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Fire Chronicles Book 1 Luna

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Nico Nyx POV

I woke up same as usual with my alarm blaring AC/DC "Back in black". I got up looked in the mirror and my wolf Nick was excited for some reason. I decided to ignore it and got dressed. I walked out to meet my parents I'm a photo copy of them. "NICO dear do you think today is the day?"
I rolled my eyes at my mother, "I don't think I'll find my mate besides Sophie is my girlfriend and will be the Luna of the pack." I could see the anger in my mother's eyes while my father shook his head. "How would you feel if you saw your mate with another man?" I looked at him confused, "But I don't have one I would of met her if I did." My mother sighed. She was tired of having to talk me out of stuff. I got my food and left to my truck and drove to the school.
I don't care what anyone has to say I made my choice. Or so I thought because as soon as I entered my class I smelt the most amazing smell. Like the Forrest after it rains, and home made Chili. So I searched for the scent until my eyes met beautiful emerald green ones. I decided to exam her better while Nick was already screaming "MATE MATE MATE" in my head. Her hair was in a braid black and white ombre she was stunning...and then I heard Sophie the issue I have now. I sat next to my mate. I was getting ready to intrudce myself to win her over when Sophie made a awful mistake...
She started talking about our DATES. This woman is done for when I got the chance...I heard my pretty mate scoff at something Sophie said then Sophie glares at her. "Look rip of Barbie, at least I make sure my "dye" hair is good and not let anyone see your roots" I gasped along with the rest of the pack, but my mate was not yet done. "At least my eyes are natrually green while your wearing cheap ass blue contacts to cover your dark brown eyes contacts that can be seen from the back of the class." I smiled at her and watches as she was in her own thoughts. I heard her laugh and I wished I could know what it was about. "I'm Nico" I held my hand out and she ignored it.
As soon as the bell rang she was gone I took the short cuts to the class and sat down. Sophie was being all lovey dovey I wanted to end it here and now and then my mate walks in. She rolled her eyes and sat down at class I was watching her the entire time. No mater how hard Sophie begged for my attention. By the time class ended which was torture for me I ran to see my mate bump into a male...a vampire male...she looked so happy to see him that's when my father's words replayed in my head...and I lost my cool and growled. I watched as they them to me and I growled louder as the vampire tightens his hold on my mate...MY MATE
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