Igniting the Wild Sparks, Book 3

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Chapter 29


I won’t deny it. Finn Wilder was in love with Hadley Beckett. Deeply in love. Any idiot could see it. Even Greg Rodwell did.

Hadley wanted more from Finn. Surprisingly, I often sided with him instead of her. I admire her for standing up for her principles, but she put her relationship at risk. I didn’t know how long Finn would let her do that before he gave up on her. Yet, he didn’t, which impressed the fuck out of me, and he gained my respect for respecting her. He would occasionally press Hadley on it, but he never gave her an ultimatum.

Now he’ll pay.

Don’t get me wrong. I gave Finn plenty of opportunities with Hadley. He blew them all, you could say. Dick Rod and I argue over how we should handle the breakup situation. He wants to play matchmaker or be their advocate, despite the tiny detail that he’s also in love with Hadley. He’ll staunchly disagree if you ask him, or claim he’s over her, but he’s not. I won’t even torment him about his love for her. Tragic, really. If Hadley had proposed to him instead of Finn, Rod would have taken her to Vegas that night. No doubt in my mind. Greg Rodwell would do anything for her. He’d make a great husband and a father, and he’d never cheat on her.

The problem with Rod’s stance is that he only wants to make the situation better for Hadley, without Finn paying restitution for his crimes. No way. Wilder needs to prove to Hadley that he’s worthy, and he will be the man she needs him to be. On the other hand, I know her. She won’t make him jump through any hoops. She’ll give him a month and then she’ll be back in his life and on his cock. I’ll admit, Finn Wilder is a hot son of a bitch. I couldn’t have waited like she had. Maybe she does have more restraint than I credit her as having.

When he kissed Cara, it pissed me off. But not for the reason one would think. I was mad because when I confronted him, he didn’t think of it as a big deal. He didn’t understand that Cara most likely has a picture of him parked next to her vibrator. Finn Wilder is one of those clueless males. He said he doesn’t know why he kissed Cara back. He just did.

Stranger yet, I believed him.

It was obvious when I saw him kiss Cara that it was a mindless act. It couldn’t touch the kisses I’ve seen him give Hadley. Those engaged him. Those had fire. Those had his heart. Even if he was giving her a chaste kiss after lunch, he always put his heart into them, always having a sweet smile for his beautiful Becks.

Despite him not meaning to kiss Cara, I used this as an opportunity to teach him a lesson, so I cut him a deal. Marry my best friend or tell her he kissed Cara. If he couldn’t pick either, then I would tell her.

However, when Rod dropped the cheating bombshell on me, I was fucking livid. Finn had insistently maintained he wasn’t fucking Cara, so he lied to me, too. I wanted to find Wilder, and just as I had promised him at the nightclub, snap his dick like a twig.

After a substantial amount of consideration, I think Finn truly made another gross error in judgment, and he’s sorely lamenting that. He’s a messed-up man with a lot of fucked-up shit going on in his head, but he comes off as a cool, cocky bastard. Yet, he can’t fool his friends or family. Finn is tremendously insecure and in constant need for Hadley to stroke more than his cock.

It’s good that Ass Rod told me about Finn’s secret dates with an airplane. I wouldn’t have the full ammunition I need to hold Finn’s balls to the fire.

I only want the best for Hadley, but she needs guidance. She’s a follower. I take my role in her life very seriously. Hadley has a fragile heart, and I will protect her.

Therefore, if Finn Wilder truly wants to win back Hadley Beckett’s freshly mutilated heart by his own hand, he must fight for her with every ounce of breath in him. I’ll give him an obstacle course he has to ace with flying colors for me to believe he’s worthy.

This is his last chance. The bonus round, I’ll call it. If Wilder fails this test, I’ll make sure Hadley will be done with him once and for all.

“How’d you get a key, Morgan?”

“I have my resources.” We walk out of the elevator and go down the hall to her apartment. He nervously glances around us, and I roll my eyes.

“Did you sleep with the building manager or something?”

