The Keys to Jericho

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Chapter 31

Steady drumming wakes me, leaving me disoriented in the dark. Lightning electrifies the room, illuminating Kat sleeping next to me.

I rub my eyes as the rumble of thunder vibrates the bed. Twisting, I look at the nightstand and see the green 3:32.

With her back to me, her hair is shadowy on her pillow. Putting my arm around Kat’s waist, I slide up against her as I try to fall asleep again. However, the sudden feel of her ass is too irresistible against me. My hand glides over her hip, stroking her smooth skin. Tilting my head, I kiss her neck up to her ear. Lightly licking her earlobe, my breath blows across her ear and onto her cheek. My growing erection pushes into her ass.

Before, sex was meaningless. Besides not kissing, I kept my eyes closed. Kat was the one I fantasized about each time. Now that the dream is a reality, I need to make up for all the years of us not being together. What’s more, I’ve never wanted sex with the same woman as much as I do with Kat, or so often.

Kat stirs, and I grunt into her ear as my fingers dig into her skin. She mumbles, and I slide my hand up her thin-strapped tank top, skating my fingers over both tits, feeling her nipples harden, catching up to my dick.

As I scrape my teeth along her shoulder to the strap of her shirt, my fingers clutch her breast. Although fondling her tits is one of my favorite things to do in life, I take my hand out of her shirt to send it between her legs, over her underwear—another favorite thing to do. As I kiss back up to her ear, I drag my hand to her ass, sending my fingers into the bottom of her underwear. When I probe her pussy, she gasps and then moans as I push into her, feeling the remnants of me from our last time, which makes me throb. It may be antiquated, but I love the thought of my scent all over her, marking my territory. That may classify me as an outdated prick, but I don’t care. She’s mine, and I’ll assert that fact, reminding her any way possible.

When she whispers, “Baby,” the throbbing surges, and so do my fingers. Kat shifts and pushes down her underwear, forcing me to remove my fingers from her for a few seconds, but I return them, burrowing deeper.

She doubtfully asks, “You want me?”

Over her bare arm, I say, “I always fucking want you. Obsessed. Remember?”

Kat peers down her shoulder at me amid the flashes of lightning, and I snag her mouth with mine, but she turns her head. She leans forward, allowing me easier access, and my fingers slip into her more smoothly.

When she moans, I take my fingers out of her to shove down my underwear, taking them off, and angle my hips over her ass. Gripping my cock to enter her, I’m only able to go in partially. I loudly groan as the head of my cock thrusts in and out of her. This is what I need with Kat before I only have it with her on goddamn weekends.

Circling my hand to her front, I send my hand between her legs as I take her from behind. Kat says, “I need more of you. I’m obsessed, too.” Kat moves, and I fall out of her. Rolling over, she pushes me onto my back as she pulls her underwear down the rest of the way, tossing them onto the floor. Kat kneels next to me as she takes off her skimpy shirt, her tits bouncing free, and I can’t stop staring. “What would you do if I sent you a picture of me like this while you’re in Philadelphia?”

As my gaze takes in her tits and then her pussy, flashing from the lightning, I robotically mumble, “I’d stare at it.”

“What else? Show me.”

I’m at a loss for words, but my hand goes to my dick, and I start stroking. When I realize I’m jerking off in front of her, I cautiously look up at her face but don’t stop stroking. To my surprise, her gaze is glued to my movements. She says, “I want to hear what you’d tell my picture.”

I groan as I stare at her tits and stroke faster. “You’re so sexy. I wish you were here to ride me. I want to fuck you, Kitty Kat. You make me so damn hard.”

Kat whimpers as she watches me. I ask her, “What does this make you want to do? Show me.”

She’s hesitant at first, but her hand falls between her legs, and she rolls her fingers in a circular motion. “Is this sexy?”

Fuck. I jerk faster. “You’re so goddamn hot.” Her fingers go deeper, and I gasp as I watch her. “More. Tell me what you’d say.”

Kat moans, opening her legs more and moving faster. “Jared, you’re so fucking hot. I need your dick inside me, giving me a refill.”

I let go of my shaft and impulsively grab her hand, having it take the place of mine. As she grips my dick, she straddles me, and I whisper, “I need to be with you.”

“Like this?” Holding onto me, she pushes her body down onto my erection, gliding me inside of her.

