The Keys to Jericho

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Chapter 24

Friday, while everyone takes their lunch break, I sit at the top of the porch stairs, blankly staring down at the sidewalk.

Kat is supposed to be here. No text, no call, and no reason why she shouldn’t be.

Yesterday’s driving went without incident. Without anything. I did most of the talking, and that was just to give her directions or feedback. There was no teasing, touching, or laughing, not that she should be doing all those things while driving, but the in-between time, which is my favorite part, was awkward, forced, and depressing.

How did we end up like this?

Gray and white Converse interrupt my sidewalk view. “Hey.”

My gaze travels up the smooth legs that had wrapped around me, to the breasts I had in my mouth, up to the only lips I’ve ever devoured, and to the brown eyes that have mesmerized me.

Kat offers an apologetic smile. “I just got your texts. I fell asleep on the couch last night and then slept in. I’m sorry.”

I tilt my head in an attempt not to make my staring obvious. “It’s okay.”

“Why aren’t you eating lunch with Dash?”

“Not hungry.”

“Me neither.” She nods behind her to the street. “I see you have the Nissan.”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I thought you’d be tired of driving it all the time when you don’t have to.”

“Not tired of it.”

Kat peers past me to the house, looking up and down it. “The house looks great. I can’t believe how fast it’s coming along.”

“Yeah. I think Tony said it’ll be ready for your mom to move into the beginning of November.”

“I know she’ll want to have a big party here, inviting you and your dad. I don’t know if you’d come back for that.”

“I would.”

“She’ll probably invite you and your dad for Thanksgiving dinner, too.” She quietly laughs but then cringes as she darts her eyes to the grass.

“I’d come back for that, too.”

Kat clears her throat. “Speaking of dinner, my mom wanted me to invite you over for dinner tomorrow. Your dad will be there. He has some big presentation she’s helping him prepare, so it’s more like a dinner/work night. Your dad is bringing half of dinner, I guess.” She shrugs and plays with stray, purple hair. “You don’t have to come. It’ll be boring from the sounds of it.”

“I’ll be there. Should I bring anything?”

“I’m bringing wine. If you want beer or something, bring that.”

“Wine is good.” She smiles but quickly looks away from me. I ask, “You want to drive?”

“Uh, sure.”

Standing, I go down the steps and try to maintain a safe distance from her. “Let’s go.”

Once in the car, any resemblance to our earlier ability to have a casual conversation ceases, and we’re quiet again, except for a few instances.

“Why’re you stopping?”

“It’s an intersection, and I’m turning.”

“There aren’t any cars here. You don’t have a sign or a light telling you to stop, so you have a moving turn. You’re on the main road. You have the right of way.”

“That’s right. Shit. Okay.”

“Put on your turn signal.”

“No one’s here.”

“You still need to get into the habit.”


“Wrong one.”

“Damn it.”

I want to remind her of the time she squirted the windshield instead of putting her turn signal on during one of our school driving excursions, but I don’t feel like reminiscing.

“Ease your brake to a stop. Don’t slam it at the last second.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“That’s a good way to get rear-ended.”


Those were our biggest exchanges. The rest of the time was filled with me, giving direction or small tips. I’ve said more while getting my teeth cleaned.

Walking together up the sidewalk when we return to the build, Dash watches us from the porch. Giving him a dirty look doesn’t deter him, but giving the finger does, and Dash rolls his eyes as he walks over to Kat.

“Hey, Merrick. Long time, no see. Feeling better?”

She shrugs. “Some.”

“What can I do to make it better?” From behind Kat, I glare at him, but it only eggs him on. “Why don’t we catch a movie tonight?”

“That sounds so good.”


“I’ll find us a later showing, so the theater isn’t as crowded.”

She nods. “I need to have some fun.”

“You look like you need to. I’ll text you the time and pick you up. I’m heading home. Want a ride?”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Dash punches my arm as he goes down the stairs. “Until tomorrow, Jericho.”

What the fuck just happened?

Kat quickly glances at me before she follows him. “Thank you for the drive, Jared. Have a good night.”

