Falling for the Jock

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Chapter 3- Is this a joke?

Tuesday Morning

I woke up in a good mood this morning, I could still feel Liam’s kisses on my mouth, I sound like some obssessed girl but I swear I’m not. I got dressed, and headed downstairs both my parents were sitting at the table discussing the newest memeber. When they saw me they look disappointed, I don’t know what I did or what I said. “Mom? Dad?” I question my father pulled up a video from the hallway yesterday. “What is this?” He asked showing me the video of me allowing Liam Tide to come in my bedroom. “Definetley not what you are accusing me of, I’m his tutor and all my books and lessons plans were upstairs. I would never let a boy in my room if I was going to sleep with him we’d do it somewhere else.” I joked but they didn’t find it funny, I rolled my eyes and poured myself some coffee. “Leah this is serious tutoring or not you can’t have boys in your room. It could lead to more than tutoring.” It did alright, but I couldn’t tell them that. “Fine I’ll tutor him in the kitchen or living room from now on.” I said giving in, I told them goodbye and headed out the door to school. When I arrived everyone started knowing my name and clapping. I ignored them hoping this wasn’t some joke Liam planned, at my locker Kara and her minions came up to me. “So I heard that you and Liam did it.” She said my eyes wanted to pop out of my head, “Where did you hear that?” I asked looking around to make sure no one was listening. “Liam stupid he’s telling everyone how good you are in bed, maybe more guys will talk to you now.” She laughed and walked away I spotted Liam walking with his friends I turned so he couldn’t see me staring but the next thing I know he’s walking down the hall with me. “Leah did I do something wrong?” He asked I ignored him and I kept walking he didn’t seem to notice people congradulating me or howling at me. He grabbed my arms softly to stop me from hitting people as I walked with my head down. “Liam I don’t have time for this.” I said jerking my arm away, “I don’t know what I did but I’m sorry.” He stared at me I couldn’t tell if he knew what we were talking about. “The whole school thinks we slept together because that’s what you told them. I knew tutoring you was bad idea, I’ll find you a replacement tutor, please just leave me alone.” I felt like my heart was going to shatter, I thought he actually liked me but I was just another conquest he could add to his collection. I didn’t stay to hear what he said, I headed straight for the tutor center. Madison was there to pull me into a hug, I wanted it to be a joke at first but then he showed another side to him that I lost faith in today. Madison pulled me out of the hug, “Ok now more feeling sorry for yourself you know it’s not true soon the school will forget about it.” That’s what we thought

One Week Later

The rumors were still going around the school, word at gotten to my parents and they freaked out saying how they trusted me and I lied to them. They couldn’t believe that their daughter could make a mistake like this. Of course I told them off telling them I was better off when they were never hear. My father didn’t seem hurt about it but my mother did, Kara harrassed me everyday about my activities in bed recently. I ignored her most times other times I cried after she walked away. A week and the rumors are still haunting me, Liam tries to talk to me but I can’t do that. Not right now, I don’t know what I expected. He wasn’t going to choose me over some cheerleader who will give him what he wants, I was glad I ended our tutoring sessions before one of us by one of us I mean me caught feelings. When I stopped by my locker after school Liam was waiting for me I ignored him and unlocked my locker. “Look I know you don’t believe me but I didn’t tell anyone we slept togehter, I told my best friend about the night we had. I told him that for the first time I felt like a girl wanted something more from me than just sex. I don’t know how the rumors started but I didn’t spread them but I’m sorry that someone did Leah I really am sorry.” He said hurt as I didn’t say anything what was I supposed to say. I couldn’t just forgive him right away, I needed some time to process the rumors and to work out things with my parents. Soon I would be able to let Liam Tide back in but right now I can’t.

Four Days Later

Soon the rumors cleared up people realzied how innocent I really was, I still hadn’t talk to Liam I was afraid that he would hate me because I pushed him away. I just had a hard time trusting him after all he is a guy. I spotted him at his locker alone, I gathered myself and walked over to him. He looked shocked that I was talking to him, when I went to say something nothing came out. “I understand what you are trying to say Leah, does this mean you’ll be my tutor again?” I laughed, “Yes but nothing like that can happen again the last thing I need is everyone to think I’m easy or the next rumor will be that you got me pregnant. Which I will start so tred lighly Liam Tide.” I smiled walking away from him, I gave a quick glance back I could see him smiling at me, I smiled at him. I had to promise myself that I wouldn’t fall in love with him, I plan on keeping that promise but he’s making it hard.

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