“Yeah.” My hands go to her thighs, holding her open as she takes all of me.

The room flashes from the storm as we watch each other, and we try to go slow since we’re close to losing it already. Kat swings her hair over her shoulder and says, “Baby, this is what I need, too. You, deep inside, making love to me.”

She picks up my hands, weaving our fingers together, and I breathlessly say, “Every time. In your pussy is almost my favorite place to be.”

“What’s your favorite?”

I let go of her left hand to send my right hand up to her chest, between her tits, where I rhythmically tap my fingers.

Kat’s hand covers mine, lightning illuminating her diamond. “Forever.”

Spontaneously, I pull on her arm, and she drops closer to me. I sweep her hair off her face. “You’re the sexiest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, Katriona. I’m in love with you.”

Not wanting her to say anything, I grab her hips and slam her onto me in an urgent pace, instantly setting us into a raging fire. As our deliberate lovemaking turns into a fast and furious fuck, I growl, “Jesus Christ. Never enough.”

I watch her hair and tits bounce as we fuck hard, the thunder, lightning, and rain nearly keeping time with us. “Jared, your cock. You drive me crazy. You’re so good.” Kat squeals as her body holds onto mine from the inside. Her pussy pulses over me. “Oh, God!”

I savagely fuck through her orgasm. “I’m only good with you.” I let go of her hips, and raising my head, I roughly clutch her tits. “Kat.” As I heatedly come, she stops moving with me, and we both moan as I pour into her.

Plopping my head down onto the pillow, I breathe a heavy, contented sigh, and Kat pushes onto me, forcing my jerking cock deeper. Leaning forward, she pants, “I love you, too.”

Snapping on my watch, I absently shake my wrist, jostling the metallic band into place. My hands then go into my hair, fluffing it in the dresser’s mirror, and debating if I should wear my hat.

I notice the broken starfish on her dresser and next to it, the keychain, which makes me smile.

Seeing Kat in the mirror, she puts her arms around my waist as I restlessly adjust the three buttons on my short-sleeved shirt. She says, “I like this dark purplish color on you.”

“It was a gift from my sister last Christmas. I threw it in my suitcase. Good thing, I guess.”

“Hadley has good taste.”

I shrug as I straighten out the shirt over my jeans. Peering at our reflection, she grins from the side of my bicep, and I anxiously ask, “What?”

“How charming.”

Confused, I check that my fly isn’t down as I repeat, “What?”

“You’re nervous.”

Undecidedly running my fingers over my stubble, I scoff, “I’m not.”

Kat laughs, squeezing my arm. “You’re absolutely worried about meeting my dad.”

Rolling my eyes, I say, “Not nervous. Just making sure I don’t look like a disheveled prick.”

“Didn’t you ever meet one of your past girlfriends’ dads?”

“One or two, just because I was forced an introduction at school functions. I never sat and talked to them. I couldn’t have cared less.”

“And this time it’s different?”

I dubiously cock an eyebrow. “Yeah…”

Kat hugs me from behind, her hands sliding over my stomach. “Anyway, you look good. Smell good, too.”

Grinning, I ask her reflection, “Oh, yeah? How good?”

“So good that I’ll be thinking dirty thoughts about you while you’re kissing my father’s ass.”

I frown at her laughter. “I do not kiss ass. Anyone’s. If he likes me, fine. If not, well… I guess we can’t get married.”

Her laughter immediately ceases, and her eyes widen. “That’s not an option.”

I sadly nod, trying not to smile. “We’ll have to call off our engagement and go our separate ways again.” I shrug as I catch her horrified expression looking back at me. “I’ll still move down there and be your neighbor. We’ll even carpool.”

Kat’s mouth opens and closes as I fight my grin while messing with my hair again. She finally says, “You’re right. We can still be friends.”

Not expecting that response, my mouth hangs as she turns away. Twisting, I hook her arm. “Friends? Are you fucking serious?”

Kat bites her lip, but that doesn’t stop her from bursting into laughter. “Your face! Oh, my God! Priceless!”

“You should do stand-up,” I grumble as I turn back to the mirror.

Her laughter dies somewhat. “Oh, baby, I’m sorry. You’re on edge, and I’m only making it worse.”

“Uh-huh,” I mutter, checking my watch.

