Our Love

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My sister and I want love. We want to find love and the love that was meant for us. After going all around, we ended up finding "Our Love." Stay along this drama, romance filled novel and experience a love like no other!

Romance / Drama
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My name is Kera Onwe. A 24 year old college Nursing Student. I have been stressed out due to school, work, and my abusive boyfriend these past months. The abuse had been ongoing though. I am trying to see how to leave this relationship safely. I am on my way to school now and the road is blocked off due to royalty. I am gonna be late because of these so-called royal beings. I just park at the next open parking spot I see and head in front of the royal entourage to get to my class. As I did that, I felt a hard push to my back which made me hit the wall and my head bounce off the side loudly for the next person to hear. I reach to touch my head and find blood oozing out from the right side. I grab my belongings dizzily. "Why did you push her this hard?!" I heard a deep voice yell.
My sister, Neela, rushed to me to help me up slowly. We head to the bathroom. "Kera, are you okay? Can you hear and see me clearly?" Neela calls out. I slowly nod my head. "Yeah, I am good. Let us head to class," I say. We head out to see the Prince who had yelled at the guy that had pushed me standing in front of the door and I suck my teeth and head to walk away from him. "Excuse me. Are you okay? I fired him for doing that," the Prince asks. I keep on walking to my class and go in and take my seat without saying anything back to him. Neela poked me in my arm and asked quietly, 'Why didn't you answer? He's the Prince.' "And so? Is my life dedicated to a guy like him? I don't think so," I say back. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized he had overheard me saying this.
~A while later~
"Finally, class is over. Let's go get lunch because I am terribly hungry," Neela says. I laughed. We head out to get some lunch. We see our current boyfriends who are rather abusive to us on the regular. But, neither of us, talk to each other on this issue. "Hey babes! Wait for us!" they yell after us. We act as if we did not hear them and within the next 5 seconds, both of us were being pushed against hard walls. I ended up dropping my bag onto the ground. He grabs my neck and I try prying his hands off but it is not working. I see my sister kicking and screaming for Michael to let her go. I plead, "Michael, please let her go. Please." He lets her go and she falls to the floor holding her neck and crying softly while Justin still has a strong hold of me. I am getting rather dizzy and lightheaded. - Sometime later -
Someone pulls Justin away from me and Neela rushes over to me, holding me up. I look up to see Justin being punched. I try to get up to stop them from hitting him, but Neela holds me back to her. "Stop, please. Don't hit him please," I cry out softly, but loud enough for the guy hitting him to turn around. It happened to be the same prince from earlier that I had decided to ignore. "And why should I stop hitting him? He was abusing you and that is not okay with me," the Prince says, through clenched teeth. I stand up weakly. "It's not any of your business," I say, before passing out. All I heard was, 'I'll make it my business.' Then, it went black.
~Sometime later~
I try to sit up, but I am in pain and hooked up to a machine in the hospital. I look to see Neela by my side asleep and the Prince looking out the window. I sit up and swing my feet over the side of the bed. He heard and turned around quickly. "What do you think you're doing?! Lay back down!" he yelled. Neela woke up, startled. "No, don't yell at me. You have no right to tell me what to do. My life has nothing to do with you," I say. "Neela, leave the room. Now," he says. "No, we're leaving. Let me page the Nurse," I say, reaching for the bed phone. He ended up reaching it before me. "Give it to me. Stop meddling in someone's life. Someone that does not want you in their life or business," I say, angrily. He takes Neela's hand gently and guides her outside the room and locks the door. "What are you doing? Open the door now," I shout. He comes to me and pushes me back onto the bed. "Get off of me! You're not entitled to do this to me! Please leave me alone!" I screamed, almost in tears. "Then, you need to show me respect from now on," he muttered close to my face. I feel my heartbeat race faster. I feel his abs against my stomach. He leans in next to my ear and whispers, "I want you. I want to protect you. And I have been watching you for some time now. I'll let you be. For now." He gets up from me and I sighed. He reopens the door and Neela rushes in. "Are you alright? Did he hurt you?" she asked. I nod my head. "Yeah, I am okay. I think I need to stay until they say I can leave to go home," I say. The Prince sighed. "By the way; to tell you my name, I am Prince Devin. Of the Royal Family," he turns around and says.
"Oh, nice to meet you. Why are you doing this?" Neela says. "Because abuse is unacceptable if I am around and that idiot had it coming to him. After I saw him and your boyfriend abusing the both of you, something just clicked and I snapped. No man should ever abuse a female physically," he says, with a calm smile. The Nurse and the Doctor entered the room. "Ms. Kera, do you mind if we talk to you in private?" the Doctor asked. He sounded nervous. "You can say what you have to say with them here. Go ahead," I say. "Oh okay. We noticed severe bruising to your body... all over. No issues if you want to get pregnant, which is good. Were you or are you in an abusive relationship with anyone?" the Doctor says, with concern. "No, I actually tend to fa--," I begin to say, but Prince Devin cuts me off. "No, doc. Disregard what she is about to say. She was in an abusive relationship with a b*stard and her sister as well, with another guy," Prince Devin says. I glared at him and he looked away angrily. I sighed. "Is he right?" the doctor asked. "Yes, he is. The relationship we're in is abusive. It's alright though," I say. Neela stifles a sob. "We can get out now. They know what has been happening to us," she whispers. "Don't worry. I'll get you out safely. You can tell them that you need help and have them protect you. I have to stay. I just cannot tell you here," I whispered to her.
"Is everything okay?" the doctor asked. "Yes, we are good. My sister Neela needs to talk to you both. Please talk to her in another private, secluded place. I will be fine," I say. Neela sighs, hugs me and heads out with them. I lay back down and shut my eyes to try and sleep, but I hear Prince Devin chuckle. "Why are you laughing? Does something amuse you, Your Highness?" I asked. "You amuse me. You act all tough for everyone else, but you never want to be cared for. Seems like you're hiding more than what meets the eye," he says. I sucked my teeth. "Honestly, don't waste your time with me. I'm never going to be interested in you. You royals are too entitled to all things around you. You frustrate me so I would like it if you'd leave me alone now," I say. "Why are you the way you are? Did your parents never raise you to speak more nicely? Is that why you stay being abused by him?" he asked, out of anger. He looked into my eyes and I am holding back tears because he has no right to see me cry. Then, he will know his words actually hurt me. "Wait... I didn't mean to.." he begins. I put my hand up to stop him with my head still being down. "Get out now. I'll pay for the hospital stay. Leave me and my sister alone. Your brother needs to stay away from Neela. I don't want any of you around us," I say. He sighs and leaves the room after grabbing his belongings. As soon as he shut the door and I was alone, I burst out into tears. This made me realize one thing:
"I was better off alone."
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