Saving Brody

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With Hope in prison Brody loses control over his wolf. With Brody nearly totally feral can Hope save him? When the past comes back to haunt them can she get him back?

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Hope’s POV

The buzzer sounded as the doors opened one by one and the guard waited for me to walk through. The guard slammed the door shut behind us and it locked automatically. I walked over to the table and sat down. When my attorney entered the room and sat down across from me I watched him with curious hopeful eyes. As soon as the door closed he pulled out an envelope.

“Hello Mr. Fontaine, what brings you out to see me today? Is everyone alright?” I asked suspiciously with an edge to my voice.

Mr. Fontaine glanced up at me with a weak smile and nodded as he unfolded a letter and handed it to me.

“You need to see this.”

I took the letter and read it.


Angelina is driving Jaxon crazy but I love that little spitfire. She reminds me of you. Jaxon says to tell you that he is going to lose his mind before you get home at this rate. Your Aunt Sherry prays to the goddess for you all the time, asking her to help you and Brody. We love you little cuzzy.

I wanted to let you know that everyone is fine. Life for the most part is fairly normal except for Brody. Since you were taken into custody Brody has been in the cells because his wolf is in a serious rage.

I felt the tears running down my face. I wiped them away with my sleeve and glanced up at Mr. Fontaine who wore a sad smile and I went back to the letter.

Two days ago he attacked the guard in the cells when he brought him food. Matthew found him injured and unconscious. There was no sign of Brody anywhere. He is loose, most likely on his way to see you and his wolf is going rogue and he is literally losing his mind. At this point Jaxon and Matthew are trying to find him and get him home before anything happens. My dad said not to worry you with this but I think you have a right to know. I’m sorry I have such bad news. We miss you terribly. Please don’t do anything that could get you hurt or in trouble.

Stay safe in there and try not to worry, we’ll find him.



My eyes were red and I sobbed hard at what my mate was going through. I knew that it was all my fault. If he went rogue other packs would kill him on sight. If he went feral it meant that his wolf was in full control and Brody would kill humans since he was pissed at humans for taking me from him. I felt my wolf whimpering in my head. I knew we were both feeling the same pain for our mate.

“Hope? Are you going to be okay?” Nodding quickly I put on a brave face and finished wiping my tears away. He quickly handed me a handful of tissues from his briefcase.

“I’ll be okay. Thanks Mr. Fontaine.”

Mr. Fontaine offered me his hand for support and I squeezed it. He was my lifeline to my pack and my mate. When my time was up I handed the letter back to him and he shoved it into his briefcase. It wasn’t safe for me to keep it. Mention of the pack or wolves would be too dangerous if someone caught on. It was better not to keep it. I stood up slowly when the guard opened the door and came inside.

“Time’s up Woodson. Let’s go.”

I gave a brave face to the older man and turned to walk out of the room. He did not miss the change in my expression when I looked at the guard and faced the entrance into the halls. I was stoic to the public of the prison. I had to keep my game face on while I figured out how to get out of here.

That evening a guard took me to get my medicine and I proceeded to take the pill and slip it next to my gums with my tongue, so it looked like I had taken it. When I got back to my cell I spit it out and flushed it.

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