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Chapter 4

These past three days have been all about recovery. The generous Mr. Lion gave me a whole week to recuperates, I know how generous of him. However, the generosity did not come to all roses and wrapped like a present.

Yes, I was at home nursing my ankle back to health, but that did not mean I had no work to do. He made sure I had work to do every day. He will either send someone to drop over whatever documents he wants me to go over and summarize for him or send an e-mail of the work he wants me to do for him.

Sometimes he will send recordings for meetings that he will like for me to type as minutes. His schedule was still on me, I will read my office e-mails from home prepare his schedule as usual, and fax him his schedule first thing in the morning before he gets to work.

I was doing all my duties diligently, except for his coffee machine which makes me wonder how he deals with that? But who cares if I can do my work without having to face him, I am happy. Me working close to him is what got me in this mess from the beginning.

I check my phone for the time. Already half-past three I have been sleeping for two hours already, I hope I did not miss any important work, but my phone did not ring to indicate anything to me, and my doorbell did not ring.

So probably I am still in the safe zone, after checking my emails, messages, calls I am satisfied that there was no work for me, except a few messages from home; one from my mom checking how I am handling everything and the others from my friends, especially the one from my best friend Tshepo who sent me a message asking me if he can visit me next week as he will be taking a leave from work.

I wouldn't say no to having him visit me, I miss him and after such a draining week I won't mind having his presence with me. So, I say yes to his request, which he returns by saying he will be coming on Monday.

I do not want to lie a flight from home to here is expensive, but Tshepo and I belong to one of the richest families in South Africa so such trips for him are a no-brainer.

Yes, I am rich but that does not mean I should stop seeking my own avenues and going beyond my comfort zone. Rich or not rich I will seek my own destiny build my own reputation because the one I currently have belongs to my mother, the riches I currently have also belong to her.

It is her success and sweat I also want to have my own success and sweat, something I can be solely proud of.

We were on the topic of Tshepo, I cannot wait for Monday. It is going to be the best week ever since I got here two weeks ago. Today is Friday that means two days until Tshepo's arrival.

The bell of my door chimes.

I climb out of my bed and limp my way from the bedroom to the front door, I put my left hand on the wall next to the door for support and use my right hand to open the door.

There standing at my door with both hands in his suit pants accompanied with a straight face it's Mr. Black. At first, I thought it was not him with his hair cut to a short and clean buzz cut, glasses and his hair was no longer chestnut but black.

It made me wonder did I leave the office that long that Mr. Black could totally get a makeover like this. When his hair was long and a bright color than this he was just intimidating, but now he is both intimidating and scary. His aura uses to scream danger but now it screams gevaar. (translation: danger- in Afrikaans)

"Mr. Li...Black Sir, what...are you doing here?" to be honest I was confused and scared. Scared that maybe I had messed up a task that I was supposed to do and confused as to why he will come here himself, the other times he will just email me or send Josh over if I had made a mistake.

This was my own apartment but for some reason, I felt unwelcomed. Why did my boss make me feel so small or it might be my own insecurities, but I am sure that is not it.

"I need to talk to you Miss Khumalo, may I enter?" Wow! How are you to sir? As for my part, I am hanging in there. Hhaibo! Like what's up with this guy? Did someone tell him he will lose a few of his millions if he is polite?

"Yes, you may entre sir" I mastered the best fake smile I could give this douche of a man. If he was not my boss and was not this intimidating, I would have given him a piece of my mind. Probably not though I was taught to respect my elders and I am sure this guy falls under the definition of an elder.

Even though he always looks clean, sharp, and good-looking you can tell that he is not my age group, but still, he does not know what manners are. Such a disappointment for people his age.

He had entered my small apartment moments ago and he was now sitting on the small couch that occupied my sitting area. The couch was not small but he was too big for my couch and he looked odd.

As for me, the couch was perfect it was as if it was made for me. Even though the couch was a two-sitter he still looked oddly situated in it, as his dominance and authoritative stature did not go along with it, funny enough even my furniture was intimidated by him.

I took a sit on the one sitter couch opposite him, thank god he didn't sit in it because I don't think my small couch would have survived.

"Miss Khumalo, I came here because I have something important to relay to you. I should have told you this the other day, however you fainted on me and I had been busy the whole week. Even worse as my supposed assistance was not physically available to assistance."

He paused for a moment I could tell he was a bit annoyed. However, it was not my fault that I fell, I could not just control gravity, this man though annoying much.

Fake smile "I understand sir." I didn't understand shit I was feeling the same emotions as him annoyed.

