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He's tapping his shoes .My eyes are transfixed to them. I am sure even he can sense the attraction between us. Otherwise, he wouldn't stare right?

Everything goes as always,
"Thank you" he says with his husky deep voice
I don't reply , with a simple nod I go away .

This has been happening since two years. I still remember the first time met him . I was terrified , my hands were shaking . I don't know why he never asked me anything but he understood I him needed to stay . He stayed in the cafe till dawn untill Anna and Julian came back . He stares at me , all the freaking time when he is here. The funny thing he isn't even embarrassed about it.

I am startled with my phn ringing.
Ugh it's Elena
As I pick up I am greeted by number of slangs
"I am not coming tonight also Julia has gone to her village she won't for a few days. Make sure you do all the laundry and cook so my sons can eat. One more thing Genevieve I don't want to hear any complain ,I am sure you don't want to repeat what happened last time."
She hangs up without giving me a chance to reply

Tears threaten to fall . I want to go there alone. I don't want to stay with him alone. But I am also aware if I don't go home tonight Elena wouldn't let work anymore .
The rest of the afternoon I try figuring out how can I save myself...
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