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This is What Makes Us Girls

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"Slit his throat. I don't want his nasty ass blood on my hands," she ordered before tossing the blade and walking to her man. Alexi proudly opened his arms for Queen to embrace him. She gladly sat in his lap as he brought her in for a warm squeeze. Alexi rocked her back and forth in his arms, making her calm already. "You've just done something very bad," he said, lifting her head out of his chest. "Good girl."

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Chapter 1

"Imagination is the queen of truth, and possibility is one of the regions of truth. She is positively akin to infinity."
— Charles Baudelaire


"Queenie, hurry up and bring the beauty!" My friend, Carmen, shouted from downstairs.

They're ready for the day to begin. I've always had a bad habit of being fashionably late. Although, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Looking in the mirror at the final product, I am no longer upset at how early I had to wake up to try on fifty different outfits.

I ended up choosing a burgundy, satin dress that stopped with a slit just above my knee. I love wearing clothes that make my legs stand out. I'm also not against a little cleavage either. It's a miracle that my breasts aren't showing in this low cut masterpiece.

After admiring myself for a bit longer, I went downstairs to see the real beauties.

As I neared the bottom of our floral staircase, my two girls gaped up at me.

"Goodness," Pretty breathed out. "you certainly are the queen."

Ah, Pretty. A vision of perfection.

Her skin was dark, golden, and silky smooth. Her voice was heaven. Her wit was unmatched.

The moment she was born and her father locked eyes with her, he saw the prettiest brown eyes staring back at him and thus the name.

And boy does she live up to it well.

Carmen was also in awe, although I was more in awe of her.

She had long, slender legs. Her bouncy red curls reached her shoulders. Her naturally pouty lips could make anyone stop and stare.

One thing we will all always have in common is that we will always adore other.

"My my," Pretty started, making me excited. "who's that girl with the pretty red dress?"

I giggled and fluffed my hair a bit. "Why, it's me, Queenie! The world says that I'm the best!"

Pretty strutted dramatically, preparing us for her line. "Well the best needs besties! They test you, they test me!"

"You're an absolute sweetie. You have to be Pretty!"

Pretty smirked, laying her hands on her chest. "Yes, Pretty, that's me. I am the cutest queen bee. But who is the princess as sexy as can be-"

"With those hazel eyes, red hair, white teeth-"

"Oui oui baby, it's me, Carmen! I leave a trail of broken hearts and the parents all scarred," she finished with a wink.

I snickered, whispering, "...which is why they kicked her out."

Pretty immediately began cackling as Carmen gasped.

"You're a witch for that!" she exclaimed as she playfully gave me a shove.

Her being kicked out was actually under some quite tragic circumstances. However, we've all decided to joke about our traumas rather than mope about them.

"Hey, don't wrinkle the dress! Speaking of dresses, turn around. I wanna see what my girl is going to use to make heads turn today."

"Oh, of course!" she agreed before giving me a little slow spin.

She's rocking a tight, dark blue dress that shows off just the right amount of cleavage and stops right above her knee with a slit going up to her thigh.

I love how we have the same mind.

"You look absolutely breathtaking," I complimented before turning to my Pretty. "Your turn."

She cleared her throat with a cheeky grin before spinning slowly, giving me a full 360 as well.

Pretty is wearing a tight, lilac purple tank top that also shows off her cleavage and doesn't even reach her belly button with a denim mini skirt that stops right below her bum.

I guess we all have a thing for cleavage.

"Simply stunning," I told her, full of admiration.

I've been blessed with them.

"Honey, look at those glasses!" Pretty pointed out on my face. "There's nothing sexier than a woman who can't see!"

Carmen nodded, holding an invisible microphone to my face. "Yes, Queen, what is your prescription?"

I gave them both a smirk as I sat in silence, building up anticipation.

Once I had them on the edge of their seats, I finally graced them with an answer.

"...I'm nearsighted..."

That was the breaking point for all of us as we broke down in laughter.

This is us. There's hardly ever a dull moment and hardly ever a frown. Just how we like it.

"Girls!" Carmen finally breathed out. "We've got to get to school."

I allowed myself one last giggle as I checked the time. "Carmichael is here, right?"


We gathered our belongings and proceeded to skip outside to our limo driver.

Oh? I didn't mention that we're rich?

