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"An omega with an alpha's pride?" "You can't force love!" "Isn't he too shy, unlike the rumors?" "You mustn't believe things so easily" Cain Donly, he comes back to his home town for his break, unexpected things happen as the person who took him in, has a unique guest on the same day he arrives back home. As the rain pours that is when the two meet, but our Cain Donly is not like others. "It's as if you're an alpha" "Alpha or not what's it to you? you think others don't have feelings? dreams?! you might be an alpha but you sure are a fool"

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I woke up to the sounds of the wheels going over the bumps of the familiar rocky and dirt ground, my body shook with the rhythm of the ground as I was now fully awake, the sun shining in the middle of the day.

The bus came to a stop as it’s doors opened.

I took my things from where the were being placed as I put it over my shoulder and another bag in my left hand as I carried a box as well.

I checked to see if anything dropped from my belongings but none did.

I made my way to the exit as my feet finally laid themselves on the ground, I sat on the waiting bench at the bus stop as I started taking off my shoes.

I had missed the feeling of my barefoot on these familiar grounds, and I wouldn’t want my shoes to get dirty since these were the only pairs I had.

I started walking forward on the road as I was carrying my things at the same time.

“-in! Cain! over here!” a very friendly and hoarse voice yelled, the voice came from one of the workers in the farmland.

“We’re going to harvest the tree’s later!! we could use some help!” I smiled and nodded, she waved back excitedly as she returned to do her work, I think she turned 53 the other day.

I then walked away as I kept being greeted and of course I greeted back, everyone welcomed me warmly.

Most of us knew each other in this town, it wasn’t small or big, it was just right.

I now stood in front of the entrance gate, nervous, even though I was here every year.

It was our summer break and I always spend my time around here.

“Is that you Cain?!” a shocked voice said.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were arriving this soon?! I could have told Ms. Donly” The head of the staff said to me, her name is Catherine and she’s in her forties, she was one of the people that took care of me when I was younger.

The place where I am right now is the Donly Inn. It’s a Japanese style inn (a ryokan) with a garden as it’s main attraction. There are huge differences with the ones from Japan, but it wasn’t really built to look like the others.

“Come in come in!” Catherine couldn’t handle the overwhelmed feeling she has it seems.

We reached the main entrance, she slid the doors open and pulled me in quickly.

“You stay right there, I have to go to Ms.Donly and tell her you’re here, okay?” she said as she smiled at me.

“Yeah, that sounds good”

“You can put your things down for” she paused, “now” and it was silent for a good 5 seconds.

“CAINNN THE FLOORR” she said a little annoyed.

The floor? What does she mean, I looked down and remembered I was barefoot.

“oh” I say.

“Oh?! you always do this, you’re not a kid anymore, I thought this habit died a long time ago” she says with a small smile.

“I didn’t get to go here last year so I forgot haha” I laugh a little as she gives me a ‘seriously’ look.

She then sighs, “head to your room first, and clean your feet first! ” Catherine says as she left.

I took some wet wipes and cleaned my feet, I carried my things again and headed to my room.

And by room it wasn’t any of the Inn’s rooms but one far from the rest, I had to go to the old part of the building and go through a small set of stairs, I had to crouch now that I’ve grown but it isn’t a problem.

I opened the door and everything was at its proper place, boxes at the corner which were covered by blankets, I had my bed on the other corner, a desk, a little dresser and my window which had the view of the forest and the farmland.

I have to go back down to use the shower and bathroom, but since this part of the building isn’t open until it’s the busy season there won’t be lines.

And I would have easy access to the garden.

As I put my things on the bed I didn’t unpack them yet, I figured I’d do them tonight after I helped outside.

I start going down the stairs and onto the hallway before the garden, as I was about to leave I heard Catherine’s voice.

“Cain! there you are, Ms.Donly is off with a client right now” she said as she panted a little, I guess she ran a little.

“I see.” I then open the garden doors where the flowers bloomed, the forest was at the end of the garden and thorough the forest was a quick way to the place were I have to help them with the first harvest.

“I’ll go now, I’ll be back later” I then started to run towards the forest, I heard one more faint yell from Catherine before I disappeared into the forest, “We have an important guest today!” but that quickly faded in no time as I laughed with joy running through one of my favorite places.

I stopped running as I made it to the field of various trees that had fully grown fruits on it.

