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It's ten past 15 . Ansel is staying at his friend's place . Stephen isn't home yet. I hope he doesn't come home too.

By the time I finished laundry it was 11:40 .I was so tired that when I hit the bed I fell asleep immediately.

I woke as soon as I felt a hand on hips .
I knew it was Stephen .
Before I could scream he covers my mouth with his other hand.
"Shh shh it's going to be alright .. I'll take care of you baby.." Stephen whispered near my ear.
I knew there was no point in screaming. I did that alot of times. Nobody hears my cries , it's silent to all ears.
There's no hope of help still I plead
"Please....stop stopp.... please"
I feel him hard against me. I close my eyes , keeping myself together.

The next morning I couldn't open my eyes properly . I can feel my whole body aching. I'm crying but honestly now I feel nothing. I knew this was going to happen.
As I try to stand ,I fail miserably .
I look back . There's a huge stain on my bed .
He was too rough.
I have to make breakfast within 20 mins .Elena is going to be here anytime . I limp my way to the kitchen and start working.
I tell Elena I can't go to work today . It's too hard for me....
By the way Elena checks me she knows what her son does . Just when I am about to enter the kitchen, I hear them talking
"Stephen this is enough! Stop sleeping with her and for god's sake even if you do . Make sure she's able to walk. Now she has an excuse not to go to work. I'm pretty sure she won't go tomorrow too. We need the MONEY!"

"Oops sorry mom " Stephen replies while chucking "
I break down as soon as I enter the kitchen.
How come they don't have any conscience.
Don't they have soul.
I want to be free . I can't keep up with this anymore.
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