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This journey is all about a boy and a girl who is madly in love with each other. They can’t stay away from each other but what happens when their family tries to break them apart. This story shows how a couple would fight for their love. The family too have many secrets which are going to unfold. Will their love survive all the ups and downs ? will their family support them! To get all the answers peep in to know more.

Romance / Mystery
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Boy:- baby, today I am going to talk about us to my family. I can’t stay away from you now.

Girl:- ( tensed ) Are you sure about it? I mean if your parents don’t like me then?

Boy:- ( smiling ) I am more than sure about us. Never ask this type of question ever again. ( cups her both cheeks lovingly ) And there is no one who does not like you. So doesn’t take tension baby. My family loves me a lot and they would love you too. ( jokingly ) And they know my choice is better than theirs.

The girl can see so much love for her in his eyes. The love which she is derived from so long now she is getting that. She has slight tears in her eyes which are removed by her love.

Boy:- ( wipes her tears ) don’t waste these precious tears save them for your bidai ( farewell ). ( after some time)I love you, baby …. I love you so much. Stop worrying baby, no matter what I will always stay with you.

Girl:- I love you too mere gullu ( giggles )


Old man:- ( to his wife ) today you have to talk to him about the alliance.

Old lady:- why me? Ji

Old man:- because he says no to you. And it’s high time for him to get married.

Man:- you are right, dad. And I don’t want to let Pandit Ji’s predictions come true.

Lady:- I am very happy today. Finally, she will come to my home as my daughter-in-law.

Old lady:- once they both get married then everything would be alright. ( thoughts ) why I am still not happy with their alliance….. Am I doing right?

Old man:- ( emotionally ) they are going to talk to him about the alliance. Soon our daughter became the daughter-In-law of that house.

Girl:- really dadu ( granddad ), I am so happy. Finally, I will get my childhood love.

Old lady:- you both just got married after that everything became alright. ( Joining her both hands and praying for their future )

Lady:- yaa I still remember what pandit Ji told us about them if they both don’t get married to each other ………..

Before she could say further her husband stopped her.

Man:- shhh…..don't remember that. That was the most dreadful past of us. Now I won’t let anything go wrong with my daughter. I will protect her from every evil eye.


Old man:- ( with authoritative tone ) I don’t want to listen to anything you are going to get married to her and that is it. I don’t want any discussions now.

Boy:- And hear me loud and clear I am not going to marry her. I love someone else and I can’t live without her.

Girl:- but I love you. How can you reject me?

Boy:- ( angrily ) can’t you hear me loud and clear ….. I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE.


Man:- ( angrily ) you have to choose between us and that girl. ( Pointing towards the girl who is standing at the door silently )

Boy:- ok I will choose …….

Leaving the girl in tears.


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