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Chapter 3

When I finally raised my head. I see him still as emotionless as usual; his lips were moving but for some reason I couldn't hear him properly he sounded very far and with an echo. Like he was in a big hall screaming but still no one could hear him. I then retorted to reading his lips instead.

"Are you stupid? You must be..." I read his lips "Can't you hear me? I am talking to you" he said looking at me, even though he was crouching down he was still way taller than me, also taking into consideration that I was still on my stomach.

As soon as he said the last statement, I brought my hand to my ear to check if my hearing aid was still there. Then I recognized that my hearing aid had fallen off my ear, that why Mr. Lion here sounded like a mouse being squashed by a mouse trap.

I quickly started looking for it, but a hand already had it in front of my face. In this moment I don't wanna lie I was so embarrassed that I blushed, and I just wanted to run as far as I can and cry my lungs out. I could not believe how can I always embarrass myself in front of this man.

It was just one embarrassing moment after another, there seem to be no break from this torture. I was starting to believe maybe it was witchcraft, and the growing lump in my throat was growing each second making it hard to swallow it back.

I am not going to cry; I am not going to cry...

I chanted in my head repeatedly, but it seems it was making the situation worse. As a tingling sensation was disturbing my windpipe making it hard for me to breath. I knew it won't go away unless I cry, as if on motion the tears fell from my eyes. I had failed to stop myself from crying, even worse I was crying in front of my cold emotionless boss. I bet he's had it with my stupid, immature and uncharacteristic behavior.

Will he fire me?... is this it for me?... is this how I go home as a disappointment?

Typical me I could not think of anything positive. My thoughts are running wild in negativity zone. No mantra or chant could save me now. I think I am going to have a panic attack, Oh God! Seriously! Why are you testing me right now? I think I cannot breathe!

Breathe Neo, breathe, you have done this before, relax.

I am failing I don't think relaxing is an option right now, I think I am going to faith.

Lights out!

Dear people, that was my day so far. I had a panic attack and fainted in front of my boss! Way to go Neo.

Nice perfume, I don't know what perfume this is? but it smells so nice and masculine that I gotta have it. I have a fetish for male cologne and perfume that I have few collections stacked back home. Talking about home, where am I? I open my eyes, first thing I see it is the side table which situate a side lamp and a small alarm clock, there is also a box of cigarettes and lighter.

This father God, it is definitely not my room.

I drag my body up so I could sit up and get a clear view of the room. Which is a bedroom, with a simple, minimal and modern. Its kinds of reminds me of someone, Mr. Black! This cannot be happening.

Let it be not his room, please I pray... if you save me this last time heavenly father, I will go back to ch...

"you have finally decided to wake up from your slumber?"

The voice I was not so eagerly expecting right now echoed and brought me back from my thoughts. The way he sounded so clear; I could tell that my hearing aid was back in my ear. To be honest I was praying he was not the one who inserted it back in my ear.

In all honesty I did not like people touching my earpiece it made me uncomfortable. It was something sacred for me, something I did not want just anyone to touch. When someone touch it, it made me feel uncomfortable it was like someone was touching a part of my limb.

That is part of the reason why I had a panic attack when Mr. Lion here touched it earlier, even though it might have been with good intentions. I still felt uncomfortable, vulnerable as if I was naked, it was not a nice feeling to have.

"Yes...sir, I...I am sorry...about earlier." I said even though I was stuttering a bit at least my voice was not shaking like earlier on. He was standing by a door on my left which I assumed was the main door out of the bedroom.

"I don't really care for your apology... the doctor will come to check on you before you can leave for home." Wow! This man really got mad issues; did he really have to be that hush? Like seriously the hostility was unnecessary uncalled for, but who cares? Guess what I do care about what he says.

He is such a bully and it is not necessary to be honest.

I grimaced to myself.

At least I thought I did until I heard a voice seething with anger questioning me,

"What did you say." Ohho! Heavenly father I am in trouble again! Why did I have to think out loud? From where I am from when someone asks you to repeat yourself it means do not repeat yourself and trust me, I uam not about to repeat myself.

"Nothing Sir, I said nothing." I would be stupid to repeat what I said judging from the face that he is currently wearing now. I know danger when I see it, and him right now screams danger ranger.

"Better be." He was still standing by the door with his hands now inside his pockets as if he is restraining himself from blowing up. Was my statement really that offensive? However, it is no lie he is really a bully.