"My work schedule is three weeks a month. I always take the last week of every month off. I am usually not available in any form during those weeks. I can not be contacted or reached, but I can contact whoever I want during that time. This means Miss Khumalo the busiest weeks for you will be the first and third week of each month. As the first week, I will be getting all the work that piled up during my leave up to speed, and the third week I will be finishing all the work that needs to be done before my leave."

Okay, I was not complaining if I can stay the whole week without seeing him, I will jump to the opportunity, to be honest, I am down for this.

"You do not need to worry my business associate know about this and they understand." Man, who said I was worried I am beyond ecstatic right now I am over the moon.

"However, this does not mean you will not be working, you will still receive e-mail and certain documents that you will need to sort out for me before I come back and answer e-mails and do my schedule for when I come back as I would have a lot of meetings scheduled for when I come back. You can work from home during those weeks and only go to the office when necessary" That is fine by me actually sir.

"Yes, sir I will make sure to do as needed of me during your absence." I am beyond happy right now as I will be free and Tshepo will be coming to visit, God seems to be working in my favor after the embarrassing and torturous week I've had.

After Mr. Lion was done with his speech, he stood up without a word and left. That man is weird I am telling you but let's look at the bright side I did not embarrass myself today. Let's hope this is the beginning of a good streak for me, no embarrassing moments from here on.


This has been one of the best weeks I have had since I have arrived here. Tshepo came last week Saturday which was the day after my boss's sudden visit. We had spent the first few days of his visit indoors waiting for me to recuperates, we ordered takeaways watched Netflix while enjoying a few bottles of wine. Tshepo was my only friend since I could remember he helped me quite a lot to help me deal with my anxiety and fear of men when I was a child.

Due to my mother's occupation as one of the judges in the Constitutional court which is the highest court in the land. That meant she made a lot of enemies every day, enemies of high class and stature. Mostly politicians, businessmen, and high-end criminals.

If all these people wanted to avenge themselves, I was the easiest possible target. So, one day on my way to school, I did not have guards then my mom did not see her job as a threat to my life not until that day. I was kidnapped and held captive for days.

Their boss had been sentenced and they wanted my mom to overturn the sentencing as they believe it was too harsh, they wanted him to be liable for a fine as they believe 50 years in prison without the possibility of parole was foolish for their boss.

Those pedophiles will touch me in all the inappropriate places and ways while making videos for my mom threatening that if she does not cooperate, they will not vacillate to rape me.

Even, though I was saved without them succeeding with their plans to rape me or free their boss. I was left emotionally and mentally damaged. I could not trust anyone for the longest time, the trauma was too much.

My mom had to home school me as I had started to prefer staying within the boundaries of my home. I had developed a severe fear and lack of trust for the opposite gender. It did not matter if young or small.

Even my security detail consisted of females, I was at ease that way. Even now my fear has not been spent especially when it comes to a man of power, as my unfortunate event was all because of a man wielded some sort of amount of power.

That why I fear my boss he is a man who wields a lot of power. The power he can use to his advantage towards those who are weaker than him.

Thanks to Tshepo he was the one who was able to show me that not all boys or men are bad. However, those with immense power can do bad. His parents were business partners with my mom, they had come home to discuss business and he came with them.

He had found me sitting outside the garden at my house combing my doll. He came and sat next to me he said a few sentences, but I did not answer. So, he remained quiet while keeping me company, it was like that for few more visits that I had grown to like his company.

I could feel his space when he didn't come around. A few months later he had won over me we had become good friends, even though I was still skeptical he remained and kept me company. He was mature for his age I was 8 at that time and he was 12. He became like an older brother to me, a few years later I was well enough to go back to attending a normal school.

I was lucky enough that we went to a school that started from primary school to high school so I could see him always. When he left the school, I spent the next four years alone and I had learned to tone down my fears a little. The kidnapping was the cause of my deafness, I had had a bad ear infection in my ears that one ear became permanently deaf while the other was partially deaf and needed a hearing aid to catch all the sounds properly. I am not complaining I am grateful to be alive.

That is why Tshepo is such an important figure in my life he was able to pull me out of misery and I will always be grateful to him.

I was telling you about my week before I got sidetracked. So, when my ankle finally healed, we did a lot of things went to the movies, dinner dates which I bet his girlfriend will be jealous of. Also, there was a lot of parting, I might be shy and everything, but I enjoy partying and I am telling you I am a totally different person when I am drunk.

That is why I always drink only when Tshepo is around. I am telling you that guy is a God sent. I still did my work diligently and made sure that everything was up to date for my dear boss when he comes back.

I am afraid of the amount of paperwork that has piled up in his absence because that means more work for me too. Tshepo left for home in the morning, even though he wanted to stay some more but duty calls, he does have a company to run back home.

I don't want to say I am ready for tomorrow, going back to work is not one of my favorite things lately. I am not ready to see my boss again, not at all.

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