Bad boy girl

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Chapter 3

Kai POV:

I am so fucking angry right now. She punched me in front of whole cafeteria. No one dare to do that to me. But I know it's my fault, I dragged her by force but what can I do, I still love her. But now she misunderstand me I told that guy to stop Justin not to punch him. She's changed now, before she hates violence and now she solve her probly by punching that guy and when she threat me I was scared for once she isn't the same girl anymore that she was two years ago. Before she is sweet girl, teachers favorite, everybody loves her and now she didn't even care about anyone expect her loved ones. Luke and Blake told me to give her some time , she needs time to adjust things I will do anything to get her back, she misunderstand me I didn't even cheat on her, I know it's my fault after misunderstanding I didn't even explain her for two days but when I go to her house on third day in the evening she leave this city on the morning with a letter on her door . When I read that letter I know how much I broke her she break up with me on that day. I didn't even recognize myself for 3 months I always got drunk. Mom and dad even tried to talk with me but I am too busy in my own world of sorrow. Luke and Blake help get through that time. I swear on that day I don't even look at another girl. I tried to reach her many times. But everytime I failed. After some time I go back to cafeteria and sit on my sit. Luke and Blake get my lunch with theirs on theirs hands . I see her laughing with her friends. Justin and Ryan kissed her cheeks and she returned their kiss. They both care about her very much.

Tiara POV:

After lunch everything went back to normal. After school we three went to my favorite place to eat. This cafe name is Kathleen's . I come here after two years. We sit by window glass seat . After some time waitress came to take our order I immediately recognized the waitress she's my best friend here her name is Scarlett she's two years older than me and in college. I jumped into her arms she start asking me when I came back I told her few days ago. After she take our order she go to do her work . After eating we go to street race to race . I met matt there he is manager here and 40 years old . As I made my to him I said hi old man what's up while shaking hands. He said you naughty girl you came back here when did you came back I told him the same things I told Scarlett. I said I want to race. He said there's a race in 5 minutes. He said my opponent is undefeated here. I take my mustang to race track my opponent take Nissan GT-R. 3! 2! 1! Go race starts he took lead in first I thought why don't I I tease him I speed up my car and take my car in front of his car whenever he go right I also go right whenever he go left I also go left. I start laughing. In end I finally give him space . Right now we are on same speed. I thought why not end this race I am getting bored . I switch my normal mode to driving mode . I have four modes in my car normal mode to driving mode to racing mode to emergency mode. After I finish race. I get out of my car to see my opponent also getting out of his car. I have smirk on my face while he is angry but when see my face he become shocked. Never did he see a girl racing before. He came to me and introduced himself as Aaron while I introduced myself as tiara. He is quite handsome he has blonde brown highlights in his black hair look like almost highlights in dark brown hair. He has ocean blue eyes with sharp jaw. He tell me that I am quite good at racing. After our small talk Ryan and Justin came towards me and bear me in hug. Justin telling I know my bebita can defeat anyone they didn't even acknowledge Aaron while Aaron stood there watching them as acting like child. I introduced both idiots to Aaron. After introducing we turn around to leave Aaron asked me which school I go to I told him Kingston high school. He told me we will meet soon firecracker . I tell him hey I am not firecracker. After race they both went to their house and I go to my house. I order pizza for dinner. After eating dinner I feel sleepy and I went to sleep.
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