I want to stop her, but after my scene with her brother, I can’t pull another one, especially it being Dash. However, he’s not her brother, and this could be considered a date.

No. He wouldn’t… I’ve told him Kat and I are only friends. Now, she’s with my best friend, about to do God knows what with him.

As I walk to the Nissan, I check my watch, deciding it’s the perfect time to start forgetting my slow death.

“Come on, Daddy, have a drink with me!” Walking into the living room, he gives me a questionable look as I wave my beer to him from the couch.

Taking a seat in the armchair, he disdainfully says, “You’re going at it a little heavy tonight. Is there something you want to talk about?”

“There is. If London Bridge is standing, why’s there a song about it falling down?” My dad rolls his eyes as I laugh, shaking my half can of beer. “Seriously, Dad. Why aren’t you getting laid? Go to a bar or something. I’m sure you could find someone online, too.”

“How many beers have you had?”

I nod to the kitchen. “I left you one.” I dizzily smirk. “I think it’s only fair that I address your state of affairs since you’re constantly asking if I’m screwing a certain Kat.”

“I have not asked if you’re having sex with her. You’ve volunteered that information.”

“I did?” Scratching my head, I laugh. “Oh, yeah.”

“Not that I believe any of it.”

I swallow my beer. “Why not? Don’t you think I can get the girl? I’m no back seat virgin.” I am. There are a lot of things I haven’t done due to my lack of interest.

He frowns at me. “Nice.” I laugh into my beer can, nearly dribbling it down my chin and onto my shirt. He’s so fucking gullible. “I never said you couldn’t get the girl.”

“Right. You told me to keep it in my pants. I guess you’re my official pecker checker?”

He sighs. “Jared Beckett.”

Grinning, I shake my head. “Almost there.”

“I said that I didn’t want you leading her on.”

“I’m not leading her to anything.” Not anymore. “Don’t underestimate her, Dad. She’s not as bashful as you think.”

“What did she do?”

I roll my eyes, which is a mistake since the room shakes. “Just saying.”

He sits back, drumming his fingers on the arms of his chair. “We’ve been invited to Brenda’s for dinner tomorrow night. She’s helping me with a work project. Kat will be there.”


“Are you going?”

I tip my beer can, finishing it off. “Do I have a choice?”

“You know you do. Did you take Kat driving today?”

I snap my fingers and then do it again, wondering how they make that sound. When my dad gives me a strange look, I say, “Yep. I forgot to log how many times we had sex, though.” I laugh and set my can on the table. “Well, look at that. I guess I do volunteer it.”

He ignores my comment, asking, “How’s she feeling?”

“That’s personal, but I am a gentleman and try to make sure she comes before I do.” Dad sighs again, not even bothering to comment further. Sitting back, I shrug. “You probably know more than I do.”

Rubbing his chin, he asks, “About what?”

“She’s avoiding me.”

“Why would she do that?”

“I need answers. Not more questions.”

“I have told you. I think Kat… likes you. I don’t know why she’d be avoiding you.”

I roll my eyes, which was again, stupid. “Yeah… And I like her. We used to hang out a lot, but she wants nothing to do with me now.”

“I doubt that’s true.”

I blurt out, “She’s on a date.” I don’t mention Dash because I don’t want my dad high-fiving him behind my back.

“She doesn’t want to go out with you?”

“I haven’t asked.”

“Oh. Why not?”

I shrug, blurrily knowing I’m entering dark territory. I need to get out of here. “I’m going upstairs.”

“You can stay here.” I shake my head, swaying as I stand.

He also stands and extends his hand to me, but I push him off. “I got it.”

“Jared, you can’t keep drinking your problems away. That’s not how they get solved.”

Stumbling, I catch the corner of the coffee table. “Fuck.” I don’t bother to look at the disapproving look on Dad’s face. I rub my knee, limping. “Maybe the solution is the problem.”

“Let me try to help you.”

I laugh as I stagger to the staircase. “You? Right. You can’t even get your own life together.”

“Maybe that’s true, but I see you following the same path.”