“I know what can take the edge off.”

I instantly raise my gaze to the mirror, seeing her sliding up her skirt. I spin around. “What’re you doing? We’ll be late.”

“Really?” She pulls down her underwear, and I can’t look away as she stands and turns around, showing me her gloriously naked ass. She looks over her shoulder, seductively asking, “Don’t you want me?”

My gaze hardens, as does my damned cock like she flipped some switch. Sucking in a sharp breath, my hands automatically go to my belt buckle and then hurriedly to my fly. I am, literally, a fucking robot.

I reiterate, “We’re going to be late.”

She stands, turning to face me. “I thought a fast quickie might be what you need. If you don’t want to…”

“Turn around. Bend over. Legs apart.” Again, with her ass in the air, her small giggle turns into a moan when my fingers sink into her. I ask, “How’d you get so wet?”

“I’ve been wet since our last time.” That’s fucking hot. Her hair sweeps over the bedspread as my fingers move. I pull on her hips, working her onto me.

Closing my eyes, I desperately strive to fuck away my goddamn nervousness.

“Breathe, Jericho.” Kat smiles at me, and I roll my eyes.

“I am.” I run my hand through my hair while peering around the porch, possibly for an excuse or an escape.

Her hands go to my chest. “He’ll like you. Just give him time to adjust to the news.”

I angrily whisper, “Holy fuck! You didn’t even tell him?”

“No. I thought since he’s back, we’d tell him in person.”

We? Shit! I don’t even know the guy!”

“You’re marrying his daughter, aren’t you?”

She grabs my hand, rubbing her fingers over mine, and I sigh. “Depends on how this goes. He may put a contract out on me.”

“He’s a pharmacist, not The Godfather.”

“Good to know.” I pick up her left hand. “Don’t you need to take this off?”

She shakes her head and curls her fingers. “I doubt he’d notice right away. I’ll keep it close to me until we tell him.”

“As long as he doesn’t throw me out a window.”

“Baby.” Kat lets go of me and puts her arms around my waist, smiling. “He’ll like you. I promise. Just be the Jared Beckett I love.”

I frown. “I don’t know how to be anyone else.”

“Perfect. Just remember, his name is Clayton, and he’s a pharmacist. Just don’t mention the garbage stench, look directly into his lazy eye, or try to pet his raccoon.”

Jumping back from her, I nearly dive off the porch. “What the hell?” Kat holds her hand over her mouth as she knocks on the door with the other. Crossing and uncrossing my arms, I warn, “Oh, you’re going to get it.”

Giggling, she whispers, “You already gave it to me three times since getting engaged, to be exact. I wonder if he’ll be able to tell we just had sex.”

My eyes nearly bulge out of my damn skull, and I furiously whisper, “Don’t say that shit!”

Obnoxious barking is heard, and the door opens to a tall, extremely muscular, totally bald man with a dark goatee and a matching frown. He was not anything like I had imagined. In reality, he looks like Mr. Clean’s arch-nemesis, Mr. Holy Shit. Goddamn it. He will murder me.

“Hey, Dad.”

His deep voice, like the voice of Satan, which of course, rhymes with Clayton, replies, “Katydid. Come in.” He gives me a horrendously skeptical glance before finally stepping aside for us to enter. Looking around his foyer, I see a ridiculously opulent chandelier, but no evidence of brimstone and fire. Those may be in his basement.

Kat hugs her father while he takes the opportunity to throw another glare my way. Fuck. I didn’t know I had to be drunk or dead to be here.

A small, white puffball greets Kat with yips and wagging. Not the kind of dog I’d expect the Prince of Darkness to have, but so far, nothing is what I had anticipated.

Fuck. It’s much worse.

Linking arms with me, Kat says, “Dad, this is Jared Beckett. My boyfriend. Jared, this is Clayton Merrick.”

Holding out my hand, he doesn’t immediately take it, making me feel like a gigantic douchebag for trying. Before I can shove my hand into my pocket and pray for Armageddon, he finally takes my hand but almost crushing every fucking bone in it. Yanking my hand away, I mutter, “Nice to meet you.”

He raises an eyebrow as he gives me a critical once-over. Fuck, I need to get out of here and get permanently drunk.

Kat squats to pet the barking cloud, and I idly watch her, feeling fucking awkward and oddly sick to my stomach. She fusses, “Hi, Juju.”

