Hate To Love You

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Old Classmate

Yesterday’s event was very disturbing to me. I was upset thinking about her being happy with some other guy. I was so held up with my thoughts that I didn’t realize that I was drawing circles, squares, and whatnot, on my plate, in which breakfast was served.

Amma interrupted my thoughts, by patting on my shoulder. “Sammu, why my baby is looking so upset?“, asked amma in a teasing way.

“I am not.“, I replied.

“You cannot hide anything from me, you know that.“, Said my mother.

“No Amma, I am not hiding anything.“, I assured her.

“Are you sure? Lock kiya jaye?“, She asked in a serious tone.

“Yes.“, I replied.

“Computer ji, lock kiya jaye.“, She said teasingly and I burst into laughter seeing her funny face and voice, who is trying to imitate Amitabh Bacchan. She too laughed along with me.

“I cannot see you, upset dear. I want you to be happy always.“, she said with concern.

“Don’t worry about me Amma. I’m happy.“, I assured her again and continued to eat.

“Hey Samarth, what a pleasant surprise!“, exclaimed Isha hugging me.

“Isha... How come you are here?“, I asked.

“I had come here for my admission and also I have my friend here.“, pointing her finger behind me. “Shrutha come here.“, she called waving her hand and I was tempted to look back.

Though she was a bit hesitant, she joined us as Isha had called her.

“How come you know her?“, I asked curiously.

“We go to the same dance school and thus we are acquainted.“, She replied with a smile.

“Dance?“, asked astonished Nikhil.

“Yes.“, replied Isha.

“I can’t believe it. She is so reserved.“, Nikhil replied. Shrutha had lowered her gaze by now.

“Wait, you know her?“, Isha asked.

My eyes not moving from my girl, “Yes, she is our classmate.“, I replied.

" Wow!“, she exclaimed.

“By the way, would you mind introducing her?“, asked Parth, pointing towards Isha.

“Oh yeah, I introduced them to Isha and Isha to them, saying she was my classmate in high school.”

“And you know what the good news is? I’m continuing to be your classmate here too.“, she declared and we all rejoiced, especially Parth, who now is infatuated towards her.

I was happy now. Earlier she was not going to meet any guy, but it was a girl and that girl is Isha. Now, here I got a good opportunity to get close to her through Isha. I was so happy.

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