Igniting the Wild Sparks, Book 3

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Chapter 10

“Hadley!” I hear Rod yell.

Followed by the metallic thud of his bat, he races over, nearly falling on top of me. “Oh, God! I’m sorry!”

Vaguely, between my moans, I hear Morgan shout amid the other pounding feet approaching. Val squats next to me. “Babe, can you move?”

“No, it hurts,” I cry and wheeze.

Rod rubs my arm. “Jesus! I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“Becks!” My favorite nickname, coming from that voice.

I lift my head to see Finn sliding into the dirt next to me. Everyone parts to give him room. “You’re here,” I rasp, and he takes my hand.

“Yeah, baby, I’m here. I just got to the field. Where’d the ball hit you?”

“My right side.”

Val strokes my forehead. “I think you should go to the hospital.”

“I just need a minute.” A wave of dread washes over me.

This is my Easter nightmare.

I bring my hand up from my stomach but don’t see blood. “Am I bleeding?”

Finn gently raises my pink shirt, and my coworkers peer down at my bare stomach. I would try to hide, but the pain is too much to be modest.

He says, “No, but you have a big red spot already turning purple. I’m taking you to the hospital. Now.


Rod hovers at my knees. “Hadders, listen to Wilder. This is all my fault, and if something happens to you because of it, I’ll hate myself. The hospital is just three or four blocks away.”

Finn squeezes my hand tighter. “You could have internal injuries or a broken rib. We’re going.” He doesn’t sound open to negotiations, but I try anyway.

“I’m fine.” I slowly sit up, but the pain starkly radiates, and I fall back into a heap. Before I argue more, Finn lifts me from the ground and cradles me against him. I lay my head against his dark blue T-shirted shoulder and hold my stomach as he carries me to his car.

He asks, “Do you want to lie down, or are you okay sitting up?”

“I can sit up. I don’t want to get your car dirty.” I sniff as he pulls his key out of his pocket and unlocks the doors.

“I don’t care.” Opening the passenger door, he slowly lowers me into the seat. He puts on my seatbelt, and I slump forward.

He gets in and starts the car, rapidly shifting gears and peeling out of the parking lot.

The pain subsides slightly when I foresee him crashing into someone. “Finn, slow down! I’m not dying.”

“Don’t worry about my driving.” He makes a sharp turn, and I screech. He mutters, “Sorry.”

I glare at his handsome profile, but he doesn’t turn to look at me. “You’ll get pulled over!”

He laughs but doesn’t take his eyes off the road. “My best friend is a cop, and I know a ton of his coworkers. I’ll get out of it.”

“You’re a cocky bastard.”

He smoothly downshifts and puts on his turn signal, before looking at me with a subtle smirk. “Yep.”

“I’m not that hurt. Just take me home.”


Finn pulls into the hospital’s emergency room parking lot and jumps out of the car as I sluggishly open my door. He lunges, scooping me up before I stand. Shoving the door closed with his foot, he warns, “Don’t you dare, Becks.”

I irritably scoff, “I can walk.”

“Not if you have internal bleeding, you can’t.”

“It’s just a bruise.”

“Humor me, then.”

Finn carries me into the ER’s waiting room and up to the desk, telling them what happened. I again tell him to put me down, but the receptionist speaks to a nurse, who directs us to a room with a gurney. When I broke my wrist, I waited forever. Go figure.

When we go into the room, Finn gently places me onto the bed. The blonde nurse asks what happened to me as she briefly assesses my injury. Finn sits near me, looking nervous.

She grabs a cuff and takes my blood pressure. “Are you pregnant, honey?”

I glance at Finn, and his eyes widen in apparent horror. Does he think I’m lying to him? It’s not something I could hide for long anyway.

I look back to the nurse. “No.”

“Is there any chance you could be?”

“No. I just had my period.”

“Most likely, the doctor will order a CAT scan. That’s why I’m asking.” She tears the cuff off, and the loud, scratching sound rips through my jumbled mind. “Your blood pressure is good, so that’s a positive sign of no bleeding. I’ll get the doctor.”

When she leaves, I smile at Finn. “Hi. Have we met?”

He leans forward, putting his forearms on his legs and clasping his hands together as his forehead wrinkles. “What?”

“We met in this hospital. Out there. Or don’t you remember?” You also held me prisoner here in my nightmare.

“Oh. Yeah, we did.”

I quietly ask, “Are you okay?”

He shakes his head, and dubiously laughs. “Why are you asking me that?”

