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"ALPHA" need his "MATE" his "LUNA" by his side to rule his pack. But what if he finds thar she is not a she wolf, she is just a human. He doesn't want to accept this truth that his mate is a human, it's not that he hates human but he don't find her worthy.......but he doesn't know that she is kick-ass with sassy mouth, independent girl follow her instincts. When he thought she wasn't worthy, he came back to takeover his Alpha title, to guide his pack. He left her. After 5 years, She is going for a vacation, she doesn't know that she is going to the place where her mate is ruling his pack and he is about to chose a she-wolf as his mate. Again they meet. Fall in love very hard. He want her as Luna.

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I am Dominique

Love you mom!!, I tell my mother. I don't want to see her crying face, it aches my heart to say goodbye to my family, friends, my pack. But I have to go to search my mate.

My Luna.

My other half.

I'm Dominique Scott, future Alpha of Lycan Blood Pack. I'm 18 years old. Our pack is directly descendants of lycan. I'm the elder son of my parents Alpha Edward Scott and Luna Aria Edward Scott, they love each other very much, I adore them. Sometimes (to be honest most of the time) I feel sick of some couples but I know I need her my other half to rule this pack. But being a 18 year Alpha my wolf keep on pushing me to find our mate.
I have my own needs and I even know that only she can satisfy me. Generally wolves find their mates on their first shift means on their 16th birthday but I wasn't lucky enough to find her. I searched her but no luck.

My wolf name is Mayar, the moon goddess herself has given the name. When he could not find his mate, he was so hurt, disappointed and sad, he even started thinking that moon goddess forgot to make his mate. So he is just focused on pack. For now pack comes the first.

Sometimes I feel like she isn't here maybe she is in some other part of the country. But i don't want to keep my hopes up. It hurts and I mean it, yeah it hurts like bitch.

So my father wants me to talk a tour to the human world and attend human school. Is he for real. What I'm gonna do there? Right now Ehaan is so pissed at my father's decision. He don't want to take the tour. Definitely we both want to be there for our pack.

I'm going to with my Beta Hindang and his mate Lucy. This bastard was lucky enough to find his mate as they both were childhood friends. And Lucy is my cousin so things went like that.

New School

We reached The Lawrence School Of Lovedale in the morning. I should say this place is amazing. There is also a forest not very far from here. And the dorm is also good, my Beta would be living with me, its better to stay with him than a human its not like I hate humans or something but I just can risk our identity.

The moment I stepped inside this school my wolf, Mayar keeps on bothering me so I had to block him. He is really giving me headache. I know he's missing our parents and our pack, hell man even miss them.

My phone rings.

My mom is calling.
"Hey, mom", I said.
" How you doing, honey? How is the place? Do you like it?", she says.
"Everything is just fine, mom. This place is good even there's a forest near to the school", I told her.
" Just be careful. Miss you", she says
"Sure mom. Miss you too. Love you".
I ended the call.

My beta, Hindang entered our room and started informing me about the students and the other things. It's already time for dinner, but I don't feel like eating. But Hindang started begging me to come to dinner with him, because his wolf, Kon haven't seen his mate for hours. Sometimes Hindang and Lucy makes me cringe, but I also get jealous that I haven't met her yet.
I told him I would go to dinner hall after taking shower.

While showering I started thinking about my mate. When will I meet her?
Mayar said, "don't pressurize yourself, we'll find her".
"Dude wasn't it you who every single time complain about our mate", I told him.
" Dom, we both know we can't do anything about it. All we have to do is wait", Mayar said.
Yes, he is right. We can't do a damn thing about it.

I entered room while this beta started winning like a child for me to make it fast. Sometimes its fun to annoy him.
After changing we started walking towards dinning hall. As I entered I felt like I smelt something delicious, but I can't really say what was that smell because the moment I smelt that exact moment it vanished.
Even Mayar was stunned by the smell.

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