Bad boy girl

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Chapter 7

Tiara POV:

I woke and saw Justin is not beside me I look around to see it's already afternoon I made my way towards my room and got ready. I made way downstairs to see Max, Natalie and Noah has already arrived and watching TV together with Justin and Ryan on the couch . As I made my towards everyone Noah noticed me first and came towards while running and hug me. Telling me how is my baby doing everyone just stare at Noah weirdly thinking why he is acting differently. I hit Noah on his head telling him to release me. I made my towards Ryan asking him to give me some food I am hungry. He brought me pizza while eating I ask everyone what's the plan today, they said they don't know what to do. I ask why not go for street racing. They immediately nod while running towards their room to change, Max and Natalie share the room. As I finished eating they came downstairs. Max and Natalie take Max audi R8, Justin and Ryan take my Ferrari and me and Noah take my mustang GT-500 . We made our towards street racing Club. I ask them to follow me, I made my way towards Matt and said I wanna race he said there's a guy he is really good at racing his race is in 5 minutes. I told him to arrange my race with him. I made my towards race track with my mustang, my opponent car is Ferrari. I think I need to get serious on this race. 3! 2! 1! Go! He took the lead in starting I changed my car driving mode to racing mode. In 3 seconds I am in front of him everyone shocked at my car speed but they don't know I upgrade my car with Rax. In five seconds I finished the race. The opponent came after three second me. He opened his car door but I didn't think my opponent would be kai. He became shocked after seeing me but soon turned into anger. He came towards me held me by my arm and asked me what I am doing here, I told what you are doing here is what I am doing here. I removed his arm but before he could continue Aaron came towards while running and hugged me in front of kai telling me I am so good and said he missed me. I hugged him back. Aaron looks towards kai ask me who is he? I told him no one important, Noah came towards me running and hugged me telling me my baby is good at everything. Kai look towards Noah while clenching his jaw asking him when did I become his baby. Noah didn't answer me and asked about Aaron. Soon everyone came towards me I introduced all of them to Aaron while Justin and Ryan did bro hug with him, I didn't see in this mess when kai leaved. After spending some time with Aaron, we all went home and sleep cause tomorrow is Monday and we have to go to school.
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