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Fire Chronicles Book 1 Luna

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The Preps and Us

As soon as Fang and I got into the school it was hetict. I mean like everyone was running this way and that and me being a bit short I'm 5'3 Fang is 6'3, I'm used to being dragged around in the crowd. Unless my brother actually saves my ass and drags me around. So to prevent my dumbass getting dragged around I grabbed on to Fangs arm as he begins his walk. The crowd parts to give him space, Fang has always had a way to scare people away. I personally think it's because they can tell that are not human. Well him more than me. "You good Lu?" I looked up at Fang confused. "You weren't answering my questions" I shake my head and grip tighter. "I'm good new school new Preps and shit" Fang laughed at that. "Did you have to put them in a category?" I huffed a bit annoyed, "Yes I did. I mean they all look preppy act preppy and honestly think they are better than us. So yea I call them preps." Fang sighed and lead me into the office door. "Oh you two must be the new student's....twins right?..." The woman looked at us confused from Fangs red eyes, tall and pale skin to my vibrant green eyes and sun kissed skin. "Yup she prefers to read in the sun and she has our grandfather's eyes. Is there a problem?" The womans eyes widened and she shook her head. "N-no no no no I was just confused I'm so sorry so what are your names?" Me and Fang shrugged. "Fang and Luna NightWalker." The woman was mumbling as she was tucking her red hair behind her ears. "Got it Im afraid you two don't have many classes together. You have the third and lunch period together though. Here you go." The woman handed us our papers and two maps of the school. I read mine as it was Math I Science II and Engkish IIII. I stopped reading to look at my brothers and he rolled his eyes at all advanced classes. I gave him a good smack and he rolled his eyes again as the woman looked at us oddly. "Come on Lu we gotta go." I rolled my eyes and walked out we were a bit quiet as we walked until we met where we are supposed to part. "Hey...I know we won't be here for long but...make a friend besides me you can keep in contact with them...you need to socialize it's in your nature..." I look up at Fang and he looked down at me a bit sad. "But...Luca.." Fang smiled sadly at the mention of our dead brother. Fang gave me a hug before he ran up the stares to his first class, leaving me alone in the hallway. I walked to the door and had my hand on the handle I had a odd feeling about actually walking in. So I took a deep breath in and walked in as I was breathing out. I looked around at all the people there and they stares back. I look near the front of the desk and Gods be damned there they are the school preps. Or popular group whatever you want to call them. I walked over to the teacher and handed him my paper. "Miss NightWalker?" I bpdy head at the name. The teacher looked at me long and hard, "Go take a seat over there and don't make much noise." He pointed at one of two empty seats behind the Preps. I swear to the gods I'ma get in a fight day one class one if the preps so much as TRY to piss me off. So I walked with a smile to the one chair by the window and sat there and prepared to read. I could hear the scoffs from the girl infront of the empty chair. That's when the smell hit me. Like fresh new books and the Forrest with Mom's homemade chicken. I was highly confused something could smell so damn good so I looked up and my eyes were met the icy blue ones. I examaned him to see he's as tall as my brother his hair was a Sandy blonde, and when our eyes locked they went from the hard icy blue to a pretty saphire blue. I heard the same girl who scoffed basically squik saying. "Nico Nico my love we have a seat right here for you" I don't know why I tasted sour in my mouth when she said my love I just shrugged it off and cracked open my history book and note book. The chair next to me was pulled away and the scent grew stronger and then the scent was right in my nose. "Hey" I ignored the voice even though it sounded so soothing, especially when said prep leader started to talk about their next date. I scoffed at that and kept writing my notes. "At least my hair isn't dyed weird" I looked up at her and blinked her blonde hair looked fake the roots are brown and her eyes are ur contacts. I sighed knowing Fang was gonna have a feild day with how fast I roasted someone already. "Look rip off Barbie at least I make sure my"dye" is good and not with everyone seeing your roots"-the group gasped and the leader looked pissed but I kept going, "At least my eyes are actually green and not a dark brown with blue contacts that are so cheap you can see them from behind the class. Honestly though if your gonna start something make sure you can finish it. Without losing" I went back to writing my notes when I heard a deep chuckle from Nico the guy next to me. "I'm Nico" he said holding out his hand. I ignored him I already had my fun of the day. He didn't seem to happy but I could care less I have a lot of things to do. Get good grades not get in fights aaand not find my mate very very hard things indeed. I laughed at my own thoughts and looked over to see Nico with a wistful look on his face. As soon as the bell rang I was out of there. I walked to my next class and there they were except the girl I talked back to was being lovey dovey with Nico. I took deep breaths and walked to my seat. That class passed sort of easy I could feel Nico's eyes on me and that one girls glare. As soon as that bell rang I bloted and right into Fangs chest. I looked up at him with a smile and he laughed "What did you do to bolt already?" He held my hand and I was about to answer when we heard a growl one that was full of possision and one that I indeed thought was hot but with a look from Fang knew that it was a wolf. We turned around and there is Nico looking absolute pissed. I blinked hella confused as Fang's grip tightens.
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