“Get serious, Ass Rod.” I look at him, unsure if I should twist his nipple or ignore him. Tough decision.

He whispers, “You can’t just break into her apartment!”

“I have a key, so I’m not breaking and entering.” But it could be an illegal entry or a home invasion. But those details aren’t necessary.

We walk past Hadley’s neighbor, coming out of the apartment across the hall. She gives us an odd look, and I kindly say, “Hi. We’re Hadley’s friends.”

She smiles with a nod. “Yes, I remember you.”

“She’ll be gone for the weekend. If she receives any packages, will you save them for her?”

“Sure, no problem.” I return her smile before putting the key into the handle, opening the door. On my way to Hadley’s bedroom, I stop short, and Rod runs into me. I shove him and order, “Stay here. I’ll pack her clothes.”

“Why the fuck am I even here?”

“As in existential? On this planet? I can’t answer that one,” I tease as I go to her room. I know that jackass is flipping me the bird.

I quickly get Hadley’s things together, since Finn could show up here. I don’t want to get into an argument with him in front of Dick Rod. No. Rod can’t be a witness to what I’m going to say to Finn. Nobody can be.

We leave and go back to the office, where I drop Rod at the curb. “Get out. I have a meeting.”

“With a council of witches regarding your haunted house timeshare?”

“Fucking get out!” I take a swing at him, but he jumps out in time. Ass.

All of my ducks are in a row. Time to take aim.

I watch Rod dash into the building, and I dial Finn, who groggily answers, “I’ve been wondering when you would call.”

“I’m glad you’ve been expecting me. We need to meet.”

“You can scream at me over the phone.”

“Don’t be a pussy. Tell the guard at the gate to let me in.”

“I’m not alone.”

“Cara still there?”

“No! My sister.”

“Well, get alone.”

“She leaves in fifteen minutes. Don’t make this long. I have to work.”

“I won’t.”

He sighs. “Okay.”

Within minutes, I slide into the empty spot next to Finn’s ostentatious Mustang. Hadley’s space. It was.

Marching up the steps, I firmly knock on the door and look around. This is supposed to be Hadley’s home, too. I look to the front lawn where their fight happened. I can imagine it, but then again, I can’t. Was she screaming at him? Was he yelling right back at her? I wish I could’ve seen him beg her not to leave. His crying. I hope she gave all she had, even though he deserves so much more than that.

The door opens, and the man who was supposed to be Hadley’s stands in the doorway. Finn sighs as he opens the door wider, knowing I’m here to serve him his ass on a silver platter.

I examine him as he shuts the door. He looks nothing like the Finn Wilder I know, arrogant to a fault, always smirking like he’s in on some damn joke, and his brown eyes sparkling, dragging you under. None of that. Now, his posture droops, he hasn’t shaved in days, he’s wearing glasses, has bandages around fingers on both his hands and is not smiling. He looks tired and homeless.

I should feel bad for him, but seeing him for the first time after what he did to Hadley, I don’t.

As he turns, I dive at him, shoving him against the door, taking him by surprise. Reaching down, I roughly grab his dick and balls through his black nylon pants.

Whoa. I never thought I’d be this up close with Finn Wilder, or my best friend’s boyfriend—ex-boyfriend. It’s somewhat awkward but effective in getting my point across.

He grunts and curves inward, pushing on my arm. I have to be fast. “Did you have fun mouth-surfing that whore? Was it worth losing the best thing that ever happened to you?”

Strangulated, he yells, “Fuck! Let go!”

I viciously grin. “Why? You let Cara play with it. I was just taking my turn.”

He gasps, “I made a mistake!”

“Really, now? I wasn’t sure if you had.”


“I imagine you had told Hadley that this,” I squeeze, and he groans, “was hers. Yet, you let that cunt Cara use it as a pacifier. Why is that?”

“Let go!”

“Why? So you can find another whore?”


I release him, and he exhales in relief, bending and shouting at the floor. “Fuck, Morgan!”

