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The sun had set a long time ago for David Black. He was a man who lived in darkness. A man who chose to live in darkness chose to live that way so he can punish himself. Even though it was not a great punishment. It was still better than living his life in the light. He was a man of many sins which he wanted to atone for them, so long as he can live. He was a man with vengeance in his heart, weighing him heavy to the point that the weight was sinking him deeper into the darkness. The darkness consumed him so much that he was even at peace with it. Dineo Khumalo, a shy African girl who gets a chance of a lifetime to work for one of the biggest companies in America. She couldn't ask more. She was happy and appreciative of such an opportunity. She was a focused girl who knew what she wants. She was a determined girl that how she attained such envy-worthy opportunity. Amongst so many others who were going against her aiming for the same opportunity.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


This was it; this is what I have been working hard for, my whole life. Such opportunities were what my life goals consisted of. I had left everything back home to pursue this. Even though I was miles away from home and a bit home sick. I would not let that deter me in any form. I will be not distracted or wavered by anything my fear included. I have been waiting in the reception room to go meet my new employer, Mr. Black.

I did not know much about him except what was provided by the internet. Funny enough not only was his personal information scarce but also any form of pictures of him seem to not exists. If I was not waiting in the reception room about to meet him, I could have argued that the man was a myth.

When I did my research, I had all the information about his company that was helpful excluding any confidential information. The information about the company was so detailed, informative and up to date, while information about the owner himself was vague, contradicting, uninformative just snippets and most it sounded like rumors rather than facts.

This man was a mystery indeed and not all mysteries are meant to be solved, some are better left unexposed, and this man fell under the category of mysteries well deserving of remaining unexposed.

As the saying goes "ignorance is bliss." That is why I will try to not expose the mystery that is my new boss.

"Miss, Mr. Black is ready to see you" The receptionist who has been my only mute company since I got here informs me. I look up to her for further instructions as if she can read my mind she says "If you may please follow me" I stood up nervous as I am and follow her.

We took a small turn right by her office door that led to a long hallway with offices occupying each side of the hallway walls. we walked until we reached the end of the hallway where a very expensive mahogany door, to be honest I wasn't sure what type of timber was it and I couldn't care less.

Just when the woman was about to knock on the door. The door opened from the inside a man came rushing out of there followed by a glass which almost hit him. Thank his ancestors that did not happen, but that incident did not make my nerves any better.

I instantly went from nervous to scared. the the booming roar of anger coming from the office that accompanied the glass object did not sound welcoming. To be honest I was really living up to the idiom " entering the lion's den" as the pretty blond secretary with a nice neat bun on her head and blue eyes ushered me in as if a man just did not come out running a few moments ago.

Even worse as if she did not see the glass object missing him by a mere centimeter, as if I was the only one who heard that thunderous roar coming within the office. Which to me seem more like a lion's den than a mere office.

I know I had said I will not let my fears control me but trust me my fear was currently taking the driver's seat and I was sitting all the way in the back. However, there was no backing down if I miss his opportunity, I am sure enough I will not be getting such again.

So, with that I took a deep breath, closed my eyes to stable myself and entered, while walking in pushing the slightly open door further so I can enter I chant to myself "I rather die trying then not trying at all." Threw one more look to the pretty secretary and walked further in with the door automatically closing behind me.

To my surprise when I enter the "lion's den" the lion himself seems to be missing. which makes me question.

Was everything that transpired while I was outside only figments of my imagination?

I looked around the office for any sign of life. Yes, there was a dark grey or black suit jacket that was hanged over the chair that was situated behind the office desk. even though the office desk was clean and minimal, but you can see there was recent activity that took place on it.

As there were a few folders, some opened I think two of them while the others were stacked neatly on the side, there was a pen on top of one of the folders which shows a person was writing something before they left. The computer was on I could make that out from the reflection, which was evident on the table, lastly there was a desk light.

The office itself was not huge or small it was a nice comfortable size. Occupying a very modern and minimalized sitting area. A coffee machine, I guess the man must like his coffee. behind the desk there was a big floor to roof window occupying that entire wall.

However, oddly enough the blinds were drawn which made it a bit darker; thanks for the lights, they brought a bit of light even though it was not that bright but bring enough light, to able a person to maneuver around the office.

"How long are going to stand there like a dumb person?' A voice brought me back from my inspection. I was confused for a second, confused is an understatement I am lost.

"Are you really deaf or what I am talking to you?" he said his voice sounding rather annoyed than anything else. Even though annoyed his voice still demanded authority it brought shivers down my spine. I felt so small I just wanted to turn around and take a flight back home. However, I chanted my mantra again "I rather die trying that not trying at all" took three deep breathes and answered. I knew I was going to be a disaster, but I was not giving up.

"So... sorry, Sir I..." Ohho! Dineo just speak already, my inner brave self, shouting at me to just man up, but it easier said than done. Most of all Mr. Lion there was looking at me like I was his next prey, So I gathered myself together hoping I will not falter this time.

"Sorry, Sir I am indeed partially deaf" there said Whooo! wiping my imaginary sweat and cheering myself on, I have done good I deserve a glass of wine Dineo even though it is too early to celebrate. Mr. Lion there did not seem to be affected by my revelation he just stood there waiting as if he was expecting me to be more convincing, that I ended up raising my hand touching my hearing aid subconsciously.

"Okay, is that one of the reasons you are standing there like you are lost in the Sahara Desert?... you came here for me not to look dazed in the middle of my office, come sit down, so we can get over the formalities." his tone was not begging me or giving me any option to back-out.

It was commanding that not even a second later after he finished his sentence, I was right in from of him sitting in chair. I observed him as he took one of the folders nicely staked in his desk and went over it completely ignoring my existence. I was so tempted to bite my nails that moment just to deviate my nervousness, but I knew the nail-biting sound will annoy him, so I refrained from even taking that route calming down.

Without warning he looked up "I see you are from Africa, not that I am judging it is just that I have not had anyone from Africa working for me before. I hope you know you entered my company through the foreigner's skills advancement program. You should value it every department has a foreign candidate and you in the secretary filed you were the main candidate chosen.

So, I expect the best from you make your continent proud." he delivered his long draining speech not mentally draining but rather he was draining my strength mine against his could not compare. He was easily dominating me, and I was legit losing it.

Even worse, I was fighting his authority, dominating aura and his face. He was indeed a gorgeous man, the type of gorgeous man you should not even bother dreaming about because you know for certain you could never have him.

Mr. Lion here looked to be close to his mid-thirties, tall like 185 cm approximately tall, even sitting down he was still tall.

His chestnut hair is sleeked back in a nice dominating hairstyle, he has green eyes which I unconsciously compare to my hazelnut ones, his face is carved up so nicely that his jaw is so prominent like it can slice your finger if you ran your hand through it, he has a nice pointy nose but still masculine, he has long lashes... so long I wish they were mine, how can I forget his tanned skin!

Lord this man is making me really feel self-conscious, especially his flawless skin which reminds me the importance of drinking water and minding your own business.

"Thank you, sir, I promise to not disappoint you" I say as a response making sure to keep it as minimal as possible to avoid making any mashups.

"I am glad you do. I will give you today off to get yourself together so when I need you to start working there will be no mistakes." he says making sure to look at me as if he is telling me one mistake and I am out.

Again, keeping my reply short I voice "Thank you, Sir I promise I will do just that." he looks up "You may leave the meeting is adjourned."

I don't even think twice I pick up my bag which I had placed on the floor next to me and thank him one last time and walk out. To my surprise the glass object has been cleaned to say I heard that happening will be lies. Which makes me wonder if such incidents are a normal occurrence?

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