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"It's 7:10!! Mom where's breakfast?!!" Ansel , Elena's younger son shouted.
"Why is breakfast not in the table yet!
Can't you do one job properly . You should have died too that would save me alot trouble and money you wench!"Elena shouted

I try hurrying up .Just when I was about to serve the breakfast I fell as Ansel suddenly puts his leg infront of me.

Both mother and son starts laughing.I hold my tears start cleaning up and get up starting over

I try leaving for work as soon as Elena goes to work otherwise her elder son, Stephan's hands starts roaming around my body. I tried telling her several times about her son's misdeeds but she never believed me.Hence , after finishing high school I started doing a job in Bristle . It's a cafe , run by an old couple and honestly I work there because of them .Anna and Julian doesn't have any kids ,so they treat like their own.They don't know the struggles I through though I think Anna sometimes takes a hint , she always says" if you are in trouble come to me baby."

But I don't want to trouble them , already they are going through alot . Julian took a loan so they are repaying that through the cafe . Helping me would require money as Elena is quite influencial she won't let me go easily.

"Good morning sunshine" Julian greeted me on the counter .
"Good morning Julian , where's Anna ?"
"We had a fight...again , well I forgot today was our anniversary... don't worry I'll make it up to her." Said Julian
"I can't believe you forgot such an important occasion..do make it up to her and is there any order?"
"I will. I have already ordered her favorite flowers and yes your favorite customer is waiting . I still don't get it why isn't he making a move on you." Says Julian with a confused face .
"Because he doesn't like me"
"Yeah sure" said Julian.
With that being said I start working on his usual
Black coffee with crossaint .As I making the coffee I feel his penetrating gaze . I know if I look at him I'll find him staring. I dare not.
As I pour the coffee my nervousness increases .
I mentally scold myself Genevieve it's been two years! Still you get nervous .
I carry the tray as I approach him

There he is...

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