Falling for the Jock

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Chapter 5- Don't Aplogize

I ran until I couldn't see Liam anymore, I don't know why I was so hurt about his asking that. I don't know what I wanted from him, I can't honestly tell him anything. I sat along the grass catching my breath thinking about that last kiss, what was I thinking breaking the rules? I made them in the first place, this is why. So I wouldn't get hurt when he realized I'm not the girl he wanted, I could see him getting closer I still sat there. I didn't have the energy to get up anymore. As he got closer my heart sank, he stopped in front of me then sat on the ground next to me. "Did I say something wrong Leah?" I shook my head, "No it was me, I freaked out when you asked what I wanted from you. All I want is for you to pass that's it nothing more." It was a lie and we both knew it but I couldn't let him see that I was falling a little more everyday especially when I don't think he feels the same. "Look I know Kara talked to you about prom, I was going to ask you. If that's what got you worked up we don't have to go together." Kara was actually right he was going to ask me and now he thinks I don't want to go. "I do want to go I was just worried you wouldn't want to go with someone like me."

"Someone like you? Leah you are amazing, and smart, and beautiful guys would be crazy not fall for you." I smiled but had nothing to say what could I say? Apart of me still felt like this was some kind of joke and he was trying to humilate me. "I'm sorry Liam but I can't and I think we should head back to school. If we leave now we won't get in trouble." I said getting up from the ground and heading to my car, I don't know what I was thinking doing this. Letting him believe I didn't want to go was hard but it was for the best. The best thing for me was to keep tutoring him then letting him go. "Leah please don't be like that I'm sorry."

"Don't aplogize you didn't do anything wrong I just want to go back to school. I missed some of my tutoring sessions. Please just lets go back to the car or I'm leaving your ass here."

"You seem mad at me? I keep apologizing to you when you're the problem you're afraid that someome like me can't have a good time with you that I'm using you as some kind of joke. I'll find my own way home." I got in my car and watched as Liam walked the park alone. "Liam get in the car." I screamed after him but he kept walking. I just sabatoged any chance this thing had, I sat in my car letting the tears fall down my face before leaving. I pulled into the parking lot and the principal was waiting for me. "Leah I didn't expect this from you when a student came to the guidance office looking for you I thought they made a mistake but you were absent in all your classes." I didn't say anything I just looked at her. "So I called your parents who said you weren't home. They are waiting for you, care to tell me why you left school grounds?" I shook my head and she shook her I followed her into her office where my parents sat. They looked disappointed in me. "Leah what has gotten into you? Sneaking boys in your room and now this I knew that Liam kid was a bad idea." My mother sais trying to calm my father down who looked like he could punch a wall. "Leaving wasn't Liam's idea it was mine I drove and I left him there." I just realized that I left Liam to walk alone. He probably hates me for it but it was his choice. "Excuse me? You left another student where?"

"The park down the street, he wanted to walk alone because we had a fight." My parent's faces got worse when I said that.

"About what?"

"Nothing much just about social standings at school. He's fine he plays football he can walk 4 miles to get here." They seemed relieved, once the meeting was over I got sent home. My parents sat me down on the couch to discuss my recent behavior at this point I didn't care but they could use the parenting skill if they plan to stay around for the new baby. "Leah what's going on with you? This isn't like you." My mother said I gave a loud laugh before looking them both in the eye. "If you two paid more attention to your kid you would see that this is me. You don't know me, I get in trouble sometimes I pretend that I'm your perfect daughter when really I'm not. I got rejected into 3 colleges because my essays lacked intresting details. I'm done with you all not being here, this new baby better get better parents than I had or they'll turn out just like me." I walked off slamming my door, I wanted to text Liam to make sure he made it home okay. I felt bad now for leaving him there I was angry and had no reason to take it out on him. I opened my phone to his name it took me a few minutes before deciding to check on him.

LP: Hey I just wanted to make sure you made it home okay

LT: Yeah I did and I'm sorry about earlier

LP: Don't apolgize I'm the one who should be saying sorry I shouldn't have went off on you

LT:It's okay I caught you off guard with prom but I still want to go with you

LP: Well my parents think you are a bad influence now that might not work. I reassured them it was all my idea. But yes I will go, as long as this doesn't turn out to be some stupid joke to humliate me

LT: It's not I promise you that, I'll see you tomorrow at school okay. The tutor center right?

LP: Yeah see you there

I was actually going to prom with Liam Tide. What does this mean? Are we a couple? Does he even like me? All these questions ran through my head but I knew one thing for sure I was falling in love with him even though I didn't want too. I couldn't help in, each day we are together and each day we are apart I fall more in love with him.

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