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Fire Chronicles Book 1 Luna

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Luna is a young girl of 16 she loves her adopted family dearly...what no one knows is Luna is a werewolf and her family are vampires what will happen when they find out Luna is the Mate to the new alpha of one of the most blood thirsty vampire hating packs out there? The Nyx pack...

Romance / Fantasy
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New School New Student

I was rudely awoken from my sleep as my older brother Fang, banged on the door. "WAKE YOUR ASS UP LUNA YOUR GONNA BE LATE!!" I rolled my eyes and rolled off the bed and got up. I walked over to my closet and put on my go to outfit. A AC/DC t-shirt a black hoodie and ripped jeans. It took me a bit to find my boots but I got them on. I looked in the mirror at my dark green eyes and blinked and they glowed for a bit. "Luna are you decent?" I heard Fang ask, "Yea yes come in" I roll my eyes as fang walks in his crimson red eyes looking everywhere and then he walks to me. "You look like a emo" he said as he pulled my black and white ombre hair into a braid. "Do I? I thought I looked cool and you are dressed the same way "twin"" I said with a laugh as he rolled his eyes. Me and Fang are supposed to be twins even though he's over 116 and I'm only 16. Yup that's right I'm raised by a family of vampires. Nice huh? Am I one? Oh no I'm a werewolf. One with no wolf form I'm afraid though. The one thing that makes it believeable that we are twins is the fact that he dyes his hair with a white streak. After he helped me with the braid he lead me to the kitchen where our mom Eclipsa was making breakfast as our dad Astire was drinking from his coffee cup. I could smell the blood from here. "Are you two serious?!? Your both dressed like your going to a funeral?!?" Mom sighed as she rubbed her temple "School might as well be" me and Fang said in unison. We do that a lot which helps the lie we live...because no one can know we exist we move towns ever two years. Or however long it takes for us to be somewhat caught. Our dad laughed as he put his cup down. "Come on you two school isn't that bad." Me and Fang looked eachother in the eyes then at mom and dad. "Liers you didn't have to go to school in over 400 years" we once again said in unison.
Mom and Dad just blinked and laughed at us. I grabbed my bag of food and Fang grabbed his water bottle of kool aid and we walked out to the car. "Fang?" "Yea Lu?" I rolled my eyes at the nickname he knows I hate. "What happens if we you know get caught?" I heard Fang sigh as he turned on the car, "We won't get caught if you keep your anger in check. We don't want people knowing your eyes glow" "THAT WAS ONE TIME AND THE GUY WAS ASKONG FOR IT" I glares out the window as I heard Fang laugh long and hard. "So your going for track with me this year?" I could hear how hopeful he was to bad I have to ruin it. "It would be odd if the chubby girl could keep up with a jock" I heard Fang's gasp of shcok before he said a word. "YOU ARE NOT wellll your kind of chubby your healthy. Yes your HEALTHY and if anyone says otherwise they get the lights knocked out of them." I turned to look at Fabg just in time to see his satisfied smirk. He would enjoy knocking someone out again over my weight. My family never really liked the idea of me being thin even when I was little. I'm not big enough to be fat but no way near thin enough to be skinny but I was happy and loved myself none the less. "Ok so what are the rules?" I sighed and rolled my eyes as I counted the rules off of my fingers, "No lasting friendships, can't tell anyone what we are, no dating, study hard, do not get in fights, and most of all if you smell a wolf run"

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