Since my late grandfather was an extremely successful fashion designer and I was his favorite, he left me most of everything he had, including his mansion.

I didn't really want to move into that big ole place and my parents were too fond of the memories in my childhood home, so they stayed and I bought a house for me and my girls!

I can afford to give us the life we've always wanted.

"Good morning, Carmichael!" We all greeted in unison to which he replied with a tip of his hat.

"Good morning ladies! You all took an awfully long time coming out. Am I correct to assume you were playing your little song game?"

I chuckled, playfully rolling my eyes before getting into the vehicle after Carmen. "You're just jealous."

He grinned a bit and shut the door, getting into the drivers seat.

"Of what, miss?"

Carmen shrugged with a coy grin. "That you and your friends don't love eachother," she answers.

Pretty smacked her teeth with a smile threatening to poke out. "Y'all be quiet! I'm certain that behind closed doors, him and his buddies are total sweethearts," she said to defend him.

Carmichael eyes gleamed at her through his little mirror. "Well nobody's sweeter than you, Pretty."

Pretty bit her lip to hide her smile as she turned away sheepishly.

Carmichael quickly became our friend when we hired him, but he and Pretty have had the hots for eachother since day one.

Apparently I'm not the only one who saw Pretty's blush due to Carmen's wolf whistle immediately after.

Carmichael put the car in drive and laughed to himself. "God, I love you girls."


"See you tomorrow, ladies," Carmichael said with a final tip of his sat as we stepped up to the double doors at the back of the campus.

We would never walk in like regulars.

We all said our goodbyes as Carmen got comfortable.

"Let's wait about ten minutes before going in. The teacher will be speaking, so all eyes will be up front!"

Pretty pats her on the back, loving the energy. "You're right! I'm a sucker for attention," she exclaimed, pulling Carmen close.

I hummed as I checked my makeup in my phone’s camera, reminding me of something.

“Girls, is today a camera kind of day?”

Sometimes we like to wear little cameras on our clothes to capture memories. Pulling our cellphones out to record can be such a hassle.

Pretty gasped, scavenging through her purse. “Of course! I have a good feeling about today!”

She searched through her purse for a few more moments before taking them out.

"Here,” Pretty said, attaching one to the top of my dress. “Carmen, test it out."

Carmen nodded her head with determination before leaning down to my breasts. "Hii!" She began making kissy faces into the camera.

Pretty looked at the footage on her phone and snickered. "We're good!" she exclaimed, giving her and Pretty their own.

Suddenly, a small black car creeping up to the curb distracted us from our conversation.

Pretty leaned into us and whispered, "who's that?"

No one ever comes to this part unless they’re delivering packages.

My eyes narrowed at the suspicious looking vehicle creeping up to the side.

"Aye," I called out to my girls. "get ready to box."

Carmen and Pretty both silently agreed as they tried not to look so suspicious, making sure to look like unsuspecting victims.

That's usually what we do before we attack.

And trust me, it happens a lot.

Suddenly a girl wearing a yellow headband in her jet black hair, her headband perfectly matching with the color of her sunflower dress, got out and waved at the driver before the driver drove off.

The girl didn’t seem to notice us as she looked up at the large building with fear etched across her pretty face.

"I think she's new,” I said quietly to my girls.

Carmen cooed, resting her hands on her chest. "Aww! Fresh out of the oven!”

Pretty examined her as well. "Yeah, she's a cute little thing isn't she?"

Carmen and Pretty are 5'10 with me being 5'7 and the girl seemed to be around 5'3 or 5'4.

Maybe this could be my chance to be one of the tall ones...

I strutted over to the girl and watched as the poor thing jumped a little upon my presence.

"Sorry! I- I didn't see you coming,” she apologized with her head down.


I quickly brushed it off in hopes of making her more comfortable. "No worries. You must be new here."

"Yeah.. I was homeschooled for the last six years in Colorado."

"So you're kinda fresh to the whole school thing, huh?" She nodded and I smiled, holding out my hand. "I'm Queen. You can call me Queenie."

She muttered something but I couldn’t quite understand. I gently tilted her head up so I could hear her better. "What was that?"

Her eyes grew wide as they finally laid eyes on me. Almost as though she was in a trance.

"I- I'm Lolita."
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