“Because you look sick, Sparks.”

“I’m worried about you. I’d rather it be me than you.”

“Not me, because then I’d be worried.”

He looks down at the floor and takes a deep breath. Without looking back up at me, he asks, “Why were you at shortstop, Becks, when I specifically said you weren’t playing there?”

I scowl at him even though he doesn’t see me. “Why does it matter now? I’m not pregnant.”

He swiftly glances up. “So? You still got hurt.”

“I could trip and break my other wrist. So I shouldn’t walk?”


“What, Finn? I told you not to give me special treatment. It’s not fair to everyone else.”

He frowns. “I’m not.”

“Oh, really? Would you sit here with Gloria if it were her instead of me?”

“I’d at least be in the waiting room.”

“So, what makes me so different?”

His frown deepens. “You’re really asking me that?”

“I am, coach.”

He rolls his eyes. “Point taken.”

I smile. “So, you’re saying I am special?”

He bites his lip. “I’m saying maybe that ball conked you on the head, and you need a CAT scan there, instead of your stomach.”

“I think you like me.”

“Somewhat.” He sits up, crossing his arms and putting an ankle on his knee. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re not… pregnant.” There he goes again, nearly choking on the word.

I shrug. “I guess. More paperwork.” And a panicked boyfriend.

He irritably rolls his eyes. “That’s not what I mean. That was a hard hit.”

“Yeah. Rod has some swing, doesn’t he?”

“You weren’t paying attention.”

I cock my head, grimacing. “I was. I caught a couple, one in the stomach.”

He glares at me, apparently not liking my jest. “When I got there, you were staring at the ground. Why? What were you thinking about?”

Shrugging, I look at the glossy beige floor. “Nothing. The ball hit me. It happens.”

He hesitates but then says, “Becks, the other night—”

The door opens, and a younger male doctor interrupts us, introducing himself as Dr. Koontz, and right away, examines my stomach. “Does it hurt when I press here?”

“Not so much.”

“What about here?”

I grunt, “Yes.” From my peripheral, I see Finn shifting in his seat, and I hear him sigh.

Dr. Koontz nods. “I don’t think you have internal bleeding, but I want to do a CT scan just to be sure. Did the nurse already ask if you’re pregnant?”

“She did. I’m not.”

“Okay. You’ll have to drink a contrast solution before you have the scan. The nurse will get you started with that.” He smiles and leaves Finn and me sitting in silence. I don’t want to talk about Saturday night in the place we met three years ago.

After I gag down the nasty, sour crap, a large machine rotates around me while I hold my breath through several passes. It’s already been a few hours, and I feel bad Finn is still here. He did the same thing when I broke my wrist, but I didn’t know he had stayed until they released me.

To wait for my results, I’m then wheeled into another small room, where they usher Finn into soon after. He gingerly stands beside the bed, and when the orderly leaves, Finn moves to hang above me, putting his hands next to both sides of my head, staring me down… just like in my dream. Am I suddenly psychic?

The terror settles in my belly, beneath my bruises. Will he say I’m having surgery to sterilize me? Call me a whore? Say he hates me?

I anxiously lick my lips. “W-what?”

His dark eyes fly over my face. “I have to work tonight.”

Calmer, I quickly nod. “Okay. Thank you for staying with me.”

Finn’s uneasy smirk catches my attention. “Where else would I be, Becks?”

I want to look away from him, but I can’t. “I don’t know. Work. Home. Ricky’s. Anywhere but here.”

“I wouldn’t have brought you and just dropped you off.”

“Well, thank you, coach.” I smile, and his gaze drifts down to my lips, leaving me to stare at his eyelashes.

Without looking up, he says, “Uh-huh. How do you feel?”

“Sore, but better after the Tylenol.”

His eyes slowly return to mine as he nods. “Good. Stay at my place tonight?”

“I don’t have any clothes there.”

Finn succinctly frowns, and a gloom passes over his face. “Oh. Right.”

Needing to change the subject, I blurt, “You missed Mass. I’m sorry.”

Shaking his head, he says, “Don’t worry about it. There’s nowhere else I’d be. If I were still out of town, I would’ve come home.” He cautiously inches closer to me, and I’m filled with both anticipation and trepidation—afraid because of what happened Saturday night and in my dream.

Still leaning over me, he licks his lips, which makes me lick mine. Finn moves closer, and his hot breath bathes my lips as his part, and my eyes flutter closed.