I anxiously laugh. “Like the candy?”

Glaring at me like I just snapped the dog’s neck, her father says, “No, as in luck.” Jesus Christ. Something I’m shit out of.

Crossing my arms, I nod but feel like punching something or running something over, like the goddamned, lucky dog.

Looking back to Kat petting the dog, I watch her rub his ears. Her father asks, “Do you stare like that at all women wearing short skirts?”

Kat shoots up from her squat. “Dad!”

Blinking away from her, I stammer, “No. Just her. I mean, I wasn’t staring at her skirt. I was just…” Fuck me.

“Honestly, Dad. Don’t.” She glares at him with more than only mere annoyance, which makes my stomach lurch.

With the sunlight gleaming off his bald head, he sighs. “Would you like anything to drink? There’s Fresca, Tab, water, or I can make some tea.” Tea? Is he serious? Who in the fuck drinks any of that shit? My grandmother would kick my ass if I ever offered her Fresca.

I shake my head, avoiding eye contact with the Devil himself for fear of eternal damnation. “No, thank you.”

Kat says, “No. Thanks,” and pulls me into the living room. Mr. Holy Shit follows, and I wish I had a rearview mirror to watch if he’s going to stab me with a burning pitchfork.

The room is oddly formal with the décor. Weird paintings of naked people adorn the walls, meaning they’re ancient, hence expensive. Polished-brass bullshit litters the mantel and walls, and a gaudy glass-and-brass chandelier hangs from the ceiling. I don’t see this absurdity in my grandparents’s house, so seeing it in Lucifer’s living room is somewhat of a jolt.

Kat takes a seat on the stiff, white couch while I sit next to her, afraid to sit back or touch the cushions. She immediately grabs my hand, repeatedly tightening her fingers between mine, which feels almost like Morse code or a cry for help.

The Antichrist takes a seat, and the dog from hell jumps onto his lap. Kat says, “I got the job in Virginia. I’ll be moving near Richmond next summer before school starts.”

His smile is genuine, which nearly knocks me through the window on its own merit. “Congratulations. That’s great, but how do you plan on moving there?”

“Jared has been teaching me how to drive. I’ll have a car by then.”

He doesn’t acknowledge that I’m the Jared she’s referring to. “Your mother mentioned someone was teaching you. I’ve always wanted you to have that freedom.”

“I’m working on it, but I couldn’t have done it without Jared.”

Her dad turns to me, and I swear his eyes glow red. “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a structural engineer.” I wish I had something fancier to offer, but fuck me, I have no idea what would impress Beelzebub.

He nods, but he definitely doesn’t approve. “How’d you meet Katriona?” Goddamn it! How did we fucking meet? Was it in a bar? In a parking lot? Hell?

Kat squeezes my hand, and I admit, “We met in high school. We took driver’s ed. together, and we were often paired as partners.”


“Dad, don’t be rude!”

I clear my throat. “Uh, we became friends.”

He curtly replies, “And you’re not connecting the dots to the present.”

I feel the tension in Kat’s hand as I explain, “My dad is Brenda’s boss. Since I’m staying with him for the summer, I’ve been helping with her house. Kat and I met up again.”

He frowns, which makes me feel like all of hell is frowning upon me. “Why’re you living with your father? You just said you’re a structural engineer.” Shit. I’m a failure at life now. I’m pretty sure even the dog thinks I’m a loser.

“I am, but I’m in between jobs at the moment.” Winning answer.

He sighs and waves his hand. “Oh, here we go.”

Kat says, “He starts a new job and will be moving to Philadelphia in a few weeks.”

He nods at her. “Oh, good. I have nothing to worry about.”

“Dad!” Kat nearly jumps off the couch. “How can you say that? I’ll miss him! I wanted to move up there, but he won’t let me! I love him!”

“Katriona, you’ve said that before.” Oh, fuck.

She inhales. “I wasn’t in love before! I thought… I wanted to forget… Dad, Jared was and is my only love. He’s the one that got away, and I’m lucky to get him back.” She holds out her left hand, showing him the ring. “For good this time.”

He zealously shakes his head. “No.”

“What do you mean, no?”

Her dad shouts, “You shouldn’t be marrying someone you barely know! Look what happened last time!”

