Bad boy girl

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Chapter 5

Tiara POV:

I dropped my books on the ground while one hand hand on my heart and run towards my car. Noah sees me running he shouts my name but I didn't response I keep running until I reach my car Noah, Natalie, max keep shouting my name and running after me . I open my car gate I took my medicine bottle in my hands and takes two pills from it. They come after me Natalie comes to asking what happened I told her nothing, suddenly Noah steals my medicine bottles from my hand and asks me what is it then? He read the medicine bottle and ask me that I have heart problem I told him yes my heart still hurting. He ask does Justin and Ryan know? I told them yes. They three together bear me in hug. While kai Blake and luke come together asking me what happened to me, I ignore them while kai come towards me cup my face in his hands asking me what happened to me, if I am old me I would answer him but not this tiara. I ignore him and remove his hand. I told Kai and his friends to go but they didn't listen. As I tried to stand up from my car seat I started to feel dizzy. Luckily kai supported me this time he is asking me what happened to me in anger in his voice I still didn't answer him and remove his hands while give side clue to noah , Max and Natalie to not to tell him single thing . As a I take two more steps finally I give up and darkness consume me.

Noah POV:

I watch that tiara is running down to hallway to her car, I shout her name she still didn't respond I run towards her with max and Natalie behind me, she opens her car door take two pills from a small bottle of medicine I ask her what happened she didn't answer me I steal her medicine bottle , I become shocked after reading it she has heart disease , her heart is weaker than normal people heart. Suddenly kai and his friends came to her asking her what happened but she doesn't say anything, kai cups her face in his hands ask in angery tone what happened tiara. She removed her hand and ignored him. She told his friends to go but they didn't listen to her. Suddenly she stand up from her seated and feel dizzy , thankfully kai steadied her. He asked her again what happened to you tiara in a very clear angry tone. She again didn't listen to him and removed his hand and give me a warning not to tell him anything. I understand her reacting that way. She barely takes two steps towards me and fall down on the ground this time she faint. I don't know what to do that time I call Ryan he anwer it on told him everything he told to me take her to her house. He give me his address. I take her in my arms started to make my way to my car it's a blue Ferrari. Suddenly kai told me to not to touch her I told him seriously do you have time for this now but not me. I sat down her on passenger seat and and locked her safety belt. I told max and Natalie to come with me on their car. I glance toward kai you want to come. He said yes. You definitely know her house. So let's go. I speed up my car speed now my car is definitely on over speed limit but I didn't care right now she's more important. My jaw drop when I see her house it's not a house but freaking mansion I think it's time for another thing right now . I ring the door bell Ryan answer it he took her in his arms made his way to her bedroom while Justin face is pale he called her family doctor. After 5 minutes door bell rang I answer it . A good looking man in early twenties came inside. He is quite handsome. He stare all of us. Then ask where is her baby. Justin told him in her room Ryan came out of room while that doctor is inside. After 30 minutes doctor came outside he takes Ryan and Justin outside and explain them everything. Then he left. I ask Ryan how is she? He tell me she's fine she will wake up in one hour. Then he glances toward kai and his friends why are they here? He ask in angry tone. Kai ask him how is she and when will she wake? He answers in one hour now you can go home but he refuses.

Kai POV:

I saw tiara running towards her car while her three friends Noah, Max and Natalie running behind her. I also run behind her with my two friends. When I got there and see her face was pale I ask her two times what happened to you she ignored me and didn't answer. I cup her and ask her what happened to you tiara in angry tone she removed my hand and but didn't answer as she stand up from her car seat she started to feel dizzy and was about to fall down I steadied her . I started into her brown eyes she still didn't answer me and removed my hands from her arms I feel like someone punched me in my heart. She still didn't want to talk to me. As she barely made her two steps towards Noah she fall down on the ground. Noah is panicking he doesn't know what to do. He call Ryan and told him whole situation with tiara. Ryan told him to take her to her house. He carry her in his arms I told him don't touch her. He asks me seriously do you have time for this and but I don't. He sat down her in his car and told Natalie and max to come to her house with him in their car , he turn towards me asking me if I want to go I told him yes he said you already know her house so let's go. We made into her house Ryan came and carry her to her room and make call to someone I assume her family doctor. After 5 minutes door bell rang and Noah answer there stood a man in his early twenties. He is quite handsome and good looking. He stares at all of us and ask Ryan where is his baby suddenly I don't felt anger towards him how dare he call my girl his baby and after sometime he came outside and take and Justin to side and explain them everything then he left, I ask Ryan how is she , he told me she's fine and will wake up after one hour he told me now you can go home. I refuses to go. I told him I will go when she wakes up. Justin told Ryan that he going to sleep with her. I stare at him with deadly look in my eyes. He ignores me and go to sleep with her.

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