself , I hear whisper that she is back. I made my towards Justin and Ryan and sit between them. Suddenly the classroom door open and there he walks in with his friends. I avert my eyes to Justin he is looking at me with sad face he and ryan both know my full story . Kai and his friends luke and Blake sit behind us. I felt someone staring at me. I know who he is but I ignore it. The whole three periods this thing continued. We made our way to cafeteria. I sit on Justin and Ryan seats while they both go to take their and my lunches. Three people come and sit in front of me one girl and two boys they told me that they are Justin and Ryan friends the girl introduced herself as natalia and boys introduced themselves as max and Noah. Blonde hair one is max and brunette hair one is Noah. Natalia and max are dating for two years. While we were talking suddenly they stopped talking and look behind my back I turn to look back to look who are they looking at. I see Kai, Luke and Blake behind me. While Kai is looking at me so intensely like he is trying to read me. But no boy you can't read me anymore. Suddenly Kai said he wants to talk with me , the whole cafeteria is watching now. I ignore him but he doesn't stop here he caught my wrist in his hands and start taking me outside with him but suddenly Justin and Ryan came and stop him. He warned them but they don't listen Kai look towards some dude that I don't know, that dude punch Justin in his nose. I had enough then cause my bottom line is Justin and Ryan and they already crossed it. I see blood running out of Justin nose. Then all I see is red and slip my wrist out of Kai hands and punch that guy who punch Justin but doesn't stop there I punch him until he faint. Justin and Ryan trying to stop me but I doesn't stop until Justin said my nickname he made it randomly 2 years ago. He said stop it I am fine. I inspect Justin face with my hands and turn towards Kai with deadly look on my face. I punch him on his face near his lips , blood dripping out of the corner of his lips, his friends and whole cafeteria stay shocked . I told him in my deadly voice try to touch Justin and Ryan one more time and I promise you that I will make your life living hell. He stayed there looking into my eyes with different emotions running into them. He turn around leave the cafeteria. I made my way to sit on my seat. While max, natalia, and Noah still shocked over what happened. They said nobody could dare to do what you do Kai and his friends. They are like bad boys of school. They asked me how I know Kai and his friends, I told them he is my ex I broke up with him 2 years ago. They told me so you are that person who changed Kai. I didn't understand what they mean by that. Justin and Ryan came up lunch in their hand and sit down beside me with me between them. I took one French fries from lunch about to eat but stopped by Justin and Ryan they said my hands are bruised, they will feed me I tell them it's okay I will eat it but they don't lose it tell me they will feed me and that's final. Natalie, max, and Noah stare at me with shocked look in their eyes they tell me it's first time they are seeing Justin and Ryan like this, so caring about someone. I laugh at that line I told them this is just a start they care and love me very much. I also love them very much , they both kissed me on my cheeks and I also kissed both of them on their cheeks.
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