Letters to Eve

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Between our eyes.

Have I ever mentioned it to you.

As to how.

And why.

I am dead?

If so.

Tell me.

For I seem to have forgotten.

For the present.

Is so good.

I do not want to remember.

Yesterdays past.

Or tomorrows to come.

If they are only to be repetitions.

Of past lives.
Dimly lit.
Times alone.

And again.

If the sun fails to come up tomorrow.

Let me instead see you.

Your eyes have me.

The wholeness of he rperson makes me.


Hold my arm.

Keep me as a friend to with.

Be my company.

For you are good for me.
Let me stay love.
If you have it.

Lately I have been too alone.

With my mind.

It asks about you constantly.

It tells me.
Tell her.
Did I?

Or were the words suspended.


Between our eyes.

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