Falling for the Jock

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Chapter 4- Why me?

After I talked to Liam I headed towards the tutor center, some people still believed I slept with Liam so they whistled at me, and licked their lips. Which is kind of gross, Kara stood up ahead waiting for me, she seemed pissed she marched her way to me. I wanted to just dodge her but by the time I went to move her minions were already behind me. "Listen here you little nobody. Liam is mine stop trying to take him from me. You aren't his type, if you try to take him from me I will make you're life a living hell. Got it tutor girl?" I didn't seem phased by her threat and that made her even more pissed, "Kara I'm just tutoring him, nothing more. So you can calm yourself I'm not intrested in Liam." She took a step back crossed her arms, "Then why did he reject my prom proposal he said he already had a date I think it's you. So fess up." I looked at the ground the back at her, Liam never asked me to Prom. "He never asked me, maybe he's taking one of your minions and they are afraid to tell you. I think it's this one he likes blondes." I slid past her and into the tutor center before she could scream at me or her minions. Madison was tutoring someone when I walked in she waved to me I waved back. I got all my stuff out, first period and I already had to see Liam. What if he was really going to ask me to Prom? That wasn't part of the agreement, I said no more of that stuff. He walked in with his books, he looked tired. "Liam are you okay? We don't have to do this today, you look a little pale." He pulled out his phone and showed me a video, "My parents sent me this asking why I was in your room the other night. Did your parents do this?" I watched the video in silence, from the outside it looks innocent but anyone can think that something happened. "Probably they weren't too thrilled when they found out I let a boy in my room. I practically had to swear that I didn't sleep with you." He sat down in the chair putting his phone away, "I have to delete the video so it doesn't get out. My parents lectured for taking advantage of an innocent sweet girl all morning that's what I heard." I took his hand underneath the table, when I realized what I did I pulled away. I felt him take it back, "You know you can still hold my hand without getting feelings involved. Friends right?" I nodded, was I really ready to be just friends with Liam Tide? "Shall we start out lesson?" He asked, I went to open my book then stopped. "How about we go do something fun?" He looked at me confused, "We are in school what's fun about that?" I got up and led him outside, "Get in." Willingly he got in my car, "I didn't say have fun on school grounds where do you want to go?" He smiled at me with his big smile and it melted my heart a little. "Anywhere with you." I nodded and pulled out of the parking lot, I've never skipped school before but I guess there's a first time for everything. I pulled into the parking lot a park it had a beautiful view and some amazing trails to walk. "Are you up for a walk?" He nodded we both got out of the car and headed for the trails. "So tell me about yourself Leah, I don't know anything about you." There wasn't much to tell. "Well I'm an only child, my mother is pregnant so that will change. I never saw much of my parents they worked so much, I spent most of my childhood living at Madisons since my parents weren't around. I want to be a teacher after high school I want to teach kids our age someday. That's it I'm not intresting. Tell me about you." I wanted to know more about him, I wanted to know the boy behind the letterman jacket. "I have two older siblings a sister and a brother who's 8 years old. I play football but that's not what I want. I wanted to join band but my father wanted his son to be a star athlete." I took his hand in mine, "I'm sorry I know what it's like, my father almost shunned me after seeing that video. I don't understand why they would worry about me so much I can care for myself." All he did was nod, I could tell he wished his father cared as much about him as he does football. "Liam listen your dad does love you he just wants to see you suceed. Tell him about your passion maybe he will listen." His hand slipped out of mine, I could feel the cold distance between us. "It's not that easy he doesn't believe in me. He thinks football is the only thing I'm good at." I wanted to pull him into a kiss and make him forget about all of this but that was against the rules. I stopped infront of him, "Don't do that, don't think that you are only good at football, you got better at calculus after one session. That's better than the kids I tutor. Don't feel sorry for yourself." I said staring at him, I couldn't help it anymore. I pulled him into a passionate kiss, much like the first one we had. Once we broke apart he pulled back smiling, "I thought this was against the rules?" He questioned I smacked his arms playfully, if Kara really meant that he was taking me to the prom then why hasn't he asked. Prom is still a month away maybe he wasn't planning on asking me. "Leah?" He asked looking at me as we continued walking. "What do you want from me?" I let go of him, I didn't know if that was meant to be mean but to me it souned mean. I was a little hurt that he had to ask me that, I scoffed and ran down the trail. All I heard was Liam

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