“Ms. Beckett?” I jump as Finn moves away but grabs my hand. A female doctor with graying brown hair proclaims, “Your test results are fine. Your liver is okay, just bruised, along with a bruised diaphragm. I want you to refrain from softball for at least a week or until the pain subsides. I’ll prescribe something for the pain, or if it’s not that persistent, take Tylenol. Get some rest, no heavy lifting, and apply ice. You’ll be given aftercare instructions before your release. Any questions?” I shake my head, and she notes my chart as she leaves.

I look up at Finn. “See? I’m okay.”

He casually shrugs, but when he deeply inhales, his tension is evident. “I feel better they checked.”

“I can’t miss our first game, Sparks. I don’t want to do that to my team.”

His fingers stroke mine. “It’s a few weeks away. Don’t worry about the first game. I want you to get better. You need to rest when you get home.”

Smiling, I pull on his hand. “This time, leaving the ER, I’m leaving with you.”

Finn’s responding smile is effortless. “This place holds a special place in my heart.”

My smile widens. “Same here. The ER beds are really comfy.”

He chuckles. “Is that right?”

I beam at his amused face. “It is.” Biting his lip, he teasingly rolls his eyes.

After the paperwork is finished, Finn helps me get dressed, even helping me to put my sneakers on and tying them.

The drive to my apartment is quiet. Between shifting gears, he snugly holds my hand on my lap, lost in his thoughts. Pulling in front of my building, he quickly gets out and jogs over to my side, again bundling me up into his arms. “Sparks, I can walk. I did through the ER when we left.”

“Yeah, but once we were out the door, I didn’t let you walk to the car,” he corrects me with a smile. “I don’t mind.” Finn temporarily sets me down to open the glass door, but sweeps my feet out from under me once more, and walks to the elevator, punching the round, lit button. Looking up at him, he peers down at me as the elevator door opens.

When we reach my door, he digs into his pocket for his key. Suddenly remembering, I tell him, “My car is at the ball field. My purse is in the trunk.”

Finn shakes his head, giving me a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. I’m taking care of it.” Inside my apartment, he leans back against the door to shut it with his shoulder.

I hold tight to him as he carries me through the living room. “I can walk. You’ll be late for work.”

“I’m fine. I have an hour. I can help you to bed.”

“I need to take a shower, so I’m good if you just put me down,” I entreat again, but he continues to ignore me, only putting me down when he reaches my bed.

He straightens. “Can I get you anything?” You.

“No. Just go to work. I’ll be okay.”

Finn shoves his hands into his jeans pockets, and his forehead wrinkles with indecision, I think. “Call me if you need anything.”

I roll my eyes. “You’ll be working. I’m not bothering you.”

“If it’s an emergency, it doesn’t matter. They’ll get me. I’ll tell them this, too.”

“It’s not like they would interrupt your broadcast for some Finnatic or want-to-be girlfriend with a bellyache. I’d call someone else.”

Faster than I comprehend, he traps me between his muscular arms, glaring down at me. “I’ll repeat one more time. Call me if you need me, Becks. I mean it. If I hear you needed me, but didn’t call, I’ll seriously be fucking mad at you. Understood?”

I dutifully nod, nervously entranced by him, again anxious about the similarities of my dream emerging.

Deliberately, he drops closer until we’re nose-to-nose, but then hesitates like he doesn’t know if I want him to kiss me. Oh, I want you to kiss me, Sparks. He briefly closes his eyes, but unexpectedly moves up to kiss my forehead. He mumbles against my hair, “Get better. I… I’ll call you.” Sighing, he stands and leaves my room.

The disappointment is swift, biting, and tight in my chest, rendering the pain in my stomach a welcomed distraction. Why won’t he kiss me? Why can’t he tell me he loves me?

I wipe the fresh tears from my face and curse myself for being a damn crybaby. After a minute, I hear his car roaring to life. Drying my face, I reluctantly get a shower, trying to be as quick as I can so I don’t miss his broadcast. When I’m dressed, I find my phone to see Rod, Morgan, and Val called. A lot. I don’t return any since I’m tired and definitely not in the mood for Rod.

Taking Tylenol, I crawl back into bed and wait for Finn to appear. When he finally does, I notice he looks worn-out. Even his smile isn’t right. It’s halfhearted, and his sexy voice is weary. I did that to him. I feel awful.

“On an end note tonight, today at softball practice, one of my players took a line drive to the stomach. I took her to the hospital, and I’m happy to report she’ll be okay. No internal bleeding, just very bruised. I was worried, but she’s a trooper. So get well, Becks. I’m thinking of you. As always.”Abruptly, Finn’s professional act slips when he bites his lip and looks down from the camera. They go to commercial.

