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When I return to work Julian and Anna both sounds very worried .I told them I have been feeling a little under the weather. They don't require more. I am wearing high neck t-shirt with full sleeve so that people doesn't see my bruises.

The cafe was quieter than usual. I start making the next coffee, Ann comes from behind
" You know that guy came for you. "
I chuckle at her words not wanting to believe them
"Anna he comes everyday... it's no big deal. Besides I don't think a guy like him would want me . It's all in your head"
"Genny turn around... first of he comes to this old cafe only because of you. He likes you . When he didn't see you the day too , he asked for you while paying . Seconly , you are wonderful dear any guy would be lucky to fall in love with you." She tuck a stand of hair behind my ear .
I hug her tightly and thank her .

I wonder is it true did he really ask for me . Does he like me?
Why would he like me ?
Even if he does he wouldn't want me once he gets to know me .
The sound of the door opening takes me out of my thoughts .
There he is.
For a second I thought he smiled at me. A relief was visible in his eyes .I look down immediately.
When he reaches the counter he speaks
" One black coffee and croissant."
My eyes are focused on his fingers that are tapping.
I nod unable to speak.
When I hand him the receipt, he purposely brushes his hand against mine.
He has been doing this for quite a while .
Clearing my thoughts, I start working at his order.
After placing his order ,just when I was about to turn back. He holds my wrist which was facing him.
" What is this ?Are you hurt" he speaks
I wince at the contact he immediately let's go of my hand .
My whole body has gone cold .I unable to say anything .I shiver when I hear him again
"Genevieve , are you hurt?"

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