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Crimes Kiss

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One day a man and woman are tired from a busy day and decide to skip town and stop at a bar where fate makes them cross paths. At first they ignore each other but the man later starts to flirt while the lady plays hard to get. But they both have a secret and would kill to keep it that way. Also credit to my friend Kaylin for the cover art and 13+ there is cussing and some minor sexual content.

Romance / Horror
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The first draw

“Come on we are going to be late!” Yells Vickeys mom Marlowe. Vickey quickly gets dressed and runs down stairs for breakfast. “Why didn’t you set your alarm?” Asks Marlowe, “I though you would wake me up.” Says Vickey trying to get the cereal down. “Your 12 now you can do it on your own.” Says Marlowe reaching by up and grabbing the cereal for Vickey. “Thanks, but anyways I will set my alarm from now on.” “Your welcome and good, I can’t wake you up all the time when your living with your husband a kids or whatever, I can’t get up at 5 am drive an hour and wake you up every morning.” Says Marlowe laughing. Vickey laughs but soon realizes that her step dad Carl isn’t there. “Where’s Carl?” Asks Vickey, “He’s already left to your grandma’s house, but I had to stay behind and wait for you.” Says Marlowe playfully. Vickey rolls her eyes and picks up her dish to put it in the sink. Thirty minutes later they get to Vickeys grandmas house but everything is quiet, a little to quiet in fact. Marlowe opens the door and…”BANG BANG BANG!” Everything seems to be going slow as Vickey hears her mom yell “Run Vickey! Run!” Then fall to the floor. She turns to run and out of the corner of her eye she sees her whole family on the floor, dead. Then her step dad, the only one alive. But he was the on holding the gun. She starts to cry but knows she can’t stay and that she has to run. Running as fast as she can she still can’t get the picture of her mom on the floor and she starts to remember all the good times they had together. But then she remembers something she had forgotten, something from when she was only about 4 years old. She remembers laying in her mom and Carl’s bed but her mom was by the closet holding a box yelling and he was yelling back. She can’t remember exactly what her mom had said but it was something like “Why do you need bullets!” Or “What are you doing with these!” And “Why are these in our house!” She started to cry even harder, why did he have bullets from all the way back then, had he killed someone before, and did her mom know about it that many years ago just never left him? She has so many questions but no answers. But even with all those emotions all she could do was run, until she ran into something. She fell back and started crying she looked around frantically seeing if her dad was chasing after her, but then she saw what she had run into, a man. She got up and hugged him as tight as possible bawling her eyes out. “Omg what wrong are you ok?” Asked the man, “No! My dad…. He, he…” she couldn’t get the words out well enough so she just cried even more. “Come on, my name is Julian, let’s get you some new clothes.” Said Julian. She didn’t know why she needed new clothes but then she looked down and saw she had blood all over her, her own mother’s blood. When she saw it she screamed bloody murder. The guy jumped but then noticed why she was screaming of and hugged her. 3 years later she walks into the police station. “Hello, I am Vickey and I’m here to see Carl.” “Ok he should be out in a little.” Says the police officer. “Thanks.” Vickey replies as she walks to the seat to talk with her stepdad. “Hello Carl.” Vickey says “Who are you?” Carl asks “Oh, you don’t recognize the person you traumatized.” Says Vickey coldly “huh?” “It’s me, Vickey.” “Oh! Hey, listen I’m so sorry but I thought you had forgotten about me.” Carl says. “How could I have forgotten about you? I’m fact I am going to bail you out I just need to grab the bail money and you’ll be out by tomorrow!” Says Vickey proudly. “How did you get the money?” Carl asks. Vickey looks down and says softly while rolling her eyes “As you of all people know moms dead I needed to go into the system, I mean our whole family is dead who would take care of me.” Carl looks down and seems to actually feel bad but Vickey can see right through him and she knows what he is trying to do but she goes along with it for now so he doesn’t suspect a thing. “But it’s fine, I’m over it now. Like I said I went into the system and now I live with a very wealthy family and I want to bail you out!” “Ok good, I was hoping there would be no hard feelings.” Replies Carl. The next day Vickey is standing in front of the police station and she sees Carl walk out he then runs to her and hugs her “I never though you would actually bail me out thank you!” Vickey actually felt good hugging him and for a split second started to rethink but she knew she couldn’t stop now and shook that out of her mind. “Of course I would!” Replied Vickey happily though she definitely was not. “I haven’t really figured out a place for you to stay yet but you can stay in the basement for now if that’s ok because I know my parents definitely would not let you stay with us.” “Oh that’s perfectly fine anything is better than prison!” Carl said. Then because Vickey was only 15 she called her friend the only one who knew about what she was doing to come and pick them up. “Ok my friend is coming to pick us up don’t worry she is the only one I told and I trust her with my life.” Said Vickey “ok if you say so.” Carl replied wondering why she needed to trust someone that much if the only person she was only keeping this from her adopted parents. A few hours later and they still weren’t at her house and Carl had a feeling that she wasn’t taking him there. “Um where are we?” Asked Carl trying not to shake. “That doesn’t concern you.” Vickey said flatly. Carl now started to worry and didn’t know what was about to happen but then Vickey said something that calmed him down, “My friend here is May, and she is studying to be a dentist and she needs to do a tooth cleaning on someone, so I though you would be perfect because you have been in jail for 3 years and probably need one, but after that you just need to fill out some forms and you both should be good to go!” Carl agreed then sat down in a chair and May got out tooth cleaning supplies but what he didn’t know is that she wasn’t going to be a dentist or that she was only 16 years old and wasn’t even in college yet, also that those were fake supplies that she got from he little sisters old toy box. Then she told him to lift up his tongue then Vickey came over with what he thought was a tool but it was secretly a syringe. She then stuck the needle under his tongue and injected him with potassium so he would over dose on it and eventually, die. Carl jerked back and said “What did you just do!” Vickey said, “I am simply maki by you pay for your actions and doing what the police should have done.” Carl started to panic and asked “What should they have done!” Vickey replied calmly with a smile, “Put you on death row.” Carl then started to choke and realized that she had injected him with some type of poison or something. The last thing he heard or saw was Vickey walking over and saying “Good night.”
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