Hate To Love You

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This is the story about Samarth and Shrutha, who were in love with each other, but separated. What could be the reason for it? This story involves romance, friendship, hate. Read to know more.

Romance / Drama
The Chrysanthemum
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Fancy to see you

It was a sunny day. I had to rush to a nearby hotel to have my lunch because I had only half an hour left for my next meeting with a client. The food in that hotel is the best. So I go there regularly.

I went to the hotel, ordered south Indian meals, and waited for the food to be served.

“Hey, Samarth.“, came a female voice. There she was standing beside me. When I met her eyes, I couldn’t react for a moment.

“Fancy to see you here.“, she said, smiling at me. I didn’t speak for a second, which made her feel a little awkward. “Forgotten me?“, she asked.

“Hey... No... No, I didn’t. You showed up suddenly, so I couldn’t react. Come have a seat.“, I said politely.

I observed her while she helped herself by grabbing the chair opposite me and adjusting herself in it. She had lost that charisma in her eyes. Her smile which was natural before seems to be a forced one.

The waiter served my plate on the table as well as hers, as she had ordered earlier before seeing me.

For a few minutes there was an awkward silence between us, then she started initiating the conversation after she finished chewing a spoonful of rice, ” So, Samarth, How are you?”

“I am fine Shrutha. What about you?“, I replied, trying to be formal.

“I’m fine. How come you are here?”

“My office is nearby and I have come for lunch.“, I replied. I didn’t even want to know about her. So after answering her, I decided to just concentrate on my food.

She then asked, “Oh! How are things going on with you?”

“What do you expect it to be? Good or bad?“, I asked sarcastically.

She fell silent for a moment and then replied in a sad voice, “I just asked casually”.

By gulping more food I replied, “Everything is good with me.”

There was once again an awkward silence between us. Only we could hear the sound of the spoon clashing on the plates, and the busy noises of people chewing, chatting around us. I deliberately ate my food very fast, so that I could escape from her and after finishing my lunch I said to her, “Listen, I need to rush to the office. I have an important meeting with a client. So I’ll be leaving first. You please carry on. Bye”, and without looking back, I left the place quickly.

I did not want to talk to her much. I just couldn’t. Had I stayed for a longer time, my pain, my anger would have been visible through my words. It’s not that I didn’t want to show my ongoing emotions to her. It’s just that it was not the right place and time. So, though I sounded rude, which she deserved, I left that place abruptly. Moreover, she doesn’t deserve my time.

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