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Hey! It's Tirk!!

Oh my fucking Lord!!! I'm not going back there. Do you guys even know I hate that place!!. I yelled at my parents. They want me to send to my previous school for my senior years. No, they can't do this just because of my stupid brother (but I love him), he can live there by himself he is not a toddler.
After three hours of the discussion nothing changed, means I'm going with my brother. Heck!!
So this is me, Tirk Oraon a 17 years girl, who don't take shit from anyone except my parents (sometimes). I hate fake people, they just make me sick. I'm an independent girl who listen to nobody but me, my heart. I have an elder sister Alice, she is 5 years older than me and my younger brother Kan he is sweet but a brat.

So looks like I've to pack my things for the school we have to go there before they start the classes. I live in dorm, so I have to choose my room. I don't even want a roommate, you know sometimes they become bitchy and pain in the ass.

At Dorm
So finally I'm here after 2 hours of long flight.
I checked in and already I can see many familiar faces of course they are also continuing here, I should've guessed that.
I checked the room allotment list and I was allotted B18 with Hannah. I remember her, she was in the same classes with me but we never spoke.
And here comes my roommate Hannah.
"Hello", Hannah said without looking, while dragging her huge luggage.
" Hey", I greeted her.
Then she lifted her eyes and started saying, "You're Tirk right, we had same classes. You used to sit behind me". And I was like girl yeah I know. And we started warming up with each other. I found out she was so much fun, I liked her. And we spoke about our previous classes, classmates and teachers.
And I just knew this year its gonna be fun.

After chit-chating with Hannah for hours, we headed towards our dinning hall, even though I wasn't hungry. We had a huge dinning hall for both boys and girls.
There I met my many old class friends, and also saw some new faces too.
They haven't brought out dinner yet, I guess we are early.

I am sitting on my old place, where I was to sit for years, Hannah beside me and few of my classmates Nancy, Annie, Sophie, Nikki, Shirley and others. Sophie was an attention seeker and had every information about anyone, and when I say anyone that means ANYONE, but i liked. Shirley and I had almost same taste in everything. And Nikki she was sweet, she used to sit in front of me, we spoke sometimes but not that much because of her attitude.
Sophie, Nikki and Shirley are my old friends.
Nancy, Annie are freshers but we all bounded so good.

So Sophie being Sophie, she is filling us with all the new students, especially boys. Total 25 new boys have joined this year, but why? I don't find this place amazing. This place is just full of ass-rules.

While talking I noticed boys are entering the hall, and I have to say some of the boys really looked hot and attractive, but not my type. They are nothing but just eye-candy.

When we were talking our dinner Nikki suggested watching movie while having our dinner and we agreed. We started just moving towards exit door when there were two boys entering hall from opposite direction. Botth handsome but the tallest one was smokey hot, I mean he was super hot with wide shoulders.......I was busy eye funking him then Shirley started dragging me towrds our dorm.

This bitch.

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