I was panting as some sweat dripped off my face.

“Cain, you made it!” it was the elderly woman I was speaking to earlier, her name was Aldin, she’s a beta.

“You shouldn’t tire yourself too much dear” she said as she gave me a pat, “go now, have fun with them” I then headed straight to the orange tree as I loved to pick them the most.

There were not many people my age in the town, it’s mostly people in their 30′s and above, they tend to leave the town and don’t visit for a long time.

As I jumped and grabbed the oranges, I placed them onto the boxes that were prepared, 3/4 of this was going to be delivered and sold while the ones that were left were for us.

“Hey Mister, are you close with grandma Aldin?”

I turn around and see a new face, “Hm? Yes I am, and you are?”

“I’m Sev! I’m her grandson, I’m 15” he said with a smile, “is it your first time here? where’re your parents?” I ask as I also smile back.

“They’re busy with work, so they left me with grandma, but I must say, I like this place more than home!”

“That’s great to hear Sev, well, I’m Cain and this place is my home, I hope you love this place as much as I do” I then pet his head.

“I also want to pick some fruit! Can you help me?” he asks excitedly.

I give it a thought and grab him in my arms as I put him on my shoulder.

he gasps in shock as he tugs my hair, I laugh at his action and proceed to secure him so he doesn’t fall.

he starts to reach for an orange and pulls on it.

“Look, look! I got one!” he shows to me as he holds onto it dearly.

“Your so strong Cain are you an al-” before he could finish his sentence it was cut off.

“Sev! what are you doing?! get down from Cain, he’s not allowed to carry-” i cut Aldin off this time.

“It’s alright Aldin, he’s not that heav-”

“Cain, you’re already tired from your trip here, you can’t do so much this time, but that doesn’t mean you’re useless or helpless-” she explains.

“I said it’s alright Aldin, I’m not so fragil-”

“Cain... don’t you dare give me that talk again, your outside may not look like it, but you are still an ome-!” I sigh.

“I said it’s alright!” I raise my voice, “this conversation is gonna go in circles like last time, can we just finish harvesting these?”

“Fine, if that’s what you want Cain, I apologize”

She then turns to leave, I then suddenly hear sniffles.

I looked at Sev, who I was still carrying, and he was crying.

“I-I’m so-sorry, Ca-in” he says as his tears start falling.

I put him down on the ground, “Shh sh, it’s alright Sev, it’s not your fault Aldin was just worried okay?” I give him a hug.

“How about this, when you get home, you can go tell Aldin that I allowed you to come visit me at my place” he stops crying and the hug breaks.

“really?” he asks, I chuckle a little, “really”

he turns away from me and leaves, “Grandmaaaa let’s go homeee” he starts looking for her.

What a nice kid.

The sun started going down as it started raining, I was still halfway home.

The paper bag that had oranges and apples in it broke due to it getting wet, so what I did was turn my shirt in a little sack, like a kangaroo, I chuckled to myself with that thought.

half my shirt was now being used like that, as I was now soaking wet under the rain.

I made it through the forest and I now saw the garden with the lights on.

I ran across it so I could finally take cover, I reached the 3 feet ledge of the black wooden floor, it seems they took the stairs since it started to rain.

I then hopped on the floor as I started taking the fruits off one by one, but when I was halfway done I heard someone clear their throat.

I looked to my left and saw another new face, it was a man, we looked into each other’s eyes for a quick second, I started to panic a little, so I hurriedly picked up the fruits back onto me.

The door slides open.

“Cain?” Miss Donly, “What’re you” she stops and then looks at me up and down as I was kneeling on the floor picking up the fruits.

I quickly got behind her.

“Are you alright Cain?” she says, trying to reassure me, “I think he saw me, He saw me” the panic came back, someone saw me in such an appearance.

“Who might this be?” The man’s voice made me shiver.

I hated my body being seen, and he saw it cause my shirt was wet.

“It’s no one Sir Rowling.” she says.

“Then why does it look like you’re protecting him?”

She glances at me, and mouths ‘go now’

and I run, I run back to my room still in my wet clothes, I take them off and put new ones on quickly as I hide under my sheets, the floor was now a complete mess as I threw my things on the floor in panic.

I messed up.

why am I making this so complicated?

I started rocking myself slowly, and I slowly fell asleep.


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