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Chapter 2

I would be lying if I said my first day at work was uneventful. What transpired today at Black Inc. was beyond anything I would have expected for my first day at my first job after graduating from university.

It was a movie to be honest, a horror movie even. It brought about a whole lot of emotions, from being excited and nervous to being utterly scared and speechless.

Like literally I couldn't speak, it was even hard forming mere simple sentences that I had practiced for days in preparation for the meeting. I felt so dumb and stupid, but to my defense my new boss was indeed intimidating I do not know if he intimidated people on purpose or that is just the way he is.

Let me not forget the way he just magically appeared in the office. I know for a fact that he was not inside the office when I entered, but somehow, he was there instantly. Maybe, let say maybe it was all the adrenaline and nervousness that blinded my vision.

However, I know for a fact that I am indeed disabled, but I am partially deaf and not partially blind, to just miss things or in this case a person in front of me.

I have been back in my apartment since the early afternoons now it is the evening. I was preparing for my proper first day at work. Mr. Black has sent me an email detailing what he required of me. The requirements were not that bad, taking into consideration that he runs a big company.

The way I looked at it, it seemed as if he was shouldering most of the work himself. The email had said:

Ms. Khumalo

This what will be expected of you as my P.A.

· You should arrive at work before me, I arrive at work at 8:15 am.

· The reason for you to arrive early is that you need to make sure that my coffee machine is ready by the time I arrive.

· You have placed a copy of a detailed schedule of my day, to also check for any new emails and meetings schedule or postponements that I might have received during the late hours of the previous day, or the early morning of the day.

· Prepare folders I might need for the day put them on my desk.

This will be all for now. I will tell you further instruction and requirements tomorrow.

Mr. Black.

(end of the email)

The email was straight forward, it did not deviate from what he wanted to say. He was a straightforward man and did not care about how you would feel, and I met the man for not even an hour, and I was able to figure that out about him.

Strange man indeed, as I had said earlier this man is a mystery, a mystery that I have no ounce of interest to solve. I have a feeling that if I dig deeper to reveal all the mysteries that lie within him, I won't like what I would find. I know solving him won't be an accomplishment for me, but rather an early death sentence.

I am not sure yet if the sentence will be physical, mental or emotional, but what I know is that I will die some way if I try to ever decipher him.

I eat my dinner which I had prepared a while ago, it was not too much just some cornflakes and apple juice.

I am a good cook do not judge me. It is just that when I am stressed, I tend to avoid cooking and vouch for easier alternatives such as cereal or takeaways. However, I do not eat takeaways as much since I got to America. Everything taste different to be honest even the cornflakes that I am currently munching on taste different, but I am not complaining, a girl got to do what a girl got to do.

When I am done eating, IIwash and wipe my bowl, and put it back in the kitchen cabinets. My kitchen was small, but I like it, the whole apartment was small but homely I liked it. It was the company's apartment I was happy as that meant I did not need to look for a place to stay when got here.

It had two bedrooms, and open space kitchen and siting room. I have been staying in the apartment for two weeks, as I came early just to prepare and familiarize myself with the place. Luckily enough it was a walking distance from the apartment to work, about a five minutes' drive.

I was now in my bedroom laying on my back and covers over my body looking at the modern designed ceiling of my bedroom, dreading the morning. I was not ready to meet the lion again. I knew I was going to be easy prey; I was a strong and independent woman trust me, but he made me feel like slime under his shoe, that he could wipe off anytime he feels like it.

New day, the morning has finally arrived, this means a second chance to do better today than I did yesterday, because yesterday was something else. I was an embarrassment to myself, today I will try to be more strong-willed and face every obstacle with high spirits.

I was done with my morning routine, bathed, dressed in a simple black pencil skirt that unintentionally hugged my curves the result of having a small waist and big curves and bust, with a simple white button down shirt and black nice loafers.

To be honest me and heels were not on friendly terms, since I have a chronic problem with my right ankle, so I tend to avoid wearing them if not necessary for me to wear. I had plaited my hair in a nice protective cornrows' hairstyle. It made my hair look neat and made it easy for me to just wake up and go, taking into consideration I was not good with taming my hair, which was a gigantic ball of curls.

After I was done with everything it was already 7 o'clock. I did last minutes check to make sure I did not forget anything locked my door and prepared myself for the 15 minutes' walk to work.

Before I know it was already 8 o'clock. Coffee prepared, email checked, schedule drawn up and already in his desk, did the necessary reattachment in his schedule. I had done whatever I needed to do before I retired to my office for the start of the day.

The receptionist had shown me my office before I left yesterday. It was the first door on the left from his office door. Thank God! The door and the wall by the hallway were not made of glass like the wall behind my desk. At least the glass wall brought a lot of light in.

I really need to lighten the mood in this office though. Everything was either grey, white or black save for the office chair which was oldy bright red. I will buy somethings for my office maybe later this week if I am not lazy.

Just as I was about to relax in my chair my office desk phone rang.

"hello?" I said answering the phone.

"Please bring me the documents that were brought in from the accounting department."

Mr. lion said without even issuing a good morning he went straight to his first demand of the day. How rude I must say, it seems manners do not exist in this man's head, but who cars I did not come here to receive greetings from him.

Rather I am here to work for him and get the experience I needed, and I will be off, to be honest I am only here to give my resume a good background and Black. Inc is that kind of good background I need.

I go to the nicely assorted bookshelf and go to accounting and search for the file that I had placed there in the morning after finding it in my desk.

Deep breaths Dineo, here goes nothing.

With my fist against the door I knocked twice. There was a voice commanding me to entre. Taking a few last breaths, I open the door. Like the scene in Mr. Lion's office hasn't changed at all the same as yesterday, still dark dimly lit, gloomy and most importantly the lurking of a dark and dangerous aura is still there.

I feel it looms over me commanding me to obey and be weary of this man. At least this time he is there sitting behind his desk wearing a pair of spectacles I assume to be reading glasses. He looks so muscular and dominating, I rush to his desk before he can raise his head and say some rude remark to me like yesterday.

Like I had said today I will make sure to avoid the repeats of yesterday, today I will face everything head-on with confidence and fighting spirit.

"here is the file you asked for Sir" I said putting it down in his desk not even waiting for his response. To be honest I just wanted to be out of his office, the pressure of his aura was becoming too much. So, just as I put down the file on his desk, I turn swiftly so I can be out of there, but guess what? Lovely Dineo's right ankle decides to turn in awkward angle and sprain her ankle.

It is nothing new to be honest I am used to it, but I would have appreciated it if I did not do the usual, which is spraining my ankle every now and then, that is why I don't wear heels. Me falling face first in front of my boss was really not part of the agenda when I was bringing the file to the lion's den.

Why did I have to embarrass myself in front of my boss? I would have rather if I took nasty fall in front of all my fellow employees. To be honest this was beyond embarrassing, here goes my "go spirit" attitude I had planned to have since morning. My days seem to keep on getting more and more embarrassing.

I feel someone tapping my shoulder, from behind as I was lying with my belly on the floor and my arms covering my face that was laid face down on them. If you didn't know you would think I was crying, but no I was hiding from embarrassment. I try to ignore the tapping, but it continues going from a few taps to forceful shakes. I raise my head from my arms, and I look at my boss.

Ohho God! I am going to get fired on my first day. Where are my ancestors when I need them!

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