Bad boy girl

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Chapter 8

Tiara POV:

I woke up and get ready for school , I made my downstairs to see everyone is here eating breakfast. I join them after eating we all went towards our cars. Noah join me in my mustang, Justin and Ryan in their Ferrari , Max and Natalie in Max audi R8. We reach school in 15 minutes . As we made our way towards our lockers, I saw some workers in our school, I think they came to repair something. We made our ways towards our first period then our teacher announced something interesting. That our school will be closed for 2 weeks , in this two weeks we will be given a project in which we have go to another city and made presentation about that city. Each group has at least 10 people. Teachers will make one student a leader of those 10 people's. My group has Justin, Ryan, Max, Natalie, Noah, kai, Blake, luke, Ava and me. I sigh about having a thought that I will have to listen to kai explanation in any amount and will have to spend two weeks with his and my friends. Teacher made me the leader of our group. I made my towards teacher and take a chit from the box written Washington DC on chit . I dance happily in my mind. Teacher told us to sit with our group. Kai, Blake, Luke and ava come and sit with us. Justin and Ryan asked me where will be going I told them Washington they shout happily while others ask them why are you so happy about it, they answered that we will be going to our old city where we will meet our old friends.
Day went by and it is last period. As I excuse myself to washroom before 10 minutes, I see some guys are trying to beat Noah. I became angry how dare they touched my brother ( I treat Noah as my brother) I made my towards them, they look amused while Noah look scared for me, they ask me why this beautiful girl doing here. I told them to finish what you started. They look more amused now they are at least 7 guys. I took my car keys from my pocket and ring the alarm of my car to aware Justin and Ryan that I am in need of them. Suddenly one guy grab me by my arm. I twist his wrist, he yelled in pain don't you dare to touch me if you want your hand I said in a very threatening voice. Noah looks towards me telling me to go away. I told him Noah back off right now, then bell rings means school is over I told them you can leave if you don't want to get beat up by a girl . They didn't listen to me and start laughing loudly. I punch first guy in his face, he fell to ground while others look angry. Slowly Crowd started to form and Justin, Ryan came towards me and stand either side of me. And second guy lauch himself on me I dodged his punch and punch him in guts while Justin and Ryan start fighting with third and fourth guy, Max with fifth. Sixth guy came towards me to say he is quite skilled but not my match I give him round kick in his head and he fell on the ground unconscious. Seventh guy took out a knife from his pocket and start launching himself on me I dodge every move of him but last move give me a slight scratch on my arm blood started to fell on ground. I took his knife and stab him in right leg. Noah is fighting with first guy to say he is losing terribly I made my towards him and help him in beating first guy. Crowd started to form bigger kai and his friends join in crowd watching us. Suddenly second guy came and punch me in my face near my lips. I became angry( I have a bad habit when someone hurt me, family and my friends in any way I beat the shit out of them. ) I took a threatening steps towards him while he started to back off his face filled with horror. I punch him in his nose then stomach and last round kick in his head he become unconscious. Others also finished their work. I take my phone out of my jeans and called hunter come out of crowd and take them to police station for more inquiry. ( hunter my bodyguard if you are wondering why a bodyguard because my dad's head of FBI he has many enemies out there. Hunter is two years older than me. To say he is quite handsome with blonde hair dark blue eyes 6'4 his height. He is every girls dream boy. Suddenly Noah came towards me and hug me while crying I told him why are you crying idiot I am hurt and you are crying. He suddenly let go of me and touch my wound . Hunter take all the men's with him. Finally principal came and us to her office. She's asking me what happened I told her everything she suspended me for a week with Noah, max, Ryan and justice. We all come out of her office ,stared each other and then start laughing hysterically. All our friends watching us with amusement in their eyes. I ask Noah who did this. He answers me the queen bitch of our school I made my towards her in the crowd she is standing beside her car . There's smug look on her face she thought she wins. No no girl you are wrong. I grabbed her hair by my hands the whole crowd start shouting ohh! I take her to middle of ground and start telling her do you really think you win I slap her in her face, then punch in stomach, jaw, and lastly nose. Her nose started to bleed. While crowd stand there shock. I tell her loudly but in a threatening voice do that shit ever again and you will be gone. After that I made my towards my house in my car with Noah.
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