“I loved Jared then! Even their names were similar! I wanted so much for Jed to be Jared, but he wasn’t.” Jesus Christ. I am in hell.

Lucifer asks, “Would you take Juju outside? I need to speak to Jared.”

“No way!” Yeah, no way.

“Katydid. Please. Fifteen minutes.”

She looks at me, not wanting to cast me into hell any further, but it’s no place I haven’t been before.

Even though I’m afraid this is my last fifteen minutes on Earth, I force a smile and squeeze her hand. “It’s okay.”

Kat reluctantly stands, watching me, and then snapping her fingers. “Come on, Juju.” The dog jumps down from her father’s lap and follows her out of the room.

Her dad is silent until a door is heard slamming closed. He then asks, “What do you want from my daughter? Is it just sex? You’re done. Go.”

I gape at him. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“For now. You’ll soon be in another city. It’ll be too complicated and inconvenient for you. You’ll find another distraction. You’ll dump her.”

“You know absolutely nothing about me.”

“That’s right. I don’t. And from the sound of it, neither does my daughter.”

“You’re speculating. There’s more to our relationship than that.” I internally cringe, realizing I just admitted to Kat’s unstable father that I’m fucking his daughter. Jesus.

And goddamn Finn Wilder for summoning karma.

Thankfully, her dad doesn’t acknowledge our sex life any further. “Why are you teaching her how to drive?”

I stiffly answer, “Because I want to. She’s been a prisoner of a horrific accident that wasn’t even her fault. I want to make it right for her.”

He nods, his face softening a degree. “At a certain point after her accident, I refused to enable her anymore. Her mother and I fought so much over that. Even now, Katriona has never been able to live her life without holding herself back.”

“I’d do anything for Kat.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I love Katriona.” Confessing my love for Satan’s daughter is beyond awkward.

He shakes his head. “She’s been burned before. I will not allow her to be hurt again.”

I scowl at him in confusion. “How has she been burned? She said they ended their marriage without an issue.”

“The man she was married to was an arrogant asshole and womanizer. He cheated on my daughter.”

And hell just froze over.


“She ran into him on a date. His date was unaware he was married, and apparently, he had forgotten, too.”

Clenching my teeth, I say, “She never told me.”

“It’s not something she’s proud of.” She should be able to tell me this shit. “I’m sure he cheated more than once, but he was only caught the one time.” Numb, I stare in shock as her father’s brown eyes surprisingly fill with tears. “I don’t understand how he could do that to her. Granted, I never thought it would work out between them. I had heard about his reputation, and I tried to warn her, but she wanted to hear nothing of it like she was on some kind of damned crusade. Jed didn’t love her, nor did she have that glow about her.”

Her dad crosses his arms, settling into the high-backed, feminine-looking chair, appearing a contradiction in every way possible. He sighs. “Both Brenda and my girlfriend think I’m suffocating Katriona. Maybe I feel she’s so disabled that I need to intervene.” He rubs a fist over his wet cheeks. “He may have torn her down, but you will not be the one to finish the job.”

Blinking and glancing around the room, I tighten my hands into a fist and lightly pound my knuckles together. “You’re right. I won’t be.” His eyes narrow, expecting me to cave, and I coldly smile. “I’ll be the one building her up and putting her back together. If you think I’ll throw her away like that fucker did, well, you don’t know shit about me. I’m righting that wrong turn we took in high school. In the sum of it all, he did us a favor.”

He sneers, “So, you’re galloping in like some white knight saving the princess?”

I shake my head, remembering Kat saying I’m her hero. “Princess? She’s my queen.”

He stares at me, undecided. “Do you really want to marry my daughter? Out of love, rather than boredom or for any other reason?”

“I love Kat with everything I have in me to give. Your daughter saved me. I’m returning the favor.”

He sighs but nods. “I’m trusting you with my daughter, one of my most prized possessions.”

“As she’s mine. Her happiness is paramount to me. I always keep my word.”

“This could be you someday, looking out for your daughter.”

“And just as I’ll protect your daughter, I’d protect your granddaughter, too.”

The sound of the door opening makes us both shift. “Do not let her down.”

“I won’t.”

Well, fuck. I think I just passed his test.

Damn karma strikes again.

Kat guardedly returns to the room, the white ball with legs following her. “Is everything okay in here? I don’t see bloodshed.”