I step back and laugh. “I heard Hadley kneed you in the balls. That’s classic.”

As he slowly stands straight, he curtly replies, “Yeah.”

“So, you made a mistake?” I ask as I pull my phone from my pocket.

Finn sighs and tosses his hair with his fingers while using his other hand to soothe and/or hide his cock from another assault. He wouldn’t dare report me. He says, “A monumental one. Look, you literally had me by the balls. I know you’re pissed off. Can you just leave it at that and go?” Nope. I haven’t even begun to squeeze.

“Did you love Hadley?”

“You know I do.”

“No, I don’t. If I have to gauge it off you sticking your cock into Cara’s mouth, then well, I’m a little dissuaded.”

“I thought Hadley and I… Fuck. I don’t have to explain it to you. I’m sure she already did.”

“No. She gave me her side, which is not the side that made you cross that line. She didn’t trust Cara! For Hadley to see you getting blown by her, that ruined her life!”

With one hand still clamped over his crotch, he waves his other erratically. “I don’t know what to say! As I’ve told everyone else, I’m a fucking asshole!” Releasing his junk, he sounds sincere. “Hopefully, she can forgive me and maybe we can…” Still self-assured, I see.

I laugh. “What? Get back together?”

“I want to marry her, Morgan.”

“Oh. Now you do?”

“I always have. I begged her to marry me.”

“After she begged you, right?”

His hands go into his hair. “I know I fucked up! I want to fix it! I’ll take her to Vegas tonight if she wanted or I’ll wait for her to plan the wedding of her dreams! Or we can do both! Whatever Becks wants!”

“She’s not your Becks anymore.”

“She’ll always be my Becks.” He’s determined. That’s good.

“Would you buy her a ring and propose to her first?”

He immediately answers, “Yeah. If she takes me back, that’s the first thing I’ll do.”

“You think she’d say yes now? You should’ve done that a long time ago.”

“You’re right.” Bonus point for Wilder.

Time for the true test.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about buying her a ring.”

He’s skeptical. “Why?”

“Because she already has one. From Shane.” I hold up my phone and show him the picture of Shane and Hadley at my wedding rehearsal. He’s carrying her bridal style in his arms. “They eloped this morning.”

He looks closer at the picture and then scoffs, “No, they didn’t.”

“They did. She wants to move on, and he’s willing to give her what she wants. A marriage. Children. Fidelity. What did you do? You cheated on her! Twice!” I flip through more pictures of them together in the hotel. He can’t tell from the picture where they were taken. I got plenty where they were looking cozy. I wanted a backup if Finn turned down her proposal. I was only going to spook him before.

Now, I’m out to scare the living shit out of him.

He argues, “She wouldn’t just move on like that. She needs time.”

“You would never cheat on her like that, either. Would you?” He stares at the pictures, speechless. “Cut to the core, she was desperate to forget the pain you caused her. She and Shane have been friends for some time now. She thought he was the most logical choice to help her forget.”

He shakes his head as he stares at my phone. “No way.”

“They’re having a reception later. I’m sorry you’re not invited.”

Finn glances at me, and I notice I’m seriously rattling his cage. “Please, tell me you’re joking.”

“No. It’s too late. You lost her. You really thought she would take you back after what you did to her?”

He anxiously bites his lip and says, “I’m calling her.”

I shrug and laugh. “You do that!” He grabs his phone off the bar, hits a number and puts the phone up to his ear as he glares at me. Seconds later, his eyes widen when he hears her number is no longer in service.

“She changed her phone number?”

“Yeah. She didn’t want you harassing her. Neither did Shane.”

Lowering his phone, he peers around his kitchen. “I need to talk to her.”

“Well, she’s kind of busy at the moment, getting married today and all. You’re more than welcome to send her a card telling her congratulations. That would be nice. I believe they’re registered at Macy’s.” That was low, but he’d never check.

He’s still clinging to denial, but he’s wavering fast. “She wouldn’t. No.”