I turn off my lamp and the TV, staring numbly into the darkness.

And then I’m dipping and shaking.

“Becks! Baby, I’m here. Shh. What’s wrong?”

Startled, I jump and roll onto my back, cringing and whimpering from moving too fast. Blinking into the darkness, I see Finn hanging over me again, except this time, the moonlight from the window illuminates one side of his face. Half of his hair is a glowing bronze.

Groggily, I glance at the clock, and sniff, realizing I had cried in my sleep.

He asks, “What happened? Are you in a lot of pain? Do you need to go to the hospital?” He strokes my hair and cheek, his eyes burning bright with concern, even in the half-light.

“I must’ve had a bad dream. Why are you here now, Finn?” Oddly, I cry again, and he moves to get under the sheet with me. His bare legs intertwine with mine as he gently lays his arm over me. He then rests his chin on my shoulder, and his prickly chin rubs my cheek.

Brushing my tears away with his thumb, he says, “I got home from work, and I didn’t want to be there. It’s killing me how much I miss you, Becks. I can’t eat, sleep, or think. And now you’re hurt. I need to be with you.”

“I’m okay.”

“It’s not just that. You’re avoiding me.”

“You don’t return my phone calls.”

“I just… I want to talk about what happened on Saturday.”

I desolately whisper, “You already have.”

He shakes his head, his hair brushing against my forehead. “No, I haven’t. Did you have a nightmare?”

“I don’t know this time. But I’ve had some bad ones.”

“What are they about?”

“You. In them, you’re so mean to me.” My voice catches on a sob, and I roll away from him. However, he moves closer until he’s draped over me.

“What did I do?”

“The worst one was you told me you’d never marry me because I’m just a whore you screw. You forced me to have surgery, so I can’t get pregnant. You said you hated me and wished we’d never met.”

I cry into my pillow, and he says, “Baby, no. Shit, Becks, I know this is about last weekend.”

“Sparks, I told you I get it. It hurts, but I don’t want to fight with you anymore.”

He finds my hand, and his fingers weave between mine. “I say the wrong things. I’m sorry.”

“You found a new low. You mocked me.” I snivel and dry my cheeks with my free hand.

“No, I wasn’t. I was telling you the truth, but you didn’t want to listen. Instead, you took off and left me.”

Intrigued by what he means, I slowly roll to face him, and he lets go of my hand. We both prop ourselves up on our elbows, anxiously staring at each other. The moon casts light, yet leaves shadows over us. I whisper, “It’s not that you don’t want marriage. It’s me you don’t want.” Fresh tears spring as I look down to the bed.

Lifting my chin, he shakes his head and brushes the hair from my cheek. “Baby, no, no, no. It’s not the truth.”

“Then what is the truth, Finn? You have a secret that you tell me all the time. I don’t know what it is.”

He moves his hand down to my hip, his thumb gliding over my skin. He softly says, “I was telling you Saturday, Becks.”

My eyebrows pull together. “I don’t understand.”

“I think you do.”

I sigh. “Why won’t you just tell me? Morgan’s right. You don’t ever give a straight answer.”

Even in the dim light, I see the battle he’s fighting as his eyes dart from me. Licking his lips, he shifts away. “Go to sleep. You had a rough day.”

“You said you wanted to talk.”

He shakes his head. “At least I got to be with you today. I’m just glad I got to the field in time.”

“I’m glad you were there, too. I didn’t want anyone else.” His mouth finally eases into a smile, and I say, “I saw you at work earlier. Were you that worried about me?”

His smile vanishes, and he nods. “You could’ve…”

“No. Even if I were bleeding, they would’ve done surgery, and I would’ve been okay.”

“You don’t know that. It forced me to think about if I lost you. I don’t ever want that.”

Reaching up, I caress his jaw, and his lips part as he quietly stares at me. “Same with you. You’re my Sparks. I miss you. I hate being apart from you.”

His hand still on my hip, he lightly grips my bare skin, his fingers trailing the edge of my underwear. “I don’t, either. Have you come to any conclusions about us?” His throat bobs as he waits for my answer.

“I want you.” But if you turn down my proposal, it’ll change us forever.

“You want me? I’m yours. If you didn’t know it by now, I’m so damn in love with you, Becks Beckett. I always will be.” His fingers slide up and down my hip, and he caustically inhales. “Go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow. You might feel better.”