Her dad looks at Kat and smiles again. “Just a friendly discussion.”

Kat sits next to me, taking my hand and holding it tightly. However, I untangle my hand from hers and stand. “We need to go. We have plans later.”

She assumes to know what it’s about and glares at her father. “What did you say to him? You will not come between Jared and me. He’s my best friend. I want to marry him. He’s what I want. What I need. Be happy for me that we found our way back to each other.”

As he stands, I offer Kat my hand to help her up. Her father sighs. “I only look out for you, Katydid.” He looks at me and then back to her. “You’re radiant, and you have such an effervescence in your eyes. Therefore, this time, I approve.”

“Thank you.” Kat wipes her cheek and hugs Mr. Holy Shit.

Letting go of her, he asks, “How will you be together if you’re living in two different cities?”

“Jared is giving up his job in Philadelphia next year.”

He turns to me. “You’d give up a new job for Katriona?”

I nod. “Not even a second thought. I’d follow her anywhere.” Laugh it up, Rio Duquesne and Finn Wilder. Fuckers.

Stepping back, he clears his throat and offers me his hand. Smiling, which looks odder than a frown, he says, “I trust that you will take care of my daughter, Jared.”

“I will, Mr. Merrick.”


“It was nice meeting you.” Now, I need to bathe in holy water.

“I want to know about your wedding plans as they come along.”

Kat says, “It will be at the gazebo at Quiet Waters, most likely right after school ends next year.”

“Just let me know what you need. It’s on me.”

“Dad, no.”

“Don’t argue with me, Katriona. It’s my honor to give you this wedding. A real one.”

Kat and I both say thank you at the same time, briefly causing us to smile at each other. She takes my hand and leads me out the door as my head spins from what I just learned.

As I pull out of the driveway, Kat asks, “How did it go? He seemed to like you after I left.”

I don’t respond to her comment as I turn onto the road, anger percolating in my veins.

“What happened in there? I don’t know why he was so weird with you at first.” Still not answering, I clamp my hand around the steering wheel as hard as my teeth grind together.

“Jared. What’s wrong? He gave us his blessing.” Not knowing how to tactfully broach the subject, I rigidly shrug but want to scream. “Why’d you want to leave so fast? We don’t have plans until later.”

Leaving the main road, I pull onto the shoulder. Turning off the engine, I take off my seatbelt and shift to face her. Also taking off her seatbelt, Kat looks to the small farm on our left and then to the wooded area to our right. “What’re we doing here?”

I seethe, “Why didn’t you tell me? That son of a bitch cheated on you.”

She closes her eyes. “Oh. Uh, yeah. He did.”

“Why did I have to find out from your dad?”

She opens her eyes, but won’t look at me. “He shouldn’t have told you.”

“That’s right. My wife-to-be should have.”

Kat sighs, looking at the floor. “I didn’t say anything because after you told me about you and Hadley’s friend, I didn’t want to unload on you.”

I go to push up on my hat but realize I’m not even wearing it. “What the fuck, Kat? Do you think I wouldn’t have cared?”

She shakes her head, still staring at the floor. “I saw the pain you were going through. You feel like you betrayed Hadley. My situation didn’t matter.”

“How in the fuck do you think yours didn’t matter, compared to my sister and her high school boyfriend? You were married to the guy! He shouldn’t have cheated on you!”

Raising her head, she yells, “Because I didn’t love him! When I caught them at the restaurant where I was meeting my mom for dinner, I watched them for a few minutes before confronting him. They definitely weren’t business associates or old friends. The funny thing is, I wasn’t upset that he was with someone else. I was relieved I had an out. All I did was compare him to you, but he never came close.” She rubs her eyes and reaches for a Wendy’s napkin still on the console. “So, as I said, mine didn’t matter.”

“Yes, it does.”

Dabbing at her eyes, she asks, “Why? I went all these years, not driving, being a victim, as you called me. I didn’t need you to pile on more sympathy for me.”

Reaching over, I take her face into my hands, my thumbs grazing her cheeks. “Katriona Elyse Merrick, I never saw you like that. I said you were a victim of a horrible circumstance, not a victim of life in general. Baby, you’re not a weakling. I’m in fucking awe of how far you’ve come. At the beach house, you asked for my respect. Well, I worship you. You’re so strong for doing this alone for as long as you did. All you needed was the right kind of help, and that’s my job.”

