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Chapter 6


The next day I had woke up prepared. I had told myself I will not weaver, I will not fall for her innocence. I was determined to keep my promise to her till the end, I could not break it so easily. I believe what will make me break my promise of punishment will be much greater than just a woman. In this case a young girl, I refer to her as a girl as I am way older than her. Our age gap between us does not allow us to form any relationship of understanding. I have been through so much, I have so much baggage that a fragile girl like her cannot withstand, either as a friend or a companion of any kind. Her aura is pure and innocent, I could not allow myself to taint it.

I was not that selfish.

I had slept in the bedroom situated in my office. I was not in the mood to go home yesterday. My mood had been ruined. I could not force myself to go back into an empty house. Not just any empty house, but a house I shared with HER. Our memories together filled that house, every nook, and corner had a memory of her. I could not bring myself to enjoy reminiscing those memories feeling like I had betrayed her.

That is why ended up sleeping in my office to avoid having more internal dilemmas about what transpired that day.

I woke up a bit late that day because I had trouble falling asleep, just thinking about how everything will turn out with my new assistant around.

When I was done preparing for work, I left my bedroom. When I entered my office, everything was prepared the way I wanted it to be, from my schedule to my coffee machine. Everything was up to date, this made me feel as if my day will be different today. I will be in control of everything, I felt as if yesterday was just a glitch which by today was fixed and will not cause any problems.

I got on with my work checking and signing some files. Then I remembered there was an important file that came for me to check. They had left it with my secretary as I was currently busy with a conference call during that time.

This was it. I had to call her in, I will have to meet her. It was the moment of truth to see if all that happened yesterday was nothing but just a trivial matter.

I picked my office telephone then pressed the number which will connect me to her office.

As the phone was ringing my heart was beating at an unusual rate. It was faster; I was nervous. Why was I nervous? She was just a mere secretary. However, my heart did not share the same sentiments as my mind.

She picked up.

"Hello?" she answered the phone.

"Please bring me the documents that were brought by the accounting department." I sounded as stoic as I possibly can. However, my heart was beating so hard as if it wanted to come out of my chest, I was literally going crazy, I was losing it.

While I was busy dealing with my internal dilemma. Two knocks on my door brought me back from where God knows where.

I had composed myself before answering with a very strong voice making sure to not sound intimidated or weak. I could not let her see that she had some sort of control over me if that what all this is "control". Is it really control what she had over me or was I the one who was losing control? No matter what it was either of the two reasons.

All this while I was looking at some documents as if I was doing something important, while all I was doing was trying to understand the emotional dilemma, I was in.

I could feel and hear her opening the door, walking in, walking towards me. All I could feel during that moment was how time was going so slow. I felt as if the paragraph I was reading in the documents that were in front of me was short. I had to keep on reading repeatedly.

By the time she reached my desk and placed the file on top of the desk and turn to walk out without saying anything, I was relieved. She had made everything easy for me. She had also confirmed my suspicion; she indeed influenced me.

I was planning to not look up, look at the document in front of me until she was out the door. I did not care even if I had to read the documents a thousand times, if it would prevent me from laying my eyes on her I was happy.

Before I could have my relief and finally breath out the air, I was holding in. the screeching of furniture and a thud made me look up quickly. When I raised my eyes, I saw a blurry figure falling down and a wincing small voice.

She had tripped on something and fell.

In a second, I was next to her, she had fallen by her face and stomach first. She had her hands securing her head, it was as if she was crying. I did not know what to do, I wanted to tap her on her shoulder but refrained, I wanted to help her up but refrained. Not because I did not want to help her, but because I was afraid of what might happen if I touch her; touching her was the problem, not helping her.

When she finally raised her head. She looked at me, I was not expecting it, but I did not show it. I pulled a straight face I was good at wearing a stoic mask, I had mastered how to cover my emotions a long time ago.

As a defense mechanism, I did the best thing I had thought at that moment. I shouted at her, rather I was more shouting at myself than her.

"Are you stupid? You must be, can't you hear me? I am talking to you" even though I was talking to her, but all that I was saying was indirectly meant for me. Was I stupid? I must have been, why couldn't I listen to what my brain was telling?

As I was talking, she was looking at my mouth with concentration I was confused. It made me wonder if she wanted to kiss me.

Then I noticed her hearing aid. It had come off her ear, I picked it up and handed it to her. However, her reaction was not what expected, she was breathing heavily and rapidly like she was having a panic attack. I tried talking to her, it seemed as if I was speaking to a wall. Then her eyes started looking glossy.

"don't cry, don't cry..."