Grabbing the banister, I heave myself up the stairs and yell over the railing, “Somebody’d better get me a new tour guide, ASAP!”

With his hands on his hips, Dad shakes his head. “I’m fairly certain I know what your problem is, Jared.”

“I promise you, you don’t know. Just worry about your own problems, and I’ll not worry about mine anymore.”

“You can’t ignore her.”

“Coming from a true expert. Goodnight.” I grab onto the corner of the wall as I swing into the hallway, stumbling into my room, and passing out across my bed. I think.

“Good morning, Jared.” I look over my shoulder and give Brenda a polite smile but subtly look around the yard. I haven’t seen Dash or Kat this morning, and I’m growing more frustrated each second.

Brenda stops next to me. “Kat said you’re coming to dinner tonight! It’ll be so great!”

I nod, stiffly smiling again. “Yeah. Thank you for the invite.”

“Of course.”

She picks up a list on Tony’s clipboard. “He said a small shopping list. My Thanksgiving grocery list is smaller than this shit.” I genuinely smile, remembering Kat mentioning Thanksgiving yesterday. Brenda sighs. “Okay. I’m going to find my daughter and drag her with me. At least if I screw this up, I won’t be the only one my son blames.”

Brenda walks to the side of the house, and two minutes later, she and Kat go to her Chevy SUV. I try not to watch Kat, but I can’t help it. Her hair is in a ponytail, which is the usual when she’s here, but my eyes are drawn to her blue-striped tank top, hugging her tits. When we do make eye contact, it doesn’t last long, and I don’t look up from my measuring until I hear the car pull away.

“Hey, Jericho.”

Hazily studying Tony’s blueprints, I whip my head up from my morose daydreaming. “Where’ve you been, Dash? You avoiding me, too?”

He gives me a confused look. “No. I was helping my mom this morning at the shop.”

Straightening, I seethe, “How was your date?”

Dash laughs, enjoying my ire. “Date? With Kat? It was just two friends watching a movie. You know about being friends with her.” He shakes his head with a wide grin. “Oh, wait. My friendship package is way different than yours.”

“If you don’t watch it, your package will be undeliverable.”

He puts his hands on the table, leaning onto it. “She needed a night out.”

“And you were so eager to give it to her.” I swallow, close to throwing up all over Tony’s prints.

Rolling his eyes, Dash laughs. “I didn’t give her anything. I don’t have the kind of clearance you do.”

“Shut the hell up.”

“Next time, it may not be me, and you can’t say a damn thing about it if you don’t do anything about it.”

Exasperated by this conversation, I snap, “Enough, Calder.”

“Is Merrick here?”

“She and Brenda went to the store for Tony.”

“They didn’t go to the one on Defense, did they?”

I slowly say, “That’s where Tony usually goes. Why?”

“Shit. I just heard on the traffic report that there was a fatal accident on John Hanson. Do you think they took it?”

I vaguely nod. “Yeah.”

He pulls his phone out of his jeans. “How long ago did they leave?”

“About an hour.”

Dash puts his phone up to his ear and, after several seconds, mutters, “No answer.”


He shakes his head and looks around. “No worries. I’m sure they’re in the store and don’t have a great signal or hear their phones ringing. I’ll find Tony or your dad to call Brenda.”

“My dad’s upstairs.” Dash heads into the house, and I try texting Kat, but as usual, she doesn’t reply.

After what feels like forever with my pacing, Dash returns. “No answer. Tony said he’ll keep trying to reach them.” I nod but don’t know why I am. “I have a friend who’s a paramedic and probably could get some info. Kenny Rogers. Remember him in high school? Everyone used to sing The Gambler to him and taped playing cards to his locker. That really pissed him off.”

“Dash! Just fucking call him!”

He walks over to the porch. As he talks, I pace along the walkway, trying not to think of Kat needing me.

Finally, ending his call, he walks over with a stark-looking expression. “He said a blue SUV struck a white sedan. The SUV went off the road and rolled. Two women were in the SUV. The driver died on impact. The passenger was sent to Anne Arundel and is critical. That’s all he knows.”