“You’re going to be an awesome husband. Some woman will be lucky to have you.” She smiles.

I look into her eyes. “Isn’t that what a spouse does? That asshole you were married to legally may have been your husband, but he just wore the label. He didn’t own it. You don’t even have to wait for me to recite the vows to you.”

“That’s exactly true.” Sitting back slightly to look at me, she asks, “Was my dad that horrible to you? I’m sorry. I thought he would’ve acted differently.”

“He’s protecting you.”

“Do you think you’d be like that if we have a daughter?”

“I’d have a baseball bat or shotgun handy.”

I kiss her lips before kissing her cheek. She asks, “Remember how I mentioned being in love with the father of my children?”

I mumble over her skin, “Uh-huh.”

“It’s you, Jared Beckett. You’re going to be the father of my children.”

“I’d fucking better be.” Kissing below her ear, I whisper, “And I almost told you then that I wanted it to be me.” Kat lightly gasps, and I kiss her neck. “You’re the only woman I’d ever make a baby with.”

Finding her hand as I kiss beneath her jaw, I push our joined hands up her skirt. Prying her underwear to the side with my hand, I tuck her fingers into the crotch for her to hold it. Kat looks to the road, whispering, “People might see us.”

“Not a busy road.” I dive my fingers into her, feeling my slipperiness inside. Breathing against her throat, I say, “Fuck. I love feeling my cum inside you.”

A car passes by, and Kat worriedly glances to the windshield. Leaning in to kiss her neck again, I feel her fast pulse against my lips. “Jared.”

Kat’s hand slides over my hand, and she pushes my fingers into her, momentarily distracting me from my mission. “Kitty Kat, you’re fucking sexy. Lose it all over my hand. I want to feel how much wetter I can make you.”

Forgetting where we are and relaxing more, she thrusts her hips, pressing harder against my fingers. “Fuck, you’re so hot.” I apply more friction and rub faster, and she yells, “Jesus!” She tries to catch her breath as she grinds against my hand, no longer caring about any passing cars.

Her pussy starts to tighten, and I groan into her ear, “Come on, baby. Fuck my fingers. Make my cock feel it, too.”

“Jared!” Her legs stiffen, and she holds my hand firmly to her pussy as a wave of wet warmth surrounds my fingers.

Caught up in how good she feels and how beautiful her reaction is, I pant, “Oh, fuck.” Her spasms continue to squeeze my fingers, and my dick painfully jerks, needing to feel her orgasm, but I manage not to blow my load this time.

Kat lets go of her underwear, and as I sit back, she tries to unbuckle my belt, but my hand goes to hers. “It’s okay.”

“We have a long road of not being together, so I need to make you come as much as possible. Shut up and help me.”

I rip open my fly, and her hand digs into my underwear, yanking it down, springing free my throbbing cock. Grabbing it, she says, “You’re burning up.”

I nod as I lean my head against the seat. “I’m almost there.”

Her fingers disappear, and I glance at Kat to see her hand up her skirt. I stammer, “What’re you doing?”

She puts her hand back on my cock with wet fingers. “Marking you as mine.” She swirls her fingers all around, painting over me.


She says, “It’s probably a mix of us both so you can think of it as our love all over you.” I hear the smile in her voice, but I groan as she touches me everywhere. When she has me covered, she starts stroking me.

“Oh, Kit Kat. Don’t stop.”

Kat whispers, “I love you, Jared Beckett. Be my husband.”

I put my hands above my head, grabbing onto the headrest behind me as I buck into her firm grip. Staying true to my word, it doesn’t take me long. “Jesus Christ!”

I spurt onto her hand as I wheeze for air. With my eyes closed still, I pant, “I love you, too.” Hearing her giggle, I turn to look at her and breathlessly ask, “What?”

Following her gaze, I see the whitish mess dripping from my steering wheel. I look back at her and laugh. “Your fault.”

Kat nods, trying to be serious. “You’re right. I could’ve just given you a blow job. I’m sorry.”

I gape at her. “You’re apologizing for not blowing me? Holy fuck, we’re eloping tonight.”

Kat shoves my leg and then nods to the steering wheel. “This car just got ten times hotter.” She laughs, reaching for the napkins. “Don’t you have hand wipes in here or something?”

