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Vampire Love

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My name is Soo-Min Moon I study at Phoenix university, it is one of the best universities. I am 17 but tomorrow is my 18th birthday. I am looking forward for it, but who knew that it would be the worst day in my life….. Everything…everything I cared for in my life gone…disappeared into ashes. I was devastated…I didn’t know what I would do without them…but I knew crying wouldn’t bring back what I desired…I knew I just had to move on and try to forget it…I needed a house so I got a part-time job at a market and the manager there is so kind to me…but I guess trouble always follows me…

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Who knew that fate had many ideas for me…
I didn’t have a clue…all I knew was that my life, my heart was losing someone to love - one by one…
It is a tragedy…It was tragedy…
Little did I know that day I meet my special someone was through all those torture…on my way to a new school and in an abusive family…but through all that my one true best friend helps me…then through all that I find someone who I can love more than a friend…

( It’s my first chapter of my first book please enjoy, feel free to write comments and advises)

My name is Soo-Min Moon I study at Phoenix university, it is one of the top 5 best universities. I am part of the Moon family and every family have their own mark and ours is a moon with stars.
Depending on what color you have for your moon and star, you get ranked and the strongest is my dad who’s moon is purple and his stars are blue. The Moon family are sometimes known as the Luna and that kind of makes us the powerful family out off all.
There are 10 main families:
- The Sun
- The Moon/ Stars/ Universe
- Nature
- Death
- Life
- Fire
- Water
- Air
- Peace
- War
- Supernaturals
I personally think that supernaturals do exist in our world, like Vampires, Draculas…etc. I once heard my parents talking about stuff with this strange looking person who was so pale, with red eyes that I thought were glowing. They were talking about how to increase the company. A very huge one.
As I was thinking about marks, it crossed me, I forgot that I didn’t have a mark yet, so I ran to my mom who was always there for me and knew to calm me down. My mom who is the second strongest person after my dad. She told me that there were two stronger Lunas and she told a me the story of the time when there were two legendary Lunas, she started as she offered a seat.
…The Legend Of The Powerful
Long ago there were twins called Ara, her moon was white and her stars were black and her twin sister Chun Hei, her moon was black and her stars were white. They were the strongest and they were kind-hearted, everyone liked the twins, they praised and respected the twins.
One day, a child approached them and told them that they were they strongest and that she respected them and told them that they were like heroes to her…they simply smiled and said, “ No child, there is someone going to be a person who is much more stronger than us, he or she is like us combined and much more stronger.” The child was surprised, the twins told her not to tell anyone about this…
…End Of The Story…
After my mom finished the story, I was surprised but also happy that right now my parents are the strongest. But I soon was sad because it reminded me that my mark still doesn’t have colors. I am 16 and tomorrow is my 17th birthday. I am looking forward for it, but I guess only fate knew that it would be the worst day in my life…
Everything…everything I cared for in my life gone…disappeared turned into ashes. It was gone in an instant. In the year 1971, the Moon family died at 2:07 am. All but one; me.
I was devastated…I didn’t know what I would do without them…but I knew crying wouldn’t bring back what I desired…I knew I just had to move on and try to forget about it…
…A Few Months Later…
I needed a house so I got a part-time job at a market and the manager there is so kind to me, her name is Susie.
I worked for 4 hours, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Susie took care of me when I was at work. She was like a sister to me, she made me feel like I was at home, I felt happy, but I guess trouble always follows me. I hated me. It was around 1:54 pm, I was working like usual when one of the customers dropped their cigarettes and dropped their stuff by accident…unfortunately the bag had alcohol and it spread the fire.
The first I thought of was to the get the manager, Susie, when I found her in her office panicking, confused. I yelled at to get out. She grabbed a few things stuffed them in my bag, the last thing my family got me before the tragic accident. When we got near the door, a large piece of the ceiling fell and I was right under it and Lucy saved but she was stuck on the other side, she yelled at me, “RUN! RUN..Don’t turn around and live a longer and healthy life for me…” she said with tears in her eyes. She added, “ here are some stuff for you..” as she finished she tossed the bag.
“ I was and always will be so grateful, thank you for taking care of me…” I said and turned to run, holding back my tears, carrying the bag she gave me. I ran as quickly and as far as I could. As I was running I saw the time on my watch and I was happy I wore it because this watch, was the watch my little brother bought for me, for my 14th birthday. It was 2:07 pm…I felt tears, but I told myself that I needed to be strong for my family. And because it was 2:07 my family also died at this time.
A few hours later in the forest right behind the market, I stopped and turned to look back and saw fire still looking for me..I couldn’t hold back my tears, so I wept for what felt like hours and then told myself to be strong, again. I decided to go back to the inn and rest in my room that I rented but little did I know I had some rumors going on about me and my mysterious behavior.
I never told anyone about my family and because my family were famous and strong, my pack; the Luna pack was the strongest at of all the other packs..so we were well-known, so I had no choice but to change my name…so right now my name is Ara Hei.
…At The Inn…
When I got to the inn saw my thing being moved out of my room and the manager was standing there so I walked over and calmly asked, “ Ma’am why are they moving my things out of my room?”
“ Oh, I am so sorry dear, but I feel like if you stay here you might ruin my career that I ran for almost 17 years.” said the manager of the rent houses.
I was shocked, begged to the manger asking her if I could stay just this night but she refused. I didn’t know what I would do…I was sad, but she was right, I might ruin her career. So I just nodded my head and headed out the exit door, that was wide open for me to walk out.
“Where would I sleep today?” I asked myself, sadly.
I turned and saw dark smoke, I felt a tear running down my cheek. “ I’m going to miss you,”