I was praying hard that she would not cry because I would not know what to do. I am a man who is not good when it comes to helping someone else deal with their emotions.

That day God did not seem to favor me because she did start crying. I will be lying if I say I was not panicking at that moment, I tried to remain as calm as possible. While I was still trying to keep my emotions in check she fainted on me.

I was left flabbergasted, it happened so suddenly it took me a while to register that she fainted.

After she fainted, I had called my doctor.

That is how she ended up asleep in my bed for the whole day. I was even worried that maybe she didn't faint but rather a concussion from hitting her head when she fell.

My worries were washed away when she woke up. She did not see me standing by the bedroom door. She looked so confused and observant of her surroundings. I could see she figured that they were unfamiliar. Strangely there was a tint of recognition.

That is when I decided to interrupt her.

"You have decided to wake up from your slumber?"

She took a while to answer as if she was contemplating answering my question.

"Yes... sir, I...I am sorry about earlier." She was stuttering again she can be annoying even though she is not trying to.

Trust me I was really going to try and be nice to her she had been through enough in one day. It is just that whenever she opens her mouth and speaks, I just lose all my screws. Probably a subconscious defense mechanism I don't know.

Just know I ended up being rude to her telling her I did not care for her apology whatsoever. I would be lying if I say I did not regret my words the moment I left the room so the doctor can attend to her, I felt like a dick and an asshole.

She even called me a bully I will be not honest if I state that I did not take offense to her statement.

This made me be even more livid

It made me wonder why I couldn't be nice to her, why I was fighting against my feelings of compassion for her so much?

Were these feelings even purely compassion or is that what I want to believe?

While I waited, I downed a cup of whiskey on the rock. I was frustrated with myself, I just wanted to scream and pull my hair, but not while she is still here. That is how I ended up downing a glass of whiskey.

The doctor left my room after attending to her gave me an update about her injury and left.

I was left standing alone in my office.

I was debating if I should go to her and if I go to her what will I do or say?

Guess what I decided.

Yes, I went to the room.

Was I a dick again?


Okay, no I was not but my cold and stoic tone did not change. My stance on authority does not change.

"The doctor said you have been cleared to go home; I will ask my driver to take you home." I had startled her.

Instead of standing at the door, I walk towards the bed. Before I even reach the bed, she tries to climb out of the bed. There is a thud followed by a scream, I guess out of pain. She had fallen off the bed trying to climb off.

Before I can even realize I was already next to her.

"Are you fucking crazy? Why did you do that?" I asked her my voice laced with concern, I was too late to take what I said back, only regret came over me.

Guess what brought my attention back. What she said next.

"Because you were coming at me with all your scary irritated face what did you think I was going to do smile? You gotta be crazy"

To say her words surprised me would be an understatement. I was surprised she had a sharp tongue with her, I was more than intrigued rather than angry for some odd reason.

"I see you got a big mouth on you' I stated rather than questioned.

I can see that she was getting scared and regretted her witted remark coming out unintentionally like that.

"I will not get angry I will take it as if it is the medication that the doctor gave you, that is why you are acting this way" I said sternly to make sure my message passed through her.

She seemed to be in a daze which made me wonder if she even heard what I said just a minute ago.

I decided to scoop her up from her now sitting position on the floor. I was not patient enough to wait for her to limp herself all the way to the ground floor. I needed her gone already, I had had her for company long enough, she needed to go.

When we walked out of the room and directly came to my office, I could see confusion playing on her features.

But I was not ready for the conclusion she came with.

"Did we just teleport? I knew this guy can teleport."

I had expected her confusion to be something else other than that stupid conclusion of teleportation.

I could not hold myself I had to ask her if she was dumb because for her age that was immature.

Also, I could not hold myself, I had to correct her that I hate being referred to as "guy" she should not make the mistake of calling me that again.

She had nicely agreed to not repeat it and I was planning to keep it like that.

I had thought that was it for the day. She would not any witty remarks anymore.

However, she did something different.

"Ukuthi nawe unesidina nalemthetho yakho" she spoke in a language I could not understand.

"interesno" that was my response to her, it was definitely interesting.

From how chicky she sounded I don't think what she said was a compliment but rather a rude statement. Funny enough I was not mad I was rather fascinated; she had shown me another side of her today.

It made me realize that this girl was like a treasure hunt each treasure hold a trait of hers that I am happy to keep discovering.

Like right now I have discovered another side of her.

Besides the innocent, shy, and naïve Neo.

There is the sexy, predatory, and teasing Neo.

The Neo who is currently tempting me without knowing.
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