Bad boy girl

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Chapter 6

Tiara POV:

I woke up by the whispers of people, these people really don't know how to whisper. I tried to get up but there is a hand on my waist I turn around to see whose hand is, I see Justin telling these people to stop taking you will wake up, I turn around and snuggle into Justin chest. I told them you guys seriously don't know how to whisper, I am already awake idiots. I open my eyes see Justin smiling at me but there are more people in room. Noah, Natalie, Max, Ryan, kai, Luke, and last one Blake. I try to sit up to know why they are all here but Justin won't let me, I put my hands on Justin forehead and ask him how are you feeling. He started crying slowly I ask him what happened he tell me he almost lost me today, then all the memories came back to me. This time I sit up on my bed to see everyone looking at me with different emotions in their eyes . Natalie , Max, Ryan , Blake, Luke and Justin with relief in their eyes, Noah with happiness, kai with worried, loving, and jealous expression in his eyes. I ask Ryan why is kai and his friends are here? He tell me ,he won't leave without seeing me awake. I told kai you see me I am awake and well doing now you can leave. He leave my house after that. Everyone go out of my room except Noah. I look towards him with questioning look on my face he come towards me and hug me tightly while crying, I ask him why are you crying he said I thought I almost lost you idiot why didn't you tell me about your heart problem I told him it isn't necessary. He told me from now on everything is related to you is important for me and for everyone else. Do you get it. I said yes your majesty with British accent while laughing I wipe his tears said now you stop crying idiot. He said you know I treat you as my little sister please from now on tell me everything related to you. He said I have one secret I want to tell you that I am gay, you are gay we both say at that the same time and we start laughing he ask me how did I know I tell him I know the way you look at Blake idiot anyone can see you both staring at each other lovingly. He blushed while I started to laugh loudly Ryan and Justin came into room asking me why I am laughing so loudly I saw Noah telling me not to tell them I said nothing. They both left the room while saying she's wierd. I go down to living room to see them sitting together while staring at my house. I told them you know you guys can live with me in my house it is too big for me, ryan and justin. They looked at me with shocked and told me are you serious I told them I am serious guys. They said we will come with our stuff tomorrow, anyway it is weekend tomorrow any plans? I ask them they said after putting our stuff we can go to watch movies I told them no need guys you can watch here. They asked in together you have theatre room here I said yes and I have many more things. After chatting they all left, Ryan cooked pasta for me , Justin and himself. After eating I went to Justin room to sleep I know I won't be able to sleep alone today.
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