“I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt so much.” I pick up his hand from my hip and lightly put it over my bruise. “I’m tough.”

“I know you are. I admire that about you, but it also scares me. I love taking care of you.”

I raise a dubious eyebrow. “You, scared?”

Finn averts his gaze, mumbling, “I’m afraid of a lot of things, Becks.”

“Like what?” Eye surgery, kite festivals, dancing, marriage, and fatherhood. I think that sums up Finn Wilder’s phobias.

Looking back at me, he sighs and gruffly says, “Go to sleep.”

“Well, I’m not that strong. You’re my weakness.” I smile at his handsome, but expressionless face. “I’m yours. If you didn’t know it by now, I’m so damn in love with you, Sparks Wilder,” I pilfer his words and slowly move closer to him, our legs still tangled. He feebly gives me a crooked smile. However, his dark eyes are circumspect as he holds onto my hip but leans away from me. Perplexed, I ask, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t want to hurt you by being too close.” He moves his hand off my hip to brush his fingers over the bruise through my T-shirt. Despite the dim moonlight, I see him intently looking up and down my body, and my nipples rigidly respond. I want to feel his lips on me. Anywhere.

“Why don’t you want to kiss me?” I tentatively scoot closer, and I feel what he’s hiding from me.

Finn’s hand leaves my stomach and slides up into my hair, dragging his fingers down through it. “Baby, I want to kiss you, but I won’t stop there.”

We think alike. Slowly, I move my knee up to his erection, and his eyes close. He harshly inhales, before groaning, “Shit. Don’t do that to me.” He tries to pull away from me again, but I cling to his arm and go with him.

Putting my hand on the back of his neck, I caress his skin until my fingers find their usual way into his hair, lightly tugging, and his breath quickens. “I’m okay. Just sore. You’ll have to be gentle with me.”

He shakes his head along with my hand. “Don’t.”

I lean close to his lips without straining my stomach. “What do you want to do with me in our bed?”

His throat rapidly bobs, and his voice is husky. “Becks…” Inhaling his cologne, I bring my hand down to stroke his bottom lip, and he nearly pants, sending chills through me. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. I talked you into it at your mom’s when you didn’t want to take advantage of me. What is it, Sparks?”

He leans closer and urgently whispers, “What I want? I want world peace. What I need? I need to make love to you. To erase those bad dreams and to show you how much I love you.” His hand falls out of my hair and slides down my body, where his fingers dig into my waistband.

I push his hand down into the front of my underwear. “I need you.”

He gasps, and his fingers explore me. He darkly whispers, “Fuck. You’re so wet.”

Hooking my arm around his neck, I tug him to me, and against his lips, I whisper, “You do that to me, Finnigan.”

“Damn it.” Successfully spurred, he yanks down my underwear, his eyes pleading. “I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“I know you won’t.” He removes my underwear, and we both pause, silently staring at each other, his imploring eyes still begging for permission. To end our suffering, I grab his white T-shirt and pull him to me, and he loudly groans as our lips feverishly reunite. We consume each other in a fiery kiss, so overdue.

Finn kneels up but holds himself above me. My hands return to his enchanted hair. Without breaking our kiss, he straddles me and delicately, yet impatiently, lifts my shirt. He then steals his lips from mine, and I watch him kiss my bruise while his fingers slide to my breasts, kneading into each one. His thumbs swirl around my hard nipples that scream for his touch. Like the rest of my body.

He raises his head to say, “I fucking missed these. I haven’t touched them since Easter.”

“They’ve missed you, too,” I purr, loving his hands on me.

Letting go of my right breast, he moves back up over me. My hands don’t leave his hair while he’s vigilant to not put his weight on me. He says, “Behind my sunglasses, I can’t stop staring at your body. Your tits. Your ass. Your smile. Damn, baby. I hide behind a clipboard because everyone would see how you turn me on. You’re so fucking hot, Hadley.”

Shyly smiling at his compliment, I move my hands from his hair, down to his ass, and I squeeze, pushing him against me. He moans, and I say, “And I can’t stop staring at this. Every time you turn your back, I’m enjoying the view, coach.”

I feel his grin on my lips. “So, you’re checking me out? Am I a ten?”

“Maybe a five-point five.” I giggle and trail my hands over his muscled back and up into his hair once more. It’s one of my favorite places to be.

