The Perfect Mirror

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This story is about Jasper, an 18-year-old boy who just broke up with his boyfriend. (He's supposed to go on a 'life-changing journey', but I don't really have that down yet). It's currently unfinished. I will probably not update, like, ever, so you can create your own ending, cause I probably won’t. Lol. And I would also love feedback! Lots of feedback!

Romance / Drama
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The Perfect Mirror

I’m nervous. But I have to go through with this. I can’t take it anymore, the neglect and all the empty promises. I walk through me and Ajax’s shared room and lock the door behind me. “Hey, Ajax?” I start.

“Yeah?” he replies absentmindedly, staring at his phone. He let out a laugh at something funny. He can’t even bother to look at me when I talk to him.

“I think we should break up.” This wipes the grin from his face and makes him look up.

“Oh... Ok, then, if you want to.” He doesn’t even put up an argument! Doesn’t try to stop it. I feel as if my heart can’t breathe, and my throat and chest constrict. but I tell myself to stop it. I wanted this.

Sounds keep coming from his phone, and I half expect him to look at it, but he doesn’t. We stare at each other for a few seconds before he asks, “Why? Did I do something wrong?”

Angry at his really stupid question which he should know the answer to, I blurt out, “Everything. You did everything wrong. You have no idea how to be a boyfriend. You ignore me unless I force you to talk to me, and you spend more time with your phone than me. You never want to hang out, and you keep promising you will, but you don’t. You act more like a friend than a boyfriend. I don’t think you ever made the transition. I-” But I stopped as soon as I allowed myself to look at his face. It was filled with shock, which was now turning into hurt. I couldn’t stand it. I turned around and ran.

I ended up in the car, the keys in my hand. Where should I go? I definitely can’t stay here. Not even in this town. I put the keys into the ignition.

I open the door to a breakfast diner. During the morning’s events, I had forgotten to eat. The diner was pretty crowded, but I glimpsed an empty table at the back.

I was just about to sit down when I looked up and realized that a red-haired teenager looking my age was about to do the same. As I realized this, so did he. He lifted his head up and opened his mouth to apologize. I noticed his eyes were a dark brown.

“I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t know this was your table.” I myself didn’t even know if it was my table. We had both headed for it because the rest of the places were taken. So I suppose it would be fair if we both shared it.

“It’s ok,” I reassured him. “We can share it if you like.”

“Really?” he asked, looking immensely relieved. “Thanks!” As we sit down and he gestures for a waiter, we introduce ourselves. “My name’s Phoenix,” he says.

“And mine’s Jasper.”

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