Bad boy girl

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Chapter 4

After one month

Tiara POV:

It's been a month since I join this school. After my first day encounter with kai nothing happened until now and I am grateful for that. I have gotten close to all the Justin and Ryan friends mostly with Noah. He is nice and funny like Ryan. While Justin is silent type only talks when necessary but whenever he is with me he won't stop talking. We all have our own group now. We don't talk to anybody else. While today is not a good day because I think that something about to happen and this school queen bee and my ex friend is also coming back today. As I reach school I didn't see Justin and Ryan today. I call Ryan why are not at school today he tell me that Justin is sick so he is taking care of him I tell him okay and said I will visit him after school. As I made my way to lockers I see Noah approaching me . He asked me where is Ryan and Justin today I told him that Justin is sick while Ryan is taking care of him. After that Noah made his way to my class with me, I have three classes with Noah maths, history and gym. We sit together and start talking after some time teacher came and start teaching . Day went by, lunch came. I made my way to cafeteria I sit on my table with my lunch after sometime Noah, max and Natalie. I am eating in silence but suddenly my silence get ruined by queen bee of this school or my ex friend. Oh look at her isn't she tiara I ignore she asked me why did you come back I still ignored her she start getting angry. Suddenly she tried to pour her smoothie on me but Noah side me with his jacket. Noah told her to fuck off from here but she didn't listen. He told her she isn't in mood today to fight with you today but suddenly she tried to slap him but I stopped her hand and twist ger wrist she cried in pain. I said this is your first and last warning I am not the same tiara anymore. She turned to leave and said you will regret it Noah by siding with her suddenly Natalie grab her smoothie and pour on her and tell her to fuck off. I grab Noah hand guide him outside with me and said thanku Noah by hugging him. I said let's go wash your jacket, after washing his jacket I give him he said thanks. Then we made our way to cafeteria and start eating again. After we separate our ways go to our classes. After psychology I made my way to history class but suddenly my heart start hurting I drop my books in hallway
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