“Fuck, Dash.”

He sadly nods. “I know.”

“Brenda has been letting Kat drive.”

“Holy shit, Jared.”

“What do we do? I can’t just wait around for them or a fucking hospital to call.”

“We can tell Tony to call Anne Arundel. You and I can drive to the store to see if they’re there. It’s something for us to do.”

“Come on.” I run to the Nissan with Dash following. When we’re on the road, Dash texts as fast as I drive.

After yelling at traffic lights to change and cussing people out for being so slow, Dash says, “Chill. I’m sure they’re okay. Don’t put us in a hospital.” I grip the steering wheel, squeaking the cover, and he sighs. “I know you’re worried about her. I am, too.”

Clenching my teeth, I vow to the windshield, “If it’s her…”

“And when it’s not, make sure you savor the time you have left with her in Annapolis. Tell her how you feel.”

I glance at him but don’t respond. I sincerely don’t know how I should respond to that.

I pull into the parking lot, and we drive around, looking for Brenda’s blue Chevy Blazer. On our way back up an aisle, Dash yelps, “There they are, coming out of the doors!”

I swerve into a handicap spot and jump out of the car, leaving it running. Dash and I rush over to meet them as they cross the lot traffic. Dash says, “Oh, my God! We’ve been trying to reach you two!”

Brenda’s eyes pop. “Oh, no! Please say my house isn’t on fire!”

Dash shakes his head. “We thought you were in an accident.”

I feel the heaviness of what could’ve been. I impulsively grab Kat, pulling her away from the cart for a hug, hearing her gasp. Eagerly inhaling her, I whisper, “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Kat doesn’t put her arms around me. “I’m fine, Jared.”

Dash says, “I thought Jericho was going to have a stroke.” I tighten my arms around her, but she remains somewhat limp against me.

Brenda declares, “Aww, Jared. That’s so sweet of you.” Being forever watched, I let go of Kat and step away as we both cross our arms at the same time.

Smiling, Brenda grabs the shopping cart. “Okay. We’d better get going, Katydid.”

Dash says, “Let Tony know you’re okay. He’s waiting to hear from you.”

“Will do, sweetie. We’ll see you tonight, Jared.”

I respectfully smile at her but am too preoccupied with watching Kat trying hard to ignore me.

They go to another aisle as I retrieve the ill-parked Nissan. When we’re back on the road, Dash says, “I like seeing that side of you.”

Not caring to hear what he has to say, I absently grumble, “What side?”

“Your nice side.”

I frown at his stupid grin. “Fuck off.”

“And it was nice while it lasted.”

Dad gets out of his truck and grabs food from the back seat. I get out and grab the covered bowl of salad that he roped me into making. I hope everyone appreciates my half-assed effort of throwing compost into a bowl.

Dad knocks on the door and whispers, “Smile.”

“What do I win if I do?”

“Why do you have to argue with me?”

“I think it’s a law.”

Brenda opens the door, grinning enough for all of us. “Adam! Jared! Come on in! Dinner is almost ready.”

We walk into the living room, nearly identical to Kat’s, except for the shit on the walls, which Brenda has a ton. Strange since she wasn’t planning on living here long.

She takes the bowl from me, and as they go into the kitchen, I gravitate to the pictures, finding some of Kat’s high school senior pictures. I’m surprised by her dim smile. It was usually bright and pretty.

The door opens, and I look to see Kat holding a bottle of Merlot. Her purplish hair is piled on top of her head, and she’s wearing a lot of dark eye makeup like the first day I saw her at the construction and didn’t recognize her. At least her eyes are still brown. Further down, I see she’s wearing jean shorts and a black T-shirt. I can’t stop imagining what’s underneath since I already know what is. Inhaling, I nod. “Hey.”

Shutting the door, Kat looks to the floor and tugs on her purse slung across her body. “Hey.” She takes the wine into the kitchen, and I follow her, smelling roasted chicken and potatoes.

My dad smiles at Kat and says hello, which she seems more responsive to his greeting.

