Letters to Eve

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Come burn my eyes.


Come burn my eyes.

She is not here.

It is still night inside my head.

Opening my eyes again.

I see that night has passed.

A new day has arisen out of my shadows.

Light streams in as I sit here speaking to you.

Wondering if this new day will bring anything more than another night.

Will daylight.
Upon daylight.

Be the only change in our world?

What will you see the daylight?

But you are you still.


Upon waking I sit.


Am I really awake.

Or only now just slipping into slumber?

Awake love.
Call on me.
Let me be with you.
Let me help you.
Let us at the same time.


Be happy.

Have you ever been needed?

Not selfishly wanted.

Truly needed.

When will you see what you are?

When will I?

Let it be soon.

For we may be gone tomorrow from each other.

We may find ourselves apart.

Or not at all.
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