One Year Later
I am currently in a new family. I was adopted by the war pack a month after the fire that happened at Susie’s market. It was hard at first because I had to train to fight with the rest of the pack, but because I was weak, I was bullied by my sunbae. So every night I practiced, until I got stronger, much more stronger than my sunbaes. I didn’t want to embarrass them so I kept low. I pretended to improve every day. The pack leaders were impressed.

A few weeks later
I got enrolled to other school. The name of the school is Warsaw. I was the top student in the school. The principal was very happy. I also made a friend her name is Ki Kwan Mee Jae. Her name was too long so she asked me to give her a nick name kind of thing so I call her Moon Hee.
We hang around, train together and do all kinds of stuff together. Though in training, Moon Hee is way better than any other, even better than the sunbaes but she keeps it hidden and she told me that she’s going to use her skills to defend me and herself.
We then were the top two best students in school and everyone was jealous. Especially the sunbaes, they hated us.
The principal was very proud of us and the pack leaders were also so proud. Moon Hee and I were respected by everyone and everything was going smoothly, just until our sunbaes couldn’t take anymore and started to spread false lies about us and slowly turned everyone around us, against us.
The leaders started to hate us and with everyone around us hating us, we were always bullied, beaten up and being called names. I tried to fight them but Moon Hee stopped me, told me that violence causes more violence and we need to talk it out. As I expected no one tried to listen to us.
When Moon Hee tried to talk to them, they simply punched her and one of them stabbed her, thankfully not in the stomach but on her side. She said she was fine but the crimson blood running down like a stream of water down to the ground, I wanted to punch them so badly, but my friend is too kind-hearted.
At the War pack
We sneaked back to the basement, it was our room now, and I quickly grabbed the first aid kit and helped Moon Hee.
“Thanks for this, you know you really don’t have to do this Soo-Min” said Moon Hee with a weak smile.
“Please heal quickly,” I said almost letting a tear run down.
“Okay. I’ve heard that our pack is in great debts, to this company. We could get a job that pays a lot of money to get our pack out of the debt. What do you think?” asked Moon Hee.
“Ok” I answered but I wasn’t really wanting to help the family that abuses their own children.
“Great, since we both are the top students, we could be like a doctor or a part time teacher. So?” again asked Moon Hee.
“Ok, I think we should do part time doctors because, well I’m not really good with children.” I said.
“Ok so we’ll start tomorrow,” said Moon Hee with a smile.

The Next Day
“Wake up sleepyhead,” said Moon Hee “ it’s 4:30 am.”
“Ok, I’m awake,” I said yawning.
“We should hurry and go to sign up for the part time job at the hospital,” Moon Hee said as she finished putting on her socks.
“By the way is your wound healing? Does it hurt?,” I asked worriedly.
“I’m fine, let’s go,” she said as I finished wearing my clothes.
As we walked to the hospital, we were glad that the interview started at 5:30 am, very early if you ask me. We got there, we were asked lot of questions and was told to wait for the results tomorrow. We went home nervous about the results. We got home at 6:30 am, and quickly did our chores and prepared for breakfast. After that we waited for the family to come down and eat. When we saw the leader Moon Hee asked if we could go out and come back at around 6:30 pm. Surprisingly, he let us go. So we ran to the hospital and checked the results, our eyes were about to pop out of our sockets, we were hired!!
We asked if we could start today until 6:10 pm and they said it was fine, so we started to work.

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