Kat goes into the hallway, and Brenda says, “Okay, have a seat anywhere.”

Returning, Kat grabs the chair on the other side of the table while I take the one across from her. Dad and Brenda seize the end chairs, sort of like spectators to a boxing match.

Food is passed around, and plates are filled, but I’m far from hungry. Brenda asks, “Doesn’t your job start soon, Jared?” Christ.

“September first, but I have to attend some meetings earlier that week before I start the job.”

“What is your job exactly, and what’s it entail?” Am I in a fucking job interview?

“I’m a structural engineer. I work with architects, creating the skeletons of their design. I calculate what weight the skeleton can support and what kind of forces it can withstand. I inspect buildings during and after construction to make sure they’re not going to fall.” I grin. “I also get to blow things up.”

Kat unexpectedly laughs, and I smile. Unfortunately, so does Dad.

“You always liked making a mess,” my dad observes. I do light the fires.

“I hope my house won’t fall in!” Brenda teases, I think.

“No. It’s good.” I smile at her, and she relaxes. See, Dad? I’m not all that bad.

I reach for my wine and notice Kat staring at me, but she hurriedly looks away. Yet, I don’t. I can’t. As I watch her fidget, anxiety also builds in me. Can’t she forgive me? Even enough to not pretend I don’t exist anymore?



He laughs. “I asked you to pass the salt. Twice.”

“Oh. Sure.” I grab it and slide it toward him.

Brenda asks, “Aren’t you hungry, Katydid?”

Kat makes a face. “Yes, Mother. I’m eating.” But she picks up her wine and takes a long drink.

My dad asks, “So, Kat, do you like being a teacher?”

She smiles. “I love it. I always have great kids. I enjoy watching them grow throughout the school year.”

Her glossy, pink smile lights up her face making her even more beautiful. She glances at me and then darts her eyes to her plate, but then, they abruptly meet mine, and we’re caught in each other’s gaze. This time, she doesn’t look away.

“Right, Kat?”

“What?” She looks at her mom, blandly smiling.

“Are you okay with that, Jared?” Dad asks.

“With what?”

He gives me a superior smirk like he’s in on something. “Brenda and I are going into the living room to work on my presentation. Are you and Kat okay with cleaning up in here?”

“Yeah. It’s fine.”

Dad and Brenda leave the room. Kat and I are left, still staring at each other. I watch how her chest rises and falls faster, and I like it. Too much.

Clearing her throat, Kat says, “I guess I’m finished.” Pushing out her chair, she gathers her silverware and plate.

Falling into my usual dinnertime custom, I say, “If you want to put the food away since you know better where things are, I’ll clear the table.”

She smiles, and I want to kiss her. “Okay.”

We quietly clean up, but the silence isn’t heavy. As I open the dishwasher, she asks, “Were you really worried about me?”

I avoid looking at her as I admit, “Yeah, I was. I thought…”

“And if I had been?”

I look at her. “I would’ve been at the hospital.”

She contritely smiles and glances at the dishes. “That would’ve been different than my first time in there.”

“No, it wouldn’t have been. I was there, too.”

Her eyes fly to mine, widening. “What?”

“I visited you in the hospital, but you were sleeping. The nurse told me to come back, but I didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you had been there?”

Shrugging, I put a glass in the dishwasher. “I didn’t think it was a big deal I came by.”

“I thought you didn’t care.”

“I did care. I didn’t sleep or eat. Like your brother, I was listening to people’s conversations to see if anyone mentioned you.”

“Jared, I’m blown away. I thought…”

“So, yeah. I never stopped thinking about you.” Kat leans against the counter, her mouth agape. Closing the dishwasher, I grab a towel and step in front of her. “Kat?”

Looking up, her eyes are filled with tears. “Thank you.”

Confused, I toss the towel onto the counter. “For what?”

“Visiting me. For telling me. I’m…” Seemingly at a loss for words, she shakes her head and looks at my chest.

I swallow and confess, “I miss you, Kit Kat.” Her eyes widen, but she doesn’t say a word, which disheartens me some.