“She did. Now leave her the fuck alone. She’s trying to move on with her life like you did without her.”

He fiercely asserts, “I wasn’t moving on without her! I don’t want Cara! I want Hadley! I love her! I won’t live without her! Fuck! She’s all I’ve ever wanted!”

“Could’ve fooled her! She’s gone now!”

“No!” He grips the counter edge, and his eyes flash, giving him more life than he had when I first walked in here. Come on, Wilder. Fall for it.

“It wasn’t just the cheating. It was the lies, your rejection of commitment, and the refusal to have children with her! Hell, you kept her a secret for three years from everyone!” I wonder if, amid my lies, he’ll figure out which are the truths.

“I wasn’t anymore! I introduced her to people! I told her everything!”

“Everything? Really? The skydiving? The kiss with Cara?”

“What’s that matter now?”

“Because you were carrying on a long-term affair with that bitch!”

He’s approaching hysterics. “I wasn’t! It was that one kiss, and it meant nothing!”

“But the blow job meant something?”


“Did you tell Hadley about the kiss?”

He throws his hands up. “I was going to! Her proposal kind of threw me! She then took off! I forgot to mention it when she walked in on us! After that, it flew to the bottom of my to-do list!”

I calmly say, “You don’t have to worry anymore because I already told her.” Just a little more.

He’s taken by surprise, it seems. “You told her about the kiss?”

“Yeah, and that you were fucking Cara for a while.”

“I wasn’t!” He grabs his keys off the bar and hastily puts on his shoes. “Fuck, I have to talk to her.”

I step in front of him on his way to the door. “You think she’ll believe a fucking word you say? All you do is lie to her!”

We’re in each other’s face. “I have to make her believe me. I’m telling her the truth! I was not having an affair!”

“You’re nothing but a liar and a cheat! You lost Hadley Beckett forever because you’re a fucking pussy! You didn’t man-up and marry her or could’ve told her the truth if it saved your sorry life! She’s with a man who’ll give her what she wants!”

“I will!” His hands go through his hair again, and I know I’m almost there. “I’ll marry her! I’ll give her a baby! I’ve been trying to get her pregnant!”


Temporarily confused, I regain my composure. “It’s too late! You had the world in your hands, and you lost it! She’s gone!”

Finn leans against the entryway wall, and in his already-weakened state of mind, I go in for the easy kill.

“I wonder if he’ll knock her up tonight.”

“No!” I watch as Finn Wilder sinks to the floor in a defeated heap. Now, I do feel cruel, but he has to believe he’s losing her. After I leave, he needs to get up and openly fight for her. We’ll take her away for the weekend, and while we’re gone, he should have shown up at the firm or at her apartment, demanding to see her. He needs to actively show her he wants her back. He should broadcast his mistakes on The Wild Side, even proposing to her on the air. I know she would be so embarrassed, but it’d be the good kind.

I dare you, Finn Wilder, to fight to the death for Hadley Beckett.

Rod thinks we should leave them alone to work it out themselves. No! Finn needs to pay the toll. If he doesn’t, then she’s better off without the coward. I know I’ll catch shit from Hadley for doing this if Finn accepts my challenge, but she’ll hopefully understand that I did this to protect her from another heartbreak, courtesy of Finnigan Wilder.

“Now, leave her alone to be happy. You owe her that much.”

Tears streak his face, and I’m taken aback, almost forgetting what I’m trying to do. I thought he’d get mouthy with me and blow me off before the seed of doubt took root. This was almost too easy. It feels almost wrong but not as wrong as what he did to my best friend.

“I love her!” He hangs his head, and his shoulders forcefully shake. “Becks! No!”

I softly clear my throat. “Let her go.” I turn and leave his apartment, hearing his sobs as I close the door. Letting out a held breath, I hurriedly go to my car.

One thing I don’t have covered is Rod’s phone. I know he’s still talking to Finn. Shit. I need to get to the office and get his phone before Wilder calls him.

Good luck, Finn Wilder. You’ll need it to win this dare.

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