"The doctor is here." He said his part then left the room while the doctor entered.

"Hi, I am Dr. Vlad" he introduced himself. He seemed scary for a doctor.

The doctor took his time doing whatever shenanigans that doctors do. Bandaged my ankle told me few bunches of stuff like when to take my pills which he gave me, and that for next couple of days I should make sure that my ankle is supported and try to not move around that much, then with a smile he left. What baffled me though is how polite he was to me. Like I was a princess or something he will give me a smile occasionally with amusement in his eyes, or probably I was just imagining it or maybe he is that way with all his patients.

"The doctor said you have been cleared to go home; I will ask my driver to take you home." He said out of nowhere. I don't know if I don't really pay that much attention to my surroundings or this guy can teleport, levitate or something, because I never hear him when ever he enters a room.

He starts walking towards the bed as soon as he finishes his sentence. Which makes me panic.

I am panicking this is not good. What is he planning to do? Should I run? Yes, I think I should.

Without thinking my escape plan through. I quickly jump off the bed, and as soon as I do, I regret it. I scream, because the pain I feel in my ankle as soon as I touch the floor was not nice. Next, I fall down hip first, I bet that is going to hurt, looks like I just got new pain addition to the already existing one.

"Are you fucking crazy? Why did you do that?"

Because you were coming at me with all your scary irritated face what did you think I was going to do smile at you? You gotta be crazy.

I complained to myself, at least I thought I did, until he said,

'I see you got a big mouth on you" he said, and me here I panic because the way he said it sounded as if I was getting in his last nerve, I swallowed loudly I think he heard it too.

"I will not get angry I will take it as if it is the medication that the doctor gave you, that why you are acting this way." This man can talk when he is angry, and it is not always pleasing to listen to him. Yes, his voice it is to die for, but whatever that comes out of his mouth it what will kill you.

He did not wait for me to say anything back. He swiftly moved from where he was standing by the corner of the bed from the side I had fallen from, and swiftly scooped me up in his arms bridal style like I weighed nothing. Trust me when I tell you I weigh more than what you think, I am a women blessed with natural curves and an ass that most women dream of., I am 162 cm weighing 65 kgs so you can imagine how much heavy I might be for this man to carry me in his arms like I am nothing.

However, we currently not focusing on my weight. We are currently focusing on the fact that Mr. Lion here is carrying me in his arms as he walks out of the bedroom. To my surprise, guess what? We walk out to his office, the company office.

Did we just teleport? I knew this guy can teleport.

"Are you dumb? There is no such thing as teleportation, and I am your boss not "guy" do not make the mistake of calling me that ever again." Tjo! This guy can talk damn! As for me I should stop thinking out loud.

"Yes Sir, I will keep that in mind." I said that with so much attitude that it surprised both me and my dear boss who I was currently in his arms, who stops in his tracks I bet out of shock. He looks at me scoff and walks away.

"You better." He says with so much affirmation as if waiting for me to rebut him. Guess what I did just that.

"Ukuthi nawe unesidina nalemthetho yakho" I said while rolling my eyes, oooh my! let all this sass be because of the medication, because hhaibo! Baby girl is walking on thin ice. (translation: it is just that you are so annoying with all these rules of yours.)

Astonishingly he does not say anything he just scoffs and continues walking like I said nothing. Maybe he has finally had it with me who knows.

Before I know it, we were outside the building. Thank the ancestors it was night already, that means everyone has left for home. Except the security or bodyguards who are task with doing night duty, I think.

As soon as we come out of the building there is already a black BMW X6 packed at the front of the building. A man opens the door as soon as he sees Mr. Lion, while bowing his head maybe as a form of respect. I guess I am not the only one who cowers because of his dark aura.

He puts me inside the car at the backseat as that where the guy opened the door. After putting me down on the car seat, he then turns around going back but suddenly turns around facing me again. I don't want to lie he was confusing me right now.

Suddenly he drags the seatbelt and fasten it for me before he turns to the guys at the door and says something to him without even paying a glance at me. With that he walks backs to the building with such attractive and masculine strides. That make his ass look so nice in his black suit trousers, and his back to look gorgeously sculptured in his white dress shirt.

Dineo stop it, stop it! That man is your boss.

I think it is all the cologne that he left wafting in my body, and the way his fingers lightly touched my thighs when he was fastening the seat belt for me.

It does not matter what reason it might be, the thoughts are just purely unconsecrated, period!
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