Falling for the Jock

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Chapter 2- Second Study Date

I drove home, my mother's car was parked in the driveway. I'm an only child, and my parents work so much they don't really see me. And I'm used to that, so my mom being home shocks me. When I walked through the door I could smell fresh baked cookies, I headed straight towards the kitchen. "Mom what's going on?" She pulled another thing of cookies out of the oven, "Nothing's wrong Leah why would you think that?" I took one of the cookies and gave her a look. "You bake whenever you have something to tell me and you don't want me to know so spill it." She fiddled around before blurting out, "I'm pregnant." She said trying to be happy for me, "Why do you sound like that's a bad thing?" I asked, she shook her head then went back to baking. "Because you dad doesn't know yet and he wanted to stop after one. He doesn't want another kid." I pulled her into a hug, "Mom I'm sure dad will be thrilled he will be excited, he might finally get the boy he wanted me to be." My dad was stubborn, and I've seen him twice in the last 4 months, he's working constantly. "Do you have plans tomorrow after school?" Oh boy was I going to tell her the truth? "Yeah some kid I'm tutoring from school is coming over to study since the tutoring center will be closed." She nodded, "Anyone I know." I shook my head and started eating my cookie, "No they just moved here not that long ago." I didn't want to lie to her but I know how she'll be if she finds out its Liam. "I spoke to Liam's mom the other day. It seems he's in need of a tutor maybe you should tutor him." She said turning off the oven and leaning on the counter facing me. "I have to go run some errands I'll be back soon you know the rules." I nodded and she left, I headed upstairs to do homework when I got a text. Unknown Number

L: Leah it's Liam I got your number from your friend Madison, I totally forgot that I have a math test first period tomorrow. Do you think we could study at your place tonight?

Oh shit, I screamed thank god no one was home, what was I going to say no you can't I'm busy. I thought about what I was going to say.
L: Yeah sure my mom just left, text me when you get here and I'll let you in.
L: Thank you, you're a lifesaver.

Liam Tide was coming to my house tonight, I quickly cleaned up my room, I heard a car door shut and I rushed down the steps instead of texting me he knocked on the door. "I was going to text but my phone died." I let him in, "No it's fine, come on upstairs all my books are up here and I don't want to drag them out. Is that okay with you." He nodded following me up the steps, he's the first boy to step foot in my room. "Make yourself at home I'll gather the stuff." I bent down into my bag to get the books I needed, I quickly pulled myself up worried he was staring at my ass. "So calculus, do you remember what I taught you." He nodded taking the book from me to do the problems I graded them. "Liam these are all right, are you sure you need my help for your test?" I asked skeptical, "Fine I give up our session really helped this morning I just wanted to see you." I could feel my heart pounding in my chest did I just hear that right? "Leah are you okay?" He asked I regained myself and looked at him, "You just wanted to see me why?" I asked praying this was some prank, a prank I could handle. "I don't know I just needed to see you." His hand took mine, I just sat there as he leaned in. His lips touched mine I let him kiss me. He traced his hands up my sides. "We should probably stop." I said inbetween kisses, soon I was laying flat on the bed while we made out. It felt amazing, "Liam as much as I'm enjoying this. I don't think we should be doing this." He stopped and pulled me up, "I'm sorry I got carried away." I gave him a quick kiss, "No it's fine but I thought you were dating Kara." He rolled his eyes, "Kara thinks we're dating because she is the most popular girl in school but we're not." He said before getting a text. "It's my sister I gotta go but I'll see you tomorrow for another session, a real one this time." I nodded as he left. What was I thinking making out with Liam Tide? This doesn't change the fact that he's him and I'm me. Relationships between different cliques don't work. I thought I could handle a prank but I don't think I can right now not after that. My heart was still beatng out of my chest, I don't know if it was from the kissing, or the attraction I'm feeling. Either way I wish it was all a dream, like I'm going to wake up and this feeling would go away. I regianed myself and started on some homework, I couldn't focus I kept thinking about kissing Liam. What's wrong with me? I'm acting like some love sick puppy, why can't I stop thinking about him. I wondered whether he's thinking of me? Or if he's telling his friends he slept with me, I hoped he wasn't that would make me look bad.

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