Letters to Eve

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That once you were loved.

Open my windows to the world.

Let me see across the street.

To tomorrow.

Coming events.

December love how are you to know me?

Snow make footprints for me to follow.

Show me the way to find completeness in this world.

Clear a path for me.

Plow or hand me a shovel.

Sidewalk carry me to someone, my someone.

I’ve fallen.

Tripped on a crack.

Pick me up.

Hold me.

Let me share.

Share with me.

Let us be here.

Us complete.

Bedtime comes late for me.

Of days and nights running over each other.

I’ve ridden the dreamscape.

Through closets.




And sky.

I think I’ll just close my eyes and crawl alone again into bed.

Yesterday I thought I’d call today.

Walk with me a while.

The lights reflected.

Are beautiful.

In your eyes.

Even more so.

Why can’t I move?

Why do I hesitate for tomorrow.

Help me.


To try.

Can I hold you in the snow?

Can we run together?

Can we keep warm in each other?

Can the white snow blanket us as we sleep through this long cold winter?



Before us.




First make it work today.

If it is so.

It will make

Itself tomorrow .

By both.

Or none at all.

Minutes of eyes.

Have turned into hours of gaze.

Days of dreams.

Eyes are wet.

I need.

I am alone.

Movie ends.

Love lost.

Life ends in a second.

Emotions swell.

In the instant of knowing.

That once you were loved.



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