“Baby, you’ll change that score.” He swoops down and pulls my nipple into his mouth, licking and nibbling. I moan, yanking on his hair as I writhe beneath him. His rough goatee scrapes my skin and feels erotic.

He moves to the other one, frantically sucking and licking my breast. “Oh, Sparks.”

Finn swiftly lifts his head from his task, bouncing his hair on his forehead. “Am I hurting you?”

I shake my head and smile. “I love what you do to me.”

“You don’t realize what you do to me.” He dips a finger inside of me again, hissing his appreciation as he firmly massages me, sparking the intense need I had for him Saturday night.

Tugging on his hair and with my other hand, I embrace his jaw, scratching my nails into his light stubble as he brings me closer to an orgasm. The overwhelming desire for him engulfs my body, and I whimper, “Finnigan, take me. I want you so much. I miss you.”

He suddenly moves and pulls down his boxer shorts. We don’t bother removing our shirts. Am I the easy whore he called me in my nightmare?

When he tosses his shorts to the floor, I slightly sit up to yank on his shirt, obliging him to fall, but he catches himself before he lands on me. Our lips joyfully collide, and I avidly kiss him, attacking his tongue with mine. I move my hands down to his biceps, pressing my fingers into his barbed wire tattoos, shredding me if they could.

I shift beneath him to push up my hips to coax him inside me, but it hurts my stomach. Regardless of the burning pain there, it doesn’t compare to the piercing, aching need. I’ve never wanted Finn Wilder more.

Neither of us mentions protection. Why? I know I should, but I desperately want to feel his skin against mine. That’s selfish of me after our arguments, but Finn isn’t stopping, either. He knows I don’t have any birth control.

We heatedly kiss as he lifts his hips, lining himself up with me, but he doesn’t execute the action I crave. His dick teasingly grazes me, but I can’t move much. Between kisses, I say, “It was insane how much I wanted you Saturday and how much I want you now.”

He purposely pushes his erection against me, digging into my thigh. “You wanted me? Why didn’t you say so?”

“That’s why I kept moving away. I was desperate for you. I wanted to take off your towel and not go to dinner.”

“That would’ve been a better idea. I wanted you so damn much, too.” He pushes his hips into mine. “Is this what you want?”

Clutching his neck, I fervently kiss his lips before replying, “God, yes. It’s been so fucking long. I need you, Sparks.”

“I need you, too, Becks.” He kisses down my neck to my collarbone, sucking hard with his full lips, growling against my skin, and driving me wild.

I lift my hips again, essentially begging him to drive his dick into my throbbing pussy. “Finn, tell me your secret.”

His lips stop moving on my neck, and he mumbles, “I will. I promise. When we’re making love.”

I push on his shoulder, and he lifts his head. Clasping his jaw with both hands, I look into the beautiful eyes that hide so many secrets. “Then fuck me, Finn. Hard. I need your dick inside of me.”

He gulps at my demand but readily complies, not breaking our stare until he carefully slides into me, despite me ordering him to be rough. Only then do our eyes close, and we happily moan together as we become one.

“Hadley, you feel so good on me. I fucking missed us together like this.”

Finn is still temperate with his thrusts, but the feel of his unprotected dick incites me. Tugging on his hair, I plead against his lips, “Fuck me harder and faster, Sparks.”

He speeds up enough that we’re heavily panting over each other. However, he abruptly slows his pace and licks my bottom lip. “We need to go slow. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I shake my head, not feeling the pain anymore. “Finnigan, I won’t break.”

“Fuck, sweetheart, you’re so damn sexy.” He called me sweetheart again. I love it.

I grab his ass and encourage him to go faster again, in which he does as he kisses and licks my throat. He then whispers, “I swear to God I can’t get enough of you, Becks. I missed you so fucking much. Never keep me from you again.”

“I won’t, baby. I was miserable without you.”

He nips my earlobe. “I can’t live without you by my side.” He loudly swallows against my ear. “So, you don’t hear what I tell you when you’re asleep?”


As Finn intensely grinds into me, he huffs, “Becks, you already know what it is.” What? I have no clue!

“You promised to tell me.” I try to slow us, but he presses his weight into me as he angles his hips, sending me into a frenzy with the steady pressure. Fuck. He’s exceedingly good at this.

“Damn, I love your pussy. I need you to come on my dick. I feel you’re close.”

“Finn, tell me!”

I can’t halt the rise, and he goes faster as I moan louder. As my body hugs him firmly from the inside, and I yell his name, he softly gasps and whispers in my ear, “Hadley, I want to be your husband.”

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