Falling for the Jock

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Leah Page never imagined tutoring the most popular kid in school, but when Liam Tide asks for her help she wanted to turn him down. Instead she helps him, what happens when she starts falling for him? Will he feel the same? Or is this some kind of joke he planned out?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- The Question

I woke up this morning with a massive headache, I stayed up all night planning a lesson plan for the tutor center. I took some Tylenol and got ready for school. I loved school, I loved tutoring kids who need help, the school even gave me a plaque. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw him Liam Tide staring at me, I parked and rushed to the tutor center before he caught me staring. When I walked in I saw pulled into a hug by my best friend Madison. “Oh my god guess who just signed up to have a tutor?” She gossiped, I took a long lo at the list. “Liam Tide?” I questioned she turned to face me taking the list out of my hand. “Yes and you are his tutor. It’s already been decided.” I couldn’t be Liam’s tutor, he was mean and cruel. Each year he finds some way to make losers life hell. I pushed my feelings aside and remained calm. He walked through the door, “Is this the tutor center kind of lame.” He said looking around. “The tutor center is down the hall this is the Liam Tide hate club.” He rolled his eyes, “I’m looking for my tutor Leah Page?” I didn’t say anything, “She’s right here.” Madison said pushing me towards him. “So shall we get this started.” He said sitting down, “There’s been some kind of mistake I’m not tutoring you.” I said opening the door back up so he would leave. “Fine!” He slammed the door on his way out. “Why would you do that?” Madison asked throwing her book bag down at my feet. “Because he’s Liam Tide he has people do his homework for him he doesn’t need a tutor.” She gave me a sadden look, “You don’t know that Leah.” I didn’t say anything maybe she was right maybe he did need help. The bell rang for first period, I didn’t say bye to Madison she was already out the foor before I could say anything. I walked into first period, the period I have with Liam, he sat next to me and didn’t say anything. I leaned over and whisperied, “Hey I’m sorry about this morning, if you are truly in need of help I can help you. Let’s see how you do on this test first.” I said leaning back in my seat as the teacher passed out the test, I was done in like twenty minutes. I sat back in my seat and opened up my textbook to do the homework assignment early. Once everyone was finished we had about ten minutes remaining, some people got their test back including me and Liam. I looked at mine, A+ I was a good student a smart student. Liam turned is test around so I couldn’t see it, “Hey how did you do?” I asked he leaned in and showed me his test, “I can help you but you have to promise that you’ll stop being a jerk.” He nodded and leaned back smiling, what was I getting myself into?

At the Tutor Center

I sat waiting for Liam with everything he needed, he walked in a little late. “Sorry I’m late Coach Miller held the practice.” I shook my head like I didn’t mind, he sat next to me and opened the text book in front of him. “So what are we learning today in math?” I showed him an example test. “Calculus Leah I can barely spell calculus.” He said burying his face in his hands, “Hey that’s why I’m here you can do this.” He nodded and started studying the book, I told him everything I thought he would need. Eventually he started solving problems on his own, they weren’t right but he was getting the work right. “You are coming along, soon you will be able to these on your own.” He smiled, the bell rang for thrid period, he rushed off thanking me for helping. “See you tomorrow Leah?” I nodded, maybe he wasn’t as bad as the say he was. I got up to go to my next class when some girls stopped me at my locker. “I heard you were tutoring Liam, just remember he won’t date someone like you.” I didn’t say anything I just opened my locker and began taking my english stuff out. “You don’t have anything to say how about I say stay away from him, once this whole tutoring thing is over. You’ll go back to being invisible to him.” She walked away I didn’t care what she thought but her words still stung but I wouldn’t let her see. Madison walked past me I caught up with here, “I started tutoring Liam, you were right I have to see past the rumors and start tutoring people because they need it.” She pulled me into a hug, “I thought you would never come around. I’ll see you after school.” She skipped down the hall to class, I stood outside my classroom. Was I really tutoring Liam Tide? The most popular kid in school, the boy the girls drool over. Most girls would kill to be in my position but yet I’m the one who has to tutor him, I can’t just let him fail class. After school Liam caught me at my locker, "Where are we meeting tomorrow the tutor center is being used for testing." I totally forgot, my house was quiet no one was ever around. "My parents are always working so my house would be quiet if you want? But we can study anywhere." I said hoping he wouldn't say my house, I have to admit I was nervous suggestiong my house. "You're house is fine, I know you live down the street from me. It's the blue house on the left right?" I nodded as I grabbed my purse and bookbag out of my locker. "I'll see you tomorrow after school." I smiled and waved he ran off down the halls. I really just invited Liam Tide to my house, I was nervous about it I don't know why. I'm not attracted to him, or I hope I'm not.

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