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Pheobe is an event coordinator and a well known fashion designer around the country in all over the Asia. While, Anton is a CEO of Jewelry Company and being a photographer is just his hobby.

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Chapter 1

Pheobe Marie Alvarez is an event coordinator who was already divorced to her ex-husband.

She became an event coordinator because it was their family business. Or her mother's hobby, I should say.

In her high school days, she wants to be a lawyer. But when she went to college, she decided to follow her mom's foot steps. Especially when she met her husband that turned to be her ex-husband now because her husband cheated on her and had a child to his girlfriend and he divorced her because of that.

But then after they separate, she chose to be a an event coordinator. She also became a fashion designer which make her more known in their country and to other countries.

Her relatives told her that Ran is just a hindrance to her dreams. But she doesn't want to bad mouth his ex-husband, because in the eyes of God, he still loved her. He still once became her husband. It's just that Ran isn't faithful to her. Even though it breaks her heart seeing the man he married and loved in the old day, happy with his new family now, she's still happy for him. Because he found what he deserves. He found what's better for him.
But she knew, that there's something happened she can't remember after the cheating incident.
She is busy drafting her designs for long gowns when her phone rang. She immediately picked it up when she saw it was her secretary.

" Ma'am, we just received a call and they want to talk to you personally. " her secretary said over the phone.

" Okay, I'll be there in three. " she said and fixed her things on the table before she left her office to attend her new clients.

When she is already near to the VIP room, she can already hear some familiar voices.

And when she opened the door, a loud laughter evaded her ears. That is when she saw her ex-husband and her bestfriend together with their two children.

Her heart warmed a bit on what she just witnessed. Especially when the two kids came to her just to hugged her. She hugged them back and caressed their hair.

" We missed you, momo! " the kids said. She smiled and answered them.

" I miss you too, both. " she said and lightly pinch their nose.

" Are you not surprised that we are here? " suddenly her bestfriend, Marina asked.

She looked at her and raised her right eyebrow and went to her then she lightly pulled her hair.

" I am, of course. You just made a noise here in my building. " she tsked then glared at Ran.

" What? " Ran slightly chuckled.

" What brings you here together with the kids? You know I can't work when they are with me because I will choose to just play with them! " she hissed at the parents.

" No, we will not stay long. " Marina said that made her furrow.

" Then what? " she asked and looked to the kids direction.

" We are here to do a reservation? Rana's 18th birthday. " my eyes widened when I realized what's the month today. Then the gown I just sewed last week!

" Damn. Thank you for reminding me that, Marina. I already finished her gown which is my gift for her. " I said, still in shock that I forgot about that freaking important event!

" The hotel is on me, but you should pay for the coordination of course, it's not free. " I said and went to the couch to sit there. My legs are already tired standing in front of them.

" Pheebs, you don't really need to do this, I am already ashamed of-"

" Cut it, if you don't want me to take back your husband. " I cutted her words jokingly.

He slightly bow down her head and said sorry.

" Just forget about our past, Marina. Look, you already have two kids now, don't be sorry repeatedly because I already forgave the two of you. I accepted already the fact that we are not mean to be together, look? You have a perfect family. " I said and pushed Ran beside her to hugged her.

Ran glared at me and Marina just chuckled.

I didn't resent them. Maybe once when I learned that they are cheating on me. But I let it go after that. In fact, I am still thankful because I found my self. Especially right now, I am happy that Ran and I has a closure. I am happy that we have a good relationship. The kids knows me and they love me like one of their parents.

Unlike others, they would just cursed at them until the end.

Rana's 18th birthday came. Pheobe is busy assisting her staff for coordinating the events. All she have to do now is to look for the photographer. She needs to talk to the photographer to tell them what they're going to do. She need to stick with the photographer especially when shooting the debutant's pictures.

She went to Ran to asked him where the photographer is. Ran pointed a direction and she look at the direction.

She immediately went to the direction that Ran pointed and poke the man's shoulder to catch his attention.

The man's chiseled chest blocked her sight. Then her eyes drifted on the man's adams apple when that man slightly swallowed and spoke.

She's sure she can't hear what's the man talking. She is shock witnessing her own body reacting in that simple body moves. He blinked twice to overcome herself and she immediately went back to her reverie.

She swallowed hard and she hold her purse tightened.

She looked up to see the man's face and her eyes widened when he remember the face.

As Anton entered the entrance of a hotel where the venue of a debut event, he surveyed the whole place. As he survey the whole place, his eyes caught a familiar face assisting some of the event coordinator's staff.

He clearly remember that face. The only difference now is, she doesn't look sad anymore. He can clearly remember her talked to him like they knew each other, but they're not. Coz she said when she opened her problem to him, it is better talking to a stranger, because the stranger won't judge her.

He went to his place where he is going to fix the cameras. He called his assistant to help him fixing the camera and the lightnings.

But he can't refuse to look at her direction. In fact, he didn't expect that he will see her here.

Somehow, he became alive. He doesn't know why.

After looking for her for years, they will just meet here, in an event.

When he looked for the woman, she is walking to a man's direction that made his brows furrowed. He shook his head and focus on what he is doing.

Maybe, she and her husband already fixed their problem. He said in his mind and heaved a sigh.

When he's already done fixing the camera, someone poke his shoulder that caused him to look beside him. That is when he saw the woman he is looking since earlier.

He slightly swallowed because he didn't expect that the woman will come to her. It is like the heaven heard him.

" Do you still remember me? " he asked the woman. But it looks like the woman didn't heard him. He saw her blinked twice and looked up at him.

He confusedly look at her for her reaction. She looked like she saw a ghost. He smiled to her but his smile turned into grim line when she spoke.

" I-it's you..." the woman said and covered his mouth.

To be continue......

I am so sorry for the typos and grammatical errors. I am not used in writing an English story that is why...This is my first time here, actually.

Thank you for reading!!! Follow me for more stories!!!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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