“Glove compartment. I often have a messy Dash Calder in this car.” I grab her hand. “Hold on. I think there’s a better way to clean this up.” Swiping my fingers over my softening dick, I nod at her lap and then look up at her face. Kat smiles and pulls her underwear to the side. I push my fingers into her and say, “Jesus. Birth control or not, as much as my cum is inside you, I’ll knock you up before I leave Annapolis.”

She hands me a wipe from the container. “Maybe we should slow down. I wouldn’t want to give birth to our baby while you’re living two hours away.”

As I clean up my crotch, I say, “You’d be due at the end of the school year. I’d quit my job earlier to be with you.”

“You’d do that?” I scowl at her doubtful expression. Kat smiles, putting her hand on my hair and pulling me to her. “I hope you know I’m in love with you.”

I grin against her lips. “What do you think I was telling you all this time when I say I’m obsessed? I’ve been in love with you. You just didn’t notice.”

“Neither did you.”

As she moves to kiss my neck, I sigh. “I did. I just fought it. Just ask all those people in that field watching us.”

Kat bolts upright. “What?”

When she sees there isn’t anyone there, Kat punches my arm. “Paybacks are hell,” she warns.

Unable to stop laughing, I don’t notice her grabbing her phone until I hear the click. My eyes fly open. “What the hell did you just do?”

Giggling, she looks at the screen. “Nothing.”

Glancing down at my dick still hanging out and then to her gleeful face, I say, “Oh, no. You didn’t.”

She turns her phone around to show me, in fact, my semi-limp dick. I try to grab her phone, and she says, “Nope. I think I need to send this to someone.”

“No one sees my dick.”

She raises an eyebrow as she giggles. “I do right now.”

“Yeah. Only you.”

“Oh, come on. You’ve slept with other women,” she teases, but her eyebrows crease, and her smile drops as she looks back to her phone.

“Yeah, but… Except with Blair and when my girlfriend Anya in high school…” I sigh. “After them, I always made sure it was dark and over fast. I didn’t let anyone gawk at me.”

Her gaze wavers between curious and scared. “Why?”

I shove my overexposed cock into my underwear and zip up my fly. “I keep to myself.”

She nods, and the smile returns to her face. “So, you wouldn’t want me to send a dick pic to your best friends?”

Buckling my belt, I shout, “No!” She giggles, tapping on her phone. “Kat, I’m fucking serious! Don’t do it!”

Her gaze drops to my crotch. “You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“But I don’t do that kind of shit! That’s something Dash would do!”

Her smile turns rueful. “Oh, well, that’s who I just sent it to.”

“What?” I reach for her phone, snagging it from her. When I look at the screen, I see a text she had been composing.

I just owned you, Jared Beckett ;)

I breathe a sigh of relief but still scowl. “I knew that.”

“Did not.” She leans over, kissing me. “Only I get to see your dick.” Her fingers brush my hair above my forehead. “I would never do that to you, baby.”

I glance to the empty field. “And do you think I’d really let anyone see your pussy?”

She shakes her head. “Probably not.”

“Definitely not,” I correct her, setting down her phone. Kissing her again, I then grab the container of wipes. “Let’s get some dinner. We have an announcement to make soon.”

“Right after I send this picture to my dad.” She giggles as I wipe off my steering wheel.

“Then you and I won’t be having sex anymore, not to mention me not getting you pregnant after he rips off my nuts.” I heavily sigh. “I guess we would have to go back to being just friends.”

She grips my shirt. “We were never just friends.”

I whisper, “Soulmates,” but then we both say in tandem, “But don’t tell Dash.”

We laugh, and Kat asks, “What do you think he and Rio will say?”

I shrug. “Who the fuck knows? I think they’ll both be shocked as hell.”

“To say the least. Which one will be your best man?”

I lean my head back and roll my eyes. “Christ. I don’t know.” I then roll my head to look at her. “How do I pick one?”

“Well, you can flip a coin. Or pick Dash because he’s your oldest friend. Or you could pick Rio since I think you’re closer to him. Or…”


“Maybe do what I’m considering.”

“What’s that?”

She wickedly grins, and I know this will be something awesome or something that’ll scare the shit out of me.

I’m guessing the latter.

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