Laughing is heard from the living room, and I look over my shoulder but don’t hear the voices getting louder.

Turning back to her, I put my hands on her cheeks, tilting her head back, and I kiss her. Her lips don’t respond, and I’m struck with the reality that she really doesn’t want me.

Pulling away and dropping my hands, I inhale and look at the floor. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Kat reaches up and pulls me back to her lips, but before they meet, she whispers over mine, “Like this.”

Her hands go into my hair, and she kisses me, slow at first, but then with purpose. When I comprehend what just happened, my hands go to her face as I catch up.

More laughing is heard, and we pause. As our fast breathing collides between us, Kat whispers, “I miss you, Jared.”

I stroke her cheeks and repeat, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve been so sick without you. That’s the truth. I can’t be apart from you while you’re still here.”

I put my forehead against hers. “Me neither. It’s killing me. We’re not a mistake.”

Kat inhales. “I want us to be lovers again.”

I nod against her, struggling not to kiss her already. “I want that, too.” More than she fucking knows.

She woefully whispers, “Together or not, either way, I’m going down in flames. So, as you said, let’s suffer together.”

I impatiently kiss her, our mouths overwhelming each other. Her hands fall to my T-shirt, scrunching it as I yank her hips to mine, rubbing her against me and driving myself fucking crazy.

Our intermingled, zigzagged breathing fills the kitchen, but since I’m on alert for any sounds beyond that, I notice Brenda’s voice is suddenly louder. Jerking away from Kat, I promptly move before her mother enters the kitchen.

Brenda jovially says, “Hey! What are you up to?” Not a good question to ask a guy when slamming the brakes on his up-and-coming dick.

We both shake our heads, and I anxiously mess with my hair as Kat straightens out her shirt looking away from Brenda. She says, “If you’re bored, you’re more than welcome to help with the presentation.”

Kat unsteadily laughs. “We’re not bored.”

When Brenda opens the refrigerator, I glance at Kat, and she crookedly smiles. As Brenda stands, holding two water bottles, she looks over at me. “What’s on your mouth, Jared?”

I wipe my lips, seeing a pink smear. “Oh…”

Kat says, “Strawberry. I made him try the strawberry jam you bought at that farmer’s market this week.”

I nod. “It was delicious. My favorite ever. I need more.”

Brenda skeptically looks at both of us. “Yeah… It is good. I’ll pick you up some before you go to Philadelphia.”

Tearing off a paper towel to wipe my mouth, I smile. “Awesome.” I hate strawberries.

She laughs. “Well, it’s the least I can do for you helping with the house and then with Kat getting her license.”

I shrug. “It’s nothing. I want to help.”

Brenda sets the bottles on the table. “I bet you’re excited to live in a big city.”

“I guess so.”

Kat mumbles something and walks past us to go into the hallway. When she’s gone, Brenda whispers, “She’s going to miss you a lot.”

“I will, too.” She smiles at that. It’s awkward admitting it to someone other than Kat.

“Please stay in touch with her. Visit her sometimes. She’d like that.” Nodding, I reach into my pocket as my phone vibrates. “You’re a nice boy, Jared.”

I smirk. “Thanks, but my dad would disagree.”

Brenda grabs the water from the table, and before leaving the room, she scoffs, “And I’d disagree with you.”

Smiling again, I look down at my screen, which makes my smile grow even more.

When the coast is clear, meet me in the spare BR. Second door, right.

Returning my phone to my pocket, I check the living room doorway before heading to the hallway at the end of the kitchen.

Pushing open the door to the bedless bedroom, which is softly lit by a lamp on a small table, I look around for Kat. I don’t see her, and it’s a small room.

Suddenly, I’m jerked around the corner and pushed up against the wall next to wooden sliding doors. Kat’s mouth is on mine, and I eagerly return her kiss with equal fervor.

My hands go to the sides of her head, holding her to me, ensuring she’s really kissing me again, and I’m not fantasizing this happening. I drop my arms to press her into me, but she abruptly ends our kiss, and I remember we’re not at the beach house or even her apartment.

