Letters to Eve

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Rows of clouds upon the horizon tell me tomorrow has come.

The sounds around me tell me of the hour.

My heartbeat again tells me of the distance between.

Scream the sun hello.

Cry it goodbye.

Sit in its light in between.

To sit is not my ambition.

It is a pleasant situation when I allow myself to take it though.

Not my permanent position that is for certain by no means.

Sit try to relax your being.

Let it be.

Let your mind wander.

I could tell you a story in a moment if you do what I say.

I say.

See me.

See, the idea is that you create words for my life that you will remember when I am gone.

What will you say you saw in my eyes?

Will it matter in your life then?

I would like to read your writings.

Will you ever get near enough?

To see what is there for you.

Could you and I ever write down our words for each other in a place that we would be sure to find them?

Or will our eyes wander lost forever.

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