Catching our breaths, I try to calm myself before we have to go back out to the kitchen. Kat goes to her purse, pulling out a mirror and a tube of red lipstick, reapplying what I screwed up, which makes me smile for screwing it up.

She takes her time putting it on, but she’s wasting her time, especially if it’s for my benefit.

Stuffing them back into her purse, she walks over to me. Her bright red lips draw my attention more than I thought they would. I’ve never seen her lips that red before. I still want to kiss her, but then I’d get it all over my mouth, and Brenda would have no trouble spotting it again.

Kat asks, “You like?”

I nod because she’s still fucking sexy, but it’s too much red for my taste to see her wearing every day. As I stare at her lips, her hands go to my fly, popping the button and yanking down the zipper. Blinking, I whisper, “The door is open.”

I glance around the corner to the bedroom door as she pushes down my jeans and underwear. When my dick is freed, against my throat, Kat whispers, “Yep, so you need to be quiet, don’t you?”

“Oh… Shit.”

“You don’t think you can be quiet this time?” she taunts, her red lips widen into a revengeful smile.

I answer, honestly. “No.”

Kat moves to my ear. “Suck it up.”

“Kat…” I can’t do this.

Dropping to her knees, she grabs my cock and skims her lips over it. Leaning my head against the wall, I moan.

“Shh,” Kat says, blowing her warm breath across my skin.

I bite my lip hard, so I stay quiet, but it’s impossible. I whisper, “Holy fuck. I can’t.” I pant through my teeth, suppressing my loud groans as her tongue whirls around.

Kat responds by sucking the tip. My hands go to her head, and I watch her taking me in and out of her mouth, leaving red streaks along my shaft. As her red lips back and forth, I utter in awe, “Kat, you’re amazing.”

She keeps going, licking my erection, making me groan. Kat shakes her head, grazing her teeth on my dick, which only makes my eyes close. “Jesus Christ.” I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life.

Looking down, I again watch her work her tongue, and I breathlessly say, “I’ve always wanted to fuck your mouth. Goddamn.”

Kat moans over my cock, and the feeling provokes me. I warn, “You have to stop.”

However, she goes faster, reaching up to tug on the belt loops of my jeans, forcing me deeper into her mouth while softly making the purring sound. I groan, “Kitty Kat, I’ll come in your mouth.” When it’s apparent she’s not stopping, I purposefully thrust my cock into her tight, red lips and watch her devour me.

“Baby,” I gutturally whisper as I hold onto her streaked hair and spill into her throat. She quietly gags as she swallows my cum, so I let go, but she still doesn’t take me out of her mouth.

Leaning my head against the wall, I heave fast breaths as she slows, licking every drop from me before I pull out of her. She swipes her hand over her mouth. “You okay?” I whisper.

Kat nods, swallowing again. “I’ve never done that before.”

“What?” I ask louder than I should have.

Appearing somewhat embarrassed, she slightly smiles. “I tried a couple of times, but never wanted to… see it through,” she admits, using what I said about her driver’s license. “Only you.”

I sigh as I peer around the corner, pulling up my jeans, but letting my dick deflate more before zipping them. “Well, that was fucking tremendous.”

She winces. “I’m sure it wasn’t your first.”

I ruefully smile. “That was my second, but you’re the first to blow my mind.” Anya was the other one, and that was damn high school. She was horrible and rough, not in a good way, and I kept trying to push her off of me. But she wouldn’t stop until I came. I was raw for days. I didn’t let her or anyone else do it again.

Smiling, Kat stands. “I daydreamed so many times of doing that to you.”

I grin because we’ve been thinking dirty thoughts about each other over the years. My gaze falls to her lips. “What’s with the lipstick?”

She touches her mouth and looks down at my crotch. “I wanted to leave my mark on you, so when you go home, you’ll be colorful, sticky, and be reminded of me.”

I grab her hand, intertwining our fingers. “Not the first time you’ve left me sticky.” Pulling her close to me, I say, “I don’t need a reminder.” I glance down at my wet and reddish cock. “